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  1. Yep admitting to that is not very smart. Big Brother might be listening and he can listen to just about anything now whether he is legal to or not. If I were you Dark I would zip it but, then I am not you. :haha:
  2. Roco: My puter came in a box but it was built to my spec's by Sys Tech and was built with the brand parts that I picked. I have had it for about 15 mos now and I have had not one iota of trouble with it. I keep it well protected though. I just have no use for an HP or Compaq. Friends have had problems with them.
  3. Last time I looked Wally World was already selling boxed PC's. However that was quite a while ago and I sure was not gonna buy one of those, HP or Compaq. :haha:
  4. My Wal-Mart already has a bank in it. It is a branch of my downtown bank. Wally says they only want in banking to process credit cards. Oh Yeah I believe that. NOT!!! As I understand it you will pick your stuff and they will assemble it on the spot. Probably be HP c**p like they sell now. I don't believe I want one. Ole man Walton must be turning over in his grave as nearly every- thing in the store is Made in China. Seems like I read somewhere that they are building the worlds largest warehouse in China.
  5. I was born in Athens, TEXAS and now reside in Terrell, TEXAS and I'm just about as crazy as the folks here in the State Mental Facility. Hey Cholla and Shug have you ever heard of a Jenny, as a kid I stood on a stump. Shug, I lived in Midland in 59-60. Worked for Eddie Chiles at the Western Co. Handled a few explosives out at the airport in those bomb bunkers. I hated having to run off the Tarantulas so I could unlock the door.
  6. Quoting: Glocknload. I feel those in this country that slithered over our border are here illegally and should be prosecuted and deported. They are invaders, pure and simple, and while they pose no imminent threat to my safety, they cause a huge burden on the taxpayers and CITIZENS of this country! I have writen all my elected officials from municipal to the fed level, telling them to stand firm and not cave in to this crap. MY bottom line is, if you're in this country illegally, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL! And you can't alter my life, I own too many guns. . I agree with you Glocknload. We can thank Clinton for this multilingual B****S that we are going thru now. He wrote the Presidential Proclamation that started it all. That should be illegal as it makes the Pres. like a King. Sorry to say that I voted for him. I'm not sorry to say that I didn't at any time vote for G. W. as I have always thought he was a puppet jerk. I see by the polls that about 2/3rds of the USA agrees with me now. I own a lot of guns also, guess I'm gonna have to get my permit to carry my 9mm as it is legal to carry concealed in Tx. now. Dark06: You are living in a country founded on laws, so I don't see why you can't understand the meaning of illegal immigrant. All those that came in by the Statue of Liberty went to Ellis Island and entered legally. Our Medical system is nearly bankrupt now because of all the illegals that they are required to treat and that is normally a freebie. Have you tried waiting in an ER lately, if you are lucky you might get to see a Dr. in 5 or 6 hours because these people are using the ER for their family Dr. I'm through ranting for now, maybe later. :haha:
  7. Just shows you how our kiss a$$ reps. in DC. cozy up to the big corp. and the little guy gets stiffed. They should counter sue those idiots. I don't dwnld music myself but, this is ridiculous.
