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  1. Mickey D's and their ilk are why we have so many rotund folks in the good ole USA. Plus folks are just too lazy to get any exercise. I'm lazy but I eat a lot of rabbit food steak and eggs, yum-yum, slurp. I gotta go to bed or wake mama up to fix me a steak. :haha:
  2. I have an APC ES 725 broadband UPS. Its on 24/7, but I shut down my machine when I go to bed.
  3. :D I initially came here for the speed test, looked around and noticed a few jokers. So I will stay til I get the door slammed on my tool.
  4. I'll be 72 in Aug. Been retired outa the truck for 10yrs. and planning on at least 20 more. Nearly all in my family have lived into 90's. I've been in Hosp one time in USAF in 52 for isolation because they couldn't figure out why my eyes were infected. Dilated them for 3 weeks, I think they got well all on their own. Probably caught it in Korea. Whoa, stop boy yer talkin too much. Sayonara. :!: :!:
  5. I Have been dealing with my IP for almost 3yrs and have learned not to argue with the person that answers the phone.
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