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  1. full duplex is the ability to send and receive at the same time.. Half duplex is only being able to do one at a time.. If you are seeing high error rates or the length of your Ethernet cable is getting near 100m you would want half duplex.
  2. Alright.. Lets start with the basics.. Windows XP is not a server OS. If you expect to use XP then don't even try this project. Since that is going to be your firewall/router it is going to be the face of your network. The last time I checked every 2 weeks 10+ patches were released to fix issues. The last thing you want to use is an XP box. So what are your choices.. I would start with Linux or at least 2003 Server. If you don't have $600 to drop on Server 2003 don't worry.. I would highly recommend Smoothwall Express. A new version was just launched and if the older 2.0 version is an sign of the times, there is going to be tons of extras. I am going to have to check but I think there is a way to have it do dual WAN interfaces. Second, the entire idea of running dual modems. You realized that if you don't drop about $2,000 you are not going to get 16mbps right? Most of the products, including the Linux bases solutions, are going to Load balance the connections not bond them. So you will have dual 8mbps connections that you could carve up between the hosts. In fact most of the sub $1,000 dual WAN routers only provide fail over.. So if one connection goes down the other one will come up. So back to your questions.. is it possible.. YES! But you need to specify what you want the network do to.. Do you want 16mbps to the switch? Are you running additional servers behind the firewall? For something like this DLink and Linksys on the bestbuy shelves are not going to work.
  3. right click my computer -> properties -> hardware -> device manager -> Look under network adapters -> double click the NIC and then look under Advanced. There should be a property called Speed & Duplex..
  4. I dont think that the hub is allowing those speeds.. my guess is that the router is buffering the IP packets for you there by creating a caching effect.. The best way to see if this is happening would be to run a throughput test on the LAN itself. Download something like iperf, http://dast.nlanr.net/Projects/Iperf/, and give it a try. Basically it will blast tcp packets from your 'server' to the host and record a very accurate measurement. Place one of the computer on the Router and the other behind the hub and see what type of speeds you get.. I will try this in lab tomorrow.. I have a Cisco 515e and an older Intel 10baset hub that I could give it a shot.. Here is why I think that this is happening.. Once the buffer fills.. then you see the drop in speed down to, my guess would be, 10Mbit/s or less.. Seeing how the test file is less than the buffer on the WRT54g, i am running DD-WRT, you would see higher speeds because you are pulling to the router faster.. As far as the TMN server knows your router is the device making the request. So once all of the traffic has been retrieved, the test is over. I am going to bet if you were to test with a larger test you wouldn't see more than the hub speed.
  5. drive is most likely dead.. Most likely when it hit the floor the heads were suspended over the platters.. When the server hit the floor they made contact and pretty much destroyed the disk. It is possible for certain parts/files to work.. However, if it the server was windows based and if the drive had not been defragmented in quite a while it is a crap shoot.
  6. Depending on the type of system in place, either the limiting is done on the MAC address or the Switch port. If it is done on the switch port then you are out of luck. There no way to spoof this type of system.. However, if it is a MAC based system you can try spoofing the MAC address..
  7. If it doesn't have a graphical interface it means that it is command line only.. If it is the installer there is a graphical interface it is just text instead of pretty pictures.. if it is the actual system then command line.
  8. The best distro for beginner has to be Ubuntu.. It this the closest to a full operating system out of the box.. For the lightest version http://www.xubuntu.org/ Xubuntu is pretty good.. I ran that a few times just to see what it was like.
  9. The KDE Version is Kubuntu.. I personally prefer KDE to gnome.. No real reason just do.. I have used Ubuntu on several occasions, but it seems that the default installation includes just about everything under the sun. So if you want a fairly light system this is not the way to go.. But if you are just starting it is a great starting distro. As far as SuSE goes.. The learning curve is a little higher because not everything is done for you right out of the box.. It takes some time to get your machine up and running how you want it. But it really does, minus 10.1, have a great package management system.
  10. He was the inventor of TCP/IP, a browser called WorldWideWeb and the http protocol.. the US government did invent the architecture with DARPANet.
