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    The Athlon 64 doesnt support ddr2.. The Intel is the better bet..
  2. I would have thought that you would have had to add a static route into the IOS for this to work. Unless it is automatically built for you..
  3. This topic has been moved to News. [iurl]http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=20270.0[/iurl]
  4. Did you have to activate the internet on your Laptop.. Most of the time ISPs assign an IP to one MAC address.. Since your laptop was the first pc to be hooked up to the modem.. my guess would be that the ISP is using that MAC address. I would invest in a router so that all of your PCs can get on at once. If you want to keep it the way that it currently is.. try power cycling the modem before you hook it up to the next computer.
  5. So.. I think what you want to know if why you can test at 360kbps+ but your downloads are so slow from other sites? Again it all depends on location, network, servers, and the backbone..
  6. Grab a copy of Gparted : http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php and give that a shot.. It should allow you to increase the size of your partition with the new free space. As for the two "extra" drives.. My guess is that one is going to be you recovery partition, that is, from the manufacture because as a cost saving attempt they decided not to include the media. The other partition, the EISA one, is the software that will run the reinstall from the 2 GB partition.
  7. It all has to do with the route that you take to our servers... The closer you are to Dallas, TX the better off you are going to be first off.. Then you have to figure in the fact that to get onto the US backbones you are pretty much going to hit some of the busiest routers in the world.. Which means that your Latency will go up and overall throughput is going to drop off. For anyone, even those in the US, you are going to have faster speeds on your local network. One of the reasons that Damon hosts with who he has chosen to host with it because just about every backbone provider that is used here in the US and a few from Europe have connection running into his datacenter... Meaning that routing is simplified and speeds are more accurate... But my guess is that the backbone that Smartbro uses is not a large provider.. so you are going to hit some pretty busy routers along the way.
  8. I am pretty sure that it is off line for good.. We are in the process of moving to a new server..
  9. I looked up the model on ebay, atleast what was provided, and no batteries were listed. I would also go with the acer... The celeron is going to have pretty power management, assuming you can get a battery, when compaired with the old dell.
  10. The problem is that for any network taffic you need CPU cycles for anything to work. The best thing that you can do is to turn the screen off after 3-4 minutes of it being on the screensaver. Just about all of the laptops after 2000 has had some type of speed stepping for the CPU. The hard drive should also spin down unless it is needed.
  11. No... standby basically put the computer to sleep except for RAM..
  12. There are site that host the updates... I forget the exact url of the site.. but I am sure that Google will remember.
  13. None of the above.. Read this it should answer all of your questions and have you up and running in no time. http://abing.gotdns.com/posts/2007/smartbro-connection-sharing-using-asus-rx3041-broadband-router/
  14. @snakeyez78 There is a known issue with Linksys and Dlink routers and torrent speeds.. The processors are not able to handle the traffic so the router pretty much freezes.. If you have a WRT54 series router you can put a 3rd party firmware on it and the problems are, for the most part, fixed. As far as Insight goes.. I have not had any problems with them so far.. I would call and have a tech come out to check signal levels just for kicks..
  15. ^ up pretty much.. That would be a signal issue nothing you can do is going to fix it.
  16. Alright upgrading equipment is a big task for any ISP.. It isn't as simple as installing new ram or a new video card. It involves moving users around on the network so that they can some service, even if it isn't that great. I am going to guess that you are on DSL so they are upgrading the DSLAM, basically a switch that allows you to use your telephone line for internet access. So you might have over 200 or so users depending on what type of chassis it is. So when you want to upgrade you are forced to move those users to a different "node" while that equipment is upgraded. When you move people around like that you are going to put a lot more traffic on to a device, that most of the time is already in the 70-80% capacity range, that is also limited by the overall throughput that it can handle by itself. So if you figure that there is maybe 1000+ users per CO, central office, and you are going to do it 200 users at a time and each upgrade take a week or so. You are looking at 5 weeks then extra time to get everything moved back and checked out. As far as contacting the ISP you can go ahead and do that if you would like to.. It could be a signaling issue which is more likely during an upgrade. For the 0 average the site is currently be moved to a new server so it is possible that some parts are not in the new database yet. Give it some time while we move everything around.
  17. Dell is running a killer deal right now on their Inspiron Desktops.. BTW they renamed everything for their home lines Inspiron.. Specs: Intel
  18. I think that XP is the more reliable right now.. Vista is still pre-SP1 and is still a long way before it is really stable.
  19. Very nice! I am sure that you will like it!
  20. So like WoW? That computer is not going to be able to do much as far as upgrading goes.. It is about 2 generations behind where we currently are and the parts are just not as available anymore. Like most people have said.. you can get a decent build going for around $600-$1000 that would be completely custom. Or you can buy a prebuilt, like Dell or HP, and then customize off of that base. Either way you are going to have to upgrade your core components if you want to have a "gaming" pc.
  21. The only scanner that I have owned was a visioneer 7600.. The quality was pretty good... I have not used any Canon product in the last 10 years or so since my first ink jet back in like 1997. I have used an HP model, a professional series one, and was floored by the detail and the quickness. What you have looks pretty standard now a days..
  22. Yes, you can leave your current mouse plugged in.. The only issue would be a driver conflict but doubt that this will happen. Yes, any usb port is fine. There are left handed mice.. but I would, if you plan to go back to your right hand, buy a universal one. Microsoft makes a universal mouse that is decent quality and cheap.
  23. For windows based PC all of this is controlled by ACPI.. Many other OSes support ACPI but since you are using Windows we will go with this. This is basically a table that Windows reads then implements what the manufactures says is on the computer.. This is far different, and has replaced for the most part, any type of full BIOS controlled power management. What ACPI is basically gives the OS access to the BIOS commands that allows for ultra low-resource power usage. Which is how Centrino works and AMD's Turion works. The OS is able to control the physical hardware not just the computer. So if you choose to put your computer into low batter usage it is possible for the OS to turn off a memory stick, speed step the processor and deactivate the wifi. So it is possible that because your pc jumps to 100% and depending on what power scheme you have the fan ramps up to provide extra cooling. If you are in a battery saving mode I could see this happening. Normally your are not gaming in batter save mode so the need for the fan to run is going to be less and add in speedsteping of some sort it is possible that the fan would only turn on when the CPU is maxed.
  24. Wow this is pretty sad... What state are you in? Like disturbed said ask that a field supervisor come out and bring a new modem just for kicks. Of all of the comcast tech that have been out o my houseit normally only took 2 maybe 3 times before everything was better for my signal issue. I am really shocked that the entire new line from the curb didnt fix the problem.
  25. when you are behind the router if you go to whatismyip.com what do you see? I am seeing a RCN IP address on your posts..
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