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  1. All RDP is just remote desktop. If you are running XP, Start => Programs => Accessories => Communications => Remote Desktop Connection You would have to enable it at home by right clicking on My Computer => Properties => Remote Tab => Checkmarking the box. Make sure you know yuour IP at home because that is what you will use to RDP.
  2. Find a proxy site and read up on it. Another thing to do would be to setup RDP with your computer at home and just remote to it and surf on there.
  3. SBC Yahoo DSL Homepage (Great news setup.)
  4. The best part of this site is the forums. Thats what keeps me coming back.
  5. jared


    Be carful though, there is a virus named "SCVHOST" Notice the V and C are switched around.
  6. I would get a better mobo myself.
  7. Let us know what they say.
  8. Im thinking either a power supply problem or a chipset problem on the motherboard.
  9. M$ Defender is M$ anti-spyware, just renamed.
  10. I thought the tamspeak server was listenonly... must have changed that sometime.
  11. jared


    Read up on it a bit, there are lots of people that have had this problem. First URL from google searching for "msn key ports": http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,15345021
  12. can't you download a program that will restore defaults?
  13. Got to love the "Buy It Now!" option. Isn't there a charge for that though?
  14. jared


    You need to register a dll through regsrv32 I believe. Google the key ports error, and find out what the dll is.
  15. Where I live, there is no "county" admin. Maybe it's because i'm in hickville, Kansas?
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