  11. Be prepared to struggle a little bit at the start.. But once you get the hang of installing software and the command line moving from Windows to Linux is a great thing to do.
  12. Balmer has been in charge for quite a while.. That is why the Head of Office development was moved to Vista.. Gates has been the Chief Software Architect and has also sat on the board of directors since stepping down 2 years, I think, ago. I am pretty sure he , Gates, is still going to sit on the Board of Directors As far as Apple goes.. They really have the chance to hit microsoft whereit hurts because they are not only a software platform but also one of the best hardware platforms. I mean are there any other notebooks out there that look as good as the Apple ones? Now if only they could get their server line to take off.
  13. There is really no reason for that to be happening other than poor quality parts. Of the 5 LCD panels that I have owned, only 1 has had a pixel problem.. That one was a samsung display the was taken care of by Samsung.
  14. I think that the new head of OS development, the former head of the Office group, said that Vista was a bridge between XP and the next generation.. But you also have to remember that ME was the first place to test some of the functions of XP.. Try googling Window ME and take a look at some of the versions that we never release to the public. The build just before the project was cancled, was for the most part, the first build of XP. Like wise it is not a good business model to release a new OS every 5-7 years.. With Apple and Linux gaining power and market share, it my be small but it is there, the days of MS being the only game in town are over. I personally knew that Vista was going to be abust when MS began to cut features for the Longhorn betas and then finally from the shipped version. But what is good about all of this is the enterprise and desktop like are on the same code platform.. Meaning that security responses, updates, and fixes should be available quickly and in large numbers.
  15. Haha I think even 95 had boot.ini.. What is the base operating system that is still displaying Vista as a boot option? If there are no traces in boot.ini, and the base os is 9x to XP, then the only way might be to reinstall everything.. The other thing you might want to look into would be removing the Vista boot manager. I am nit sure whether or not it is installed or if it modifies XPs in the event that Xp is the first OS installed.
  16. Not that I know of.. The GDDR3 is the graphic memory for the card.. It would have nothing to do with the computer memory or the motherboard.. the motherboard has 2x PCI-E x16 slots that support this type of graphic card.
  17. My guess is that it is running some type of Linux mini-distro.. Which would mean that it should run DD-WRT.. If it did that then the product would be totally worth the price.
  18. Is this for windows??? You are going to need to edit the boot.ini file to remove the additional boot information.
  19. Here is what one review said.. http://onemansblog.com/2007/08/01/review-belkin-n1-vision-wireless-n-gigabit-router/ I would be careful.. first gen hardware, like this one, tend to have some serious flaws.. And don't forget to get all of the wonderful bonus features, like the speed and the range, you are going to need to drop additional money on the cards. And it is still a Draft 802.11n product..
  20. Here is what I would get.. $72.99 ECS 945P-A (V3.0) LGA 775 Intel 945P ATX Intel Motherboard The best of just about all the worlds.. 1066/800 FSB, Optional SLI, Intel chipset, 3Gb/s SATA $205.00 Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Conroe 2.13GHz 2M shared L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor The latest and greatest from Intel.. It isn't the fastest chip but it will get the work done, quickly. $158.00 - 30.00 = $128.00 OCZ Platinum 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) $279.00 - $30 = $249.00 XFX PVT80GGHF4 GeForce 8800GTS 320MB 320-bit GDDR3 That come out to about $654.. You could modify some things, like the CPU, to get the price below 600 and into the 570s...
  21. Wonder if they are using the old cinema display technology in these? They look pretty nice but still not a fan of the all-in-one design... If I were to buy a desktop I want a tower..
  22. welcome to google ads.. It pulls based on your browser cache to target stuff that you will by.. wonder where someone has been..
  23. Welcome to satelite... Part of the problem might be the codec that you are using for vent.. Try using a dial-up codec or ask the adin of the channel to enable some of the lower bandwidth ones That should help with the disconnect problems. As far as the ping issues.. 700-1500ms is what you should kinda expect with this type of connection. There isnt a whole lot you can do.. You might want to check and see if the dish has move a large amount since being installed.
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