  8. Cholla: I like Matt Mason. I guess you and I are terrorist's. At least we are not Freaks!!!!!!!!!!!!! :haha:
  9. j3grizz: When I was a kid we put our peanuts in RC Cola as it was about the most drink for the money. I would eat the peanuts with the drink. That is Royal Crown Cola, don't know if everyone got those drinks or not. The peanuts came in a little round card- board container for a nickel and about 50% would have a prize of 1, 5, or 10cents in them. They sold a bunch of peanuts. Ah the good ole days, only no A/C back in those days and I gotta have it. You can't pay me enough to drink Diet drinks as the sweetners they use in those are poison. Google it and you will see. You can't trust the FDA or CDC as they are in the hip pocket of the Drug and Chemical Companies. You will live and learn that a large portion of your State and Federal Government is for sale to the highest bidder. :haha:
  10. Got up to 101deg. in DFW and some rolling brown outs. Set a new record high temp for today. Also record high for Easter Sunday. :whaa:
  11. As to Jim Jones. I saw a documentary on him and his cult quite a long time ago. As best I remember his ex said he was a looney tunes control freak. I don't remember if she was his GF or Wife. It also said that there were survivors. The US has several bases in S. Korea, we are staying at the request of the SK Gov. but, I don't think the SK people really want us there. If we were to leave it wouldn't be long until they would be at the mercy of that loony tunes NK dictator. Then the UN would want us to free them again just as we mainly did by ourselves in 1950. I was there myself from Nov. 1951 to Oct 1952. It sure wasn't dull then, 7 days a week even if I was in the USAF.
  12. All of the missed opportunities after these two are pretty much insignificant. However, I will agree that Bush has certainly missed opportunities as well. The terrorist's where largely ignored by Clinton and Bush until 9/11 happened. At least Bush is dogging them now.
  13. You need to go and reread this article as it said that 6 of the opportunities were on the Bush administation, not all 10 on Clinton. The below quote is from that article. I do agree that Clinton and Bush both screwed up. The report, to be released publicly tomorrow, includes a list of 10 "operational opportunities" that the government missed to potentially unravel the Sept. 11 plot, said a government official who has read the document. Six of the incidents listed came during the Bush administration and four were during the Clinton years, this official said.
  14. CHOLLA: How did you get so old so fast. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may you have many more. You got some ketchin up to do, maybe by the time I'm 90. :D
  15. Y'all quit kissin up to CA3LE. It ain't gonna do you any good. :haha: Good Job CA3LE, love that dark blue and others too. (dern I'm a poet)
  16. In a way it was intended as a pun. Since you questioned it, I will add that as I remember he and you seem at times to interject a bit of a put down in your replies to people. You guys may not mean it as a put down but, that is the way it comes across to some of the impressionable young folks on this forum. Myself I don't give a damn how you reply to me. As for G. W, I didn't vote for him for Gov. nor Pres. as I already knew What a DUMB Axx he was. As the polls tell you about 65% of AMERICANS agree with me now. BTW I can't figure out whom you are calling a mindless drone. He may not like it but I could care less.
  17. Cable Guy: You aren't G. W's. mouthpiece are you??????????????? May as well get something else started. :haha: :haha: Cholla: Good read. Ole Heston put it to em didn't he?!!!!!!!!! I believe that the USA is a nation of laws and they should be enforced against ANYONE who violates them.
  18. :roll: Mercy !!!!!!!!!!! That is some tall smoke blowing. A/1C flying an A-10, that ain't happening, no NCO flys a real plane and at your age being in Iraq is also suspect. You may be good at computers but, you need to leave the smoking to a Pro. Just wanted to let you know that you got caught. :haha: You can look at my profile and find out all you need to know or send a message.
  19. Thanks y'all. I thought I was correct, but I wanted to check with the experts. :D :D
  20. I have a new 160G external usb hard drive. I have XP home. I think I should format it as NTFS. Is this correct???? Thanks.
  21. I also have a Chase Plat. MC. No annual fee and 1% rebate. Pay it off every Mo., saves writing a lot of checks. My Wife has Discover card. Same deal, we are happy. Have had them so long I can't remember when we got them. I don't do anything on Credit except maybe a new car. I bought a 2004 Grand Marquis and financed it for 2 yrs to get another $1,000 off the price. Couple more payments and its done. BTW I love that car, very comfortable, V8, rear drive, got 24.5 mpg from Tex. to Ga. and that was driving 75 to 80 most of the time on the interstate. :D
  22. amc11890: It was built by SYS Technology and I had several options on nearly all of the components. I love this system but, I don't Game or anything like that. Like I said I am not too tech knowledgeable.
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