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  1. You know, You don't have to back everything up if you're just going to reinstall Windows. There is an option you choose prior to the install, something along the lines of "Repair an Existing Copy" or something like that. It will repair the Windows directory itself, and it will leave everything else alone. Now if you want to FORMAT, then you need to back up important files. Also, Try re-seating your ram modules. See if that does anything.
  2. Also, How much RAM do these machines have?
  3. Haha! Best line I have heard all month!
  4. SSH is a connection protocol.... like TCP/IP
  5. Those quick-changing people were amazing.
  6. USA is no good at soccer :/
  7. thx for all the happy b-days guys, made me feel special :]
  8. Are there any benefits for turning 19?
  9. Welcome to the fourms, maximo. Thats not a bad speed at all for an AOL connection, have you tried tweaking?
  10. Macs need to program themselves to jump off a cliff.
  11. Safe mode usually does the trick for me.
  12. I mean the cat-5 cables that connectes the computers to the switches, are they pre-terminated?
  13. How about from wall to computer or switch?
  14. You already got RJ-45 crimpers? Also if you are going to run it down a wall, I would buy a cheap $2 raceway. Make it look sharp
  15. google, mt dew: code red, and technology
  16. I too also suggest Partition Magic. Welcome to the fourms!!!
  17. soon we will have 1 GIG connections and they will be pointless for anyone to have due to the amount of usuage and load on the backbone.
  18. Maybe that is your speed? Got anti-virus running?
  19. Wow that looks real nice. I want to get my hands on it :D
  20. It must have a hardware name... you would think.
  21. 25,000 members. 50,000 by december, any wages?
  22. It is still the 25,000 account made, regardless of banned and test accounts.
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