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  1. That is the hardest step. Once you have a good driver cd you are on your way. I like one operating system myself, depends on your uses of the machine and tastes.
  2. I am at work now but if nobody else can help Ill catch ya later.
  3. I am going to modify your OP in this thread and add that info to it for you. Hope you dont mind.
  4. Tell me what you want to do. Do you want to dual boot or just have XP? I would say dual boot. http://apcmag.com/how_to_dual_boot_vista_and_xp_with_vista_installed_first__the_stepbystep_guide.htm This is a pretty good tutorial. There are several parts and they walk you through it well. If you have any problems or questions let us know. If this doesn't help post up what type of PC you have, if the hard drive is partitioned and what you want to get done and we will help ya out. Its really easy but can appear intimidating.
  5. I cannot believe nobody else found this as hillarious as me..... Oh well I gues Im a lil
  6. As long as you use them for the power of good.
  7. Dont think I forgot about you grambler. By the time I got home Biker had hooked you up.
  8. Do you have a copy of windows XP to install?
  9. Hey! Its not very often someone asks a question I know the answer to. Dont cheapen it for me. :evil6:
  10. Link AWESOME! :shock: :shock: I may have laughed harder at this than anything else in my life. I have laughed for longer, but I dont think harder. When he bites into it at just over a minute in and growls... :2funny: :2funny: That sound he makes is fing great!!! I love this guy! The cut in at 1:31 made me piss my pants.. :haha:
  11. You may want to make a driver cd first. If you need anymore help on how to use Boot and Nuke just holler.
  12. Are you wanting to dual boot or just have the one OS? (XP)
  13. Thanks man, never been to gamernook. Its cool! Oh and you listed testmy.net so you get a BUZZZ!!!!
  14. Do It! TestMy does NOT count. If you post testmy as one of your answers you get buzzed. www.godlikeproductions.com <---- Crazy as hell! www.reddit.com www.digg.com www.bored.com www.4chan.org <---- Adult/Controversial/Grotesque images at link. Only after you confirm age and agree to the terms. www.wikileaks.org www.liveleak.com These are not my most visited or favorite but some I think people might get a kick out of.
  15. I feel bad for kids these days. You cant even prank call anymore. What the hell!
  16. I would agree with all of that except he has done as much damage at this point. By the end of four years though you will be MORE than right in that regard.. IMO.
  17. Its funny you said that. I actually asked CA3LE to change my post count to zero and stick it there after I became a mod. He just ignored me as usual but I tried to get permanent newbie status. I failed. :uglystupid2:
  18. Dont tell family secrets. There are alot of around here you know.
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