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  1. Not hard.. I can give you the command for suse 10.2 that will pretty much do it for you.. gnome-xgl-switch --enable-xgl Run that as root in a terminal window..
  2. Finally.. it is done.. enjoy.. Any ideas for the next ones?
  3. Introduction:[/html] For this guide we are going to be working on wireless networking in openSuSE 10.2. As more and more people try out the Linux world the support has become better and better. However, it still lags behind in out of the box functionality. The main reason is the vast number of chipsets used by manufactures in their products. [color=red]Disclaimer: [/color] [b]testmy.net and its mods are not responsible for any damage to hardware, software, systems, or bodily harm if you decided to attempt this. I strongly recommend that you attempt this only if you are confident in your computer skills and have some time to troubleshoot. [/b] [html] What will be covered in this guide: Wireless using ndiswrapper Audio A few notes before we begin
  4. I am also in that boat.. I use firefox but still dont want that sitting on my computer..
  5. ^ there is your answer.. The % stat is calculated based on provider not package.
  6. No.. but for a laptop that is really the only option.. There is a new DVI one out but still the main input is VGA.. We will see..
  7. I have seen this also.. I originally thought that it was a XP patch because no matter if it was WMP 10 or 11 no streaming video would work.. But video loaded from my hard drive would..
  8. Alright I found it!!! http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/gxm/products/dh2go/digital/home.php
  9. This is some what of an old story.. But either way Dell has begun to offer/ship notebooks and desktops with Linux pre-loaded. Overall the systems are a little cheaper but I was wondering if anyone here would actually buy a Linux based product at this time with no experience what so ever? Here is a direct link to what they are offering. It is Ubuntu and FreeDOS. http://www.dell.com/content/topics/segtopic.aspx/ubuntu?c=us&l=en&s=dhs
  10. Alright.. So on Friday the additional parts arrived and were installed. Everything is finally fitting but the sent the wrong palm rest. At this point I dont care any more so I am going to keep it. Basically the Inspiron 8500 has a touchpad and one of those sticks placed in the keyboard... So there are an additional two buttons.. Well the I8600 only has a touchpad. So I have two additional buttons.. Other than that issue everything is finally working the way it should be. Finally.
  11. It isn't going to matter to much... The way that the guide is going to be written is using the windows drivers anyways. Just wanted to know if it detected it.
  12. There is an issue with P2P on the WRT54G series routers.. The only real way to correct this is to see if Linksys has released new firmware... or to put a third party version on. I have a WRT54G running DD-WRT and it is rock solid and can handle p2p traffic pretty well.
  13. I didn't even see that.. it has been so long since I have done anything on the desktop side..
  14. That is an interesting comment.. so you would rather keep the two devices separate?
  15. AGP is here to say until ATI/NVIDIA says differently.. PCI-E has found its niche, like expected, in the high end gaming world and is beginning to make its presence felt in the consumer level products. I think the biggest thing that we all missed was PCI-E's influence on the enterprise market. It is just about impossible to get any type of server with standard PCI slots. I am sure that PCI-E will grow even more with the introduction of Vista and the requirements needed to run that software platform. As far as it being used for different functionalities.. The largest one that I have seen is signaling. The Killer NIC card is PCI based because of some type of signaling issue when it was tried on a PCI-E platform. It is going to be really difficult to kill off PCI! SATA and PATA/IDE are still alive and kicking.. I have yet to see a SATA CD-ROM drive.. Even on the new blu-ray burner.. So PATA/IDE is going to be around for a while also.
  16. I will not be getting one.. The main reason is that I have a Samsung Blackjack.. The other is that Apple doesn't have a great v.1 track record. Look at all of the problems with the iPods and MacBooks. If I were to get one it would be around the holiday season when the deals are bound to be better.
  17. Doing it Monday.. My mom was really sick.. Sorry about this guys.. I will make it up to you. What type of wifi card do you have?? Does SuSE detect it or not?
  18. The only ones that I am seeing are for sale and are .pdf copies.
  19. Haha.. I didnt see your response... I was responding to Tim.
  20. Swimmer

    D-Link Router

    From a security standpoint... I would highly recommend pooling IPs for only the max number of wireless clients you expect on the network at one time. This will help in the detection of an intrusion and also prevent access if someone is able to crack you encryption. All wired computers should be static, as they dont move around. Just some thoughts.
  21. Right.. but the point is that Comcast has their own site blocked even though they are part of the partnership.
  22. I will take a look at that later... I am on my phone right now because the dell guys is here replacing everything. Haha.. good clip.. heard it before. So here is the latest update.. The dell on-site guy showed up. Replaced the motherboard, video card, and screen. But for some reason the plastic parts, the source of having to do this like 15 times already were a no show. No only that but again they didn't send a heat sink. Back on the phone, another 30 minutes, again ordering more parts. Now it is a palm rest, another power control unit, and a heat sink. I can't wait for my 5th visit! :roll: I was able to get a $175 rebate to buy the extra year of warranty for the computer. I just need it to live for another year and then I am getting something different.
  23. A laptop isnt my first choice... but it is what I have.
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