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  1. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/previousVersions?softwareitem=ob-41607-1&lc=en&cc=us&dlc=en&product=3184232&os=228&lang=en Try that set of drivers.. If it is an ip problem I would also check your setting for the encryption and make sure that the key is correct on the computer.
  2. That is on the safari site.. It is faster starting up.. but as far as loading pages.. not so much.
  3. This topic has been moved to Make it Faster.... [iurl]http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=19913.0[/iurl]
  4. What exactly are you having issues with? Getting an IP address or seeing the network?
  5. topics merged.. Please post in only one area.. we will read your posts dont worry.
  6. The speed of the network isn't that important if you don't have a 10Mbps+ connection. My guess is that you are picking up some interference from somewhere else that is right on top of the 2.4Ghz band. You could try moving the router to a new location and see if that helps at all.
  7. I would try changing the channel that the network operates on. That should take care of the interference that is causing the speed to drop.
  8. A general rule is if you are getting about 80% of wired speed. Now when you get into multiple radios that is an entire different realm. I would think you should closer to wired speeds.
  9. First you can only start a remote desktop session from a busness level Microsoft Os such as XP Pro. Second you are going to have to open a port on you router to forward the traffic to that computer. If you want access to multiple computer theb you are going to have to assign a different port to each pc. Finally you are going to need to know the IP address of the remote router. Depending on the type of service you have you might want to look into dynamic dns.
  10. Bouncing spam is effective otherwise there would be no market for spam filters and blacklist services. It does create extra traffic on the internet but if an entire server bunces it the error sent back will be smaller than the original message sent from the spammer.
  11. Nice processor and memory.. You might want to look into an ECS motherboard. I have a few and love them. They are cheap and the performanceis pretty good.
  12. The way that this works is the spammer send you an email.. The reason for the different words is to get around email scanners. Since just about no ISPs implement blacklists on their mail servers. As soon as the email is delivered you are on a mailing list. What the senders are looking for are emails that go through and dont bounce. Which is why spam is so hard to defeat. Well this and the use of SMTP as the transfer protocol. So how do you prevent this? The best way is to filter on your computer. The is no way that an ISP is going to do any filtering on you account. The best way would be to setup a personal email server if you have more than 10 or so people at you company. Might be over kill for a personal user but you would learn a ton about the email system.
  13. The reason for the odd numbers is that you IP address is not registered to you ISP yet. It is most likely that ameritech is either moving around their IP schemes or you have been moved to a temp network while the equipment on the main service equipment is upgraded. As far as the speed drop it could be due to abunch of things with DSL. Since DSL is all analog any interference is going to distort the signal and slow down the speed.
  14. Yeah that is the socket type... So you could take that processor and put it into a newer motherboard that supported more memory.
  15. The celeron D has more that enough power to get the job done. If you do put 2gb of ram in the motherboard will be at its max. Not a huge deal but that also means that the next time you want to upgrade memory it is going to need a whole new motherboard. I personally would get a new one now that supports the celeron D, the core duo, amd the core 2 duo so that you have lots of space to upgrade. It will also buy you the ability to put around 4gb or ram into the system. I didnt see the socket type of your system.. Just make sure you get the correct one. The motherboards that I was talking about up top are going to be socket 775
  16. Swimmer

    any suggestion ???

    I would go with the second motherboard because it is a new chipset and mist likely supports newer CPUs. Why a Pentium D and not a core duo? For graphics it depends on what you are going to do with the machine. If it is email then get the first one, the 7400, and invest the savings in something like ram or a faster processor.
  17. Any abnormal traffic coming from your computer?
  18. Alright.. The reason that you ISP is giving you higher speed is because they are nice and they have some bandwidth to burn. What allows them to do this is most likely the infracture is in place to support additional users. However, at any time the ISP feels like they can drop the speed down to what ever your package is rated at. Most of the ISPs control speeds with configuration packets that authorize the modem on to the ISP network. When additional bandwidth is purchaced or the ISP boosts the speed a new configuration packet is sent to the modem. So to answer your question.. It is fairly normal to run a little higher than you package speed. Buying a new modem might increase the speed slightly but the most improvement would be due to better components in the modem.
  19. You should be to do this... You have internet so you have an IP address. Are you running this through a router? If your are then simply assign the port number to the VM IP address. That should take care of the routing issue. If you are not running it through a router.. then it depends on how you setup the networking on the Vm itself.
  20. The reason for the different channels id to comabt interference between other wireless networks and devices that run in the same 2.4Ghz range. I have always move my equipment off of channel 6 to 11 because the speeds are a little better and the high/low channels are normally a littlw cleaner as far a other devices go.
  21. Yes mudmanc you had the detail correct about grub in you original post. Sorry I didnt see this sooner.. I am currently out of town but glad to see that you go your machine back up and running.
  22. There is a firewall issue then... Ter turning off your firewall and see if you can get it to sync
  23. Smtp 550 is a relay error.. This pretty much means that something is going wrong when your email servr is trying to connect to the outside world. What sould be happening is you exchange server collect all of the @youdomain.com mail then connects to your ISP's SMTP server as a relay host to send everything. I would check the user name/password combo for the ISP server. Can any in the company send mail?
  24. Welcome to the forums... I am surethat you will learn something.
  25. That shouldn't change if you reformat.. Try this.. Double click the clock, make sure that your time zone is correctly selected, then go to Internet Time use the drop down menu and select time-a.nist.gov. Then run the update.
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