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  1. That only works if the system administrator knows what he is doing. I could bet money that the administrator at my school doesn't even know what a proxy is.
  2. Welcome to the forums E$$3nTi4L... Did you download the right drivers for your motherboard? Double check that you did. Did a drivers cd come with your computer? If it did, try installing the audio drivers on that. Hope everything works out!
  3. jared


    Welcome to the forum medokoko! Try checking out some threads in this section of the forums: http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?board=3.0 Hope you find something that will help!
  4. Make sure you remove all of the registry entries when you attempt to remove this virus. You may have to boot up into safe mode to do it.
  5. They have the best shipping department I think iv'e ever seen. Very fast and hardly any hassels. Great post.
  6. Wow that's pretty slow. Are there trees between your antenna and the main receiver?
  7. Hope you enjoy Welcome to the forums! (maybe?!)
  8. o_O lol. Next they will have lard cooled computers
  9. you can store all of your emails, and not have to delete them
  10. some ports may be being blocked. Check your router settings and see if there is a "Gaming Mode" or something like that
  11. What is then? It's a gateway to something... DSL box possibly?
  12. 75 ft cable? thats long That should work perfect for gaming online with your PS2
  13. Check out the "Make It Faster.." part of the forums.
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