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  1. Very nice.. What series xeon are you running? Mine: Laptop (aka the dell) Intel Pentium M 1.86 GHz 1 Gig Hitachi 60 GB 7200rpm ATI 9600 pro 128mb 15.4 wsxga (1680x1050) Creative Audigy 2 Linux Laptop: Athlon XP-M Processor 2200+ 512Mb RAM 40 Gb hard drive ATI MOBILITY RADEON (M6) Server: Dual PIII 700mhz 2x 36GB 10,000 SCSI in Raid 1 1 GB ram Server: AMD Athlon 2100+ 1.5 GB Ram 720GB
  2. So basically you want a portable desktop.. This is exactly what I did 3 years ago and couldn't be happier about that choice.. Currently I have an Intel Pentium M 1.8, 1gig of ram, 60gb 7200rpm hard drive, 15.4 wide screen, and a 9600 pro. It is great that it has power, but at the same time it is not the lightest computer on the block.. The other thing, since it is a desktop replacement, that I wanted was all of the extras.. Like a mouse, keyboard, speakers... That lead me a docking station after about a year of having to remove everything every time I wanted to go mobile. I like the computer that you are looking at! Here is a review that I found http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=3403 One think that you might want to check into would be a dedicated sound card.. Creative makes the Audigy 2 Notebook.. which makes a huge difference in audio if you are running external speakers.
  3. Here is the only product that I know of.. http://www.anandtech.com/storage/showdoc.aspx?i=2480
  4. Another update.. after a conference call with tech support, customer care, and the customer care manager.. it was determined that $100 was not going to cover the $170 1 year warranty. I have been escalated to their Resolution Center.. where better offers can be made. So here is my conclusion so far.. If I would have bought this laptop today at the standard warranty, one year, I would have spent close to $900 on calls to support alone. That doesn't include parts and labor.
  5. Alright another update... The palm rest and power piece was never installed.. I just ran out of time in Chicago.. But another issue... I have been back for less than 1 week and I no longer have a LCD screen on my computer. Since I have been back at Purdue, the computer has sat in the docking station. I took it out last night to watch a DVD before going to bed. Again the exact same problem as before. No screen what so ever. I place the computer back onto the docking station and boot. Lo and behold the LCD monitor has disappeared from the ATI displays tab. Excellent!! So power down at into the Dell Diag utility.. Half way though the LCD tests the screen turns pink and the test fails. So time to ring up Dell's tech support. After about an hour and a half with tech support the conclusion was made to replace my motherboard, LCD, graphics, and new complete plastic assembly. So that is due here tomorrow or Wednesday. For all of this trouble I have asked to have my warranty extended another year as my entire computer will be replaced in the coming week. I was offered $100 to basically go away by customer support and then transfered to tech support. They told me that I would have to pay for the additional warranty out of pocket. It costs $150-$200 for one year depending on which "level" I get. I have attached a tech support service summary of all of the calls that I have made for this system..
  6. I have not seen anything on gaming or performance in general.. I was just wondering what you decided to run since you already had an A64..
  7. yeah the dual cores will help! What version are you running? 32bit or 64bit?
  8. You will be fine.. it is fully compatible.. If you go to corsair's website you can see all of the sticks that are rated compatible.. the DDR2-675 is one of them
  9. I would agree with DJ for a couple of reasons... Overheating sounds more likely because windows XP is less of a resource hog.. Meaning that less processing time, both video and CPU, are required. So if you are overclocking and the computer just shuts off.. it is most likely due to a thermal event. I don't know if Vista/XP log thermal events but checking the logs might be a good start. To begin with I would lower the graphics back to stock... Vista's display is based on DirectX.. So there is nothing static like previous editions.. So basically you are playing a game all of the time when you are using Vista with Aero. That might solve your random shutdown problem... The other issue could be power if you are pulling max wattage from your power supply for extended periods of time.
  10. People are more intrested in XP and Vista because it is so easy..
  11. I am not shocked at all. The networking stack is much more efficient in Linux compaired to Windows. I would be interested to see how Linux compaires to Vista and the new more secure notworking stack. Eitherway nice speeds.
  12. Alright based on that and some research here is your answer..
  13. The Athlon XPs are socket A not 939.
  14. It is hard to tell... With Comcast's Speedboost stuff a crappy connection can be hidden behind the additional bandwidth that Speedboost provides.
  15. You are going to have to research thw motherboard first to see what other processors are supported by the chipset. Then check out tigerdirect.. to see what they have in the AMD stuff. The problem is that AMD does not make the Athlon XP anymore. So you are going to end up buying an OEM processor, if you can even find one.
  16. There might be a wat to put a different processor in... But it is going to be really really expensive.
  17. I dont play my games vai emulation.. but my guess would be that you are a little low on memory. Internal fan on a hard drive? I have never heard of that... My guess is that you are discribing the sound of the drive when you begin to swap files from memory to the hard drive because you dont have enough physical memory on the system.
  18. Well then everything didnt backfire... you are finally getting something done about the poor speeds. If they dont go back up the just call back.
  19. It is an exchange issue. You SMTP IP range is off. Do you have an internal mail server and a DMZ one or just one server for the company?
  20. Well that does suck the big one! The only thing that I can thing of would be that the new ISP does not offer the package that you previously had. With take overs abd what not the ISPs are bot required, or at least I dont think they are, to continue offering what your previous ISP did. So that leaves the question what can you d to fix the problem... I would start with calling customer service, not tech support, and discuess the possibility of either moving to a package that they can support or being credited for poor service. By chance do you have the orignal contract that was signed with Adelphia? There might be a clause regarding performance.
  21. So is it an Active Directory error or an exchange error? Do you have an error number or the exact error from the event logs?
  22. The issue isn't price... it is whether you really want to go satelite. I am sure that you can read through some of the post in their sections. The biggest issue becomes stability and reliability. I would and I am sure a bunch of other people on this forum would also to look else where first before buying a business class, or any class, of satelite connection.
  23. You might actually be able to upgrade. Try placing the 10.2 into the DVD drive and selecting upgrade for the installation type. I have never tried this method, I have always just reformatted.
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