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  1. Who is your ISP? Do they use speedboost?
  2. Larry, Check your cable modem's levels - make sure they are in range. After that is done, then have Comcast ping the modem for packet loss and latency issues. Modem packet loss should be at 0% on multiple pings. Pings to the modem should be no more than a 15ms average. Your upload levels look outstanding. Your download is poor. . That should be around 16xxxKbps (16Mb) with a positive overhead of about 10 Mbps.
  3. To further explain, your results you have posted in your original post - Your modem's config file will probably read "no_data". The value for downloads are different. Yes, you may be able to connect to the internet, but that data is used for voice only. You can find the specs and values when/if you are able to telnet to your modem. Your MTA is not yet supported for HSI connectivity. There are multiple mac addresses on your mta - one of them is your CMAC (cable mac). It is not registered in their system. I believe this thread is closed/fixed due to the lack of replies?
  4. Do not use your MTA. (SB5220). The CMTS sees that, and uploads a different configuration file. Thats the first step.
  5. First thing that strikes my interest is the borderline levels. Sorry about using the terms rx.tx. From here on, we'll use them anyway. The levels for modems to operate optimally: Rx: -8dBmV to +5db tx: 40db -50db. You're borderline on your levels it seems. Possibly a bad splitter @ the dmarc (outside the home) or if you have an attic, it could be there too. Splitters do go bad. They're just pieces of potmetal, and you don't have to go to extremes (going to Radio Shack and getting the gold 'bling'). It is what it is. You can get the splitters free @ the digital store. Grab a 12mm and start swapping out the splitters! You also may consider not connecting the ao's (outlets) that you don't use. (i.e. 4 way split down to 3 way split instead...) it will free up the rx and lower the tx as well. 2nd, it could be your modem. You've noted above the error log If you have many of these, t3/t4 errors, the modem isn't negotiating the TimeOf Day, TFTP, and other basic functions. It could be time for a new modem. 3rd, if your levels are fluctuating from dn0 could be exactly right. If the coax on the side of your home is 'house-wrapped' and the shielding is cracking, you could be losing signal, as well as the coax (copper) expands and contracts with the heat. Just like a car, it's got to be fine tuned. I'd say worry about tweaking your cpu last.
  6. ~> PeePs, What's your modem's rx:/tx: levels? You'll find them on the diag page modem brand/model and how long have you had it?
  7. I like the design and info it gives, but it's not going to be very useful unless there is a large network to manage. My question is how often are you going to refer to the stats on it? What makes the router is the software/firmware inside. I wonder if ddwrt can be ran on it.
  8. "Hello, my name is Thomas Martel, and I'm so enslaved in my job, I'm willing to surgically alter my body to convienence the boss for making his workplace more efficient." What a moron. That guy is more than a suit. It'd be really funny if it didn't pay off in the future!
  9. Do a traceroute on that ip(s). Can you tell me whom it routes thru? Oh, and whom does Hughes DNS partner with to get thier DNS?!
  10. And to add the opt to php's suggestion and stick w/ M$, try Windows Live Mail.
  11. That's an excellent question. It really comes down to mathematics. Too much brain crunching for me to compile, but mudmanc4's quote is very true. This also depends on how many people are on the node, how healthy the mobo cards are in the node per upstream snr levels, time of day (peak/non peak). This used to be a large issue when cable internet evolved. There was only so much bandwidth to go around, only so many nodes... Now that the speeds are more than sufficient to handle the media rich websites, the average (non gamer I might add) won't notice or call their local tech support. The only issues now that are being resolved are overcrowded nodes. Once you hit about 600 people on a given node, you can expect some issues. Cable operators are in the process of thier yearly projects. Upgrading frequencies and also laying more fiber alongside coax to support the load. They'll be called E.O.N. or P.O.N. E- Meaning Extenable. P- Meaning Passive O.N. Meaning Optical Network. They'll be 'splicing' and 'sweeping' nodes. Some places will double to alleviate crowding. San Diego already has most of thier stuff in place. Any place you can figure they have E.O.D. "On Demand" for cable television, they're ready. That's a whole nother story. Hope that strikes interest.
  12. Qwest... Aaah Qwest. I love the new commercial Cox put out about if you have Qworst, and live miles away your internet is slower. Instead of the price wars, there's no bones about Cox is more expensive, but this is a premium service. If you're on a low budget and don't care for contracts, live in Sun City and play shuffle all day long, then yeah, DSL is for you. I think their commercial about "Jack My Cable Bill Up" is hilarious! About your config page... ( Some modems may have you log in, and only may be viewed in Internet Exploder. The best info to anyone on this page are the signal levels the modem is pulling and transmitting (rx/tx) Optimally, here are the ranges you'll want to be in to get the most out of your speeds. Rx "Power level" -8dBmV to +5dBmV and then the Tx:40-50dB. Downstream SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) really wont matter. I've never seen a bad one yet..(35dB or so). I can post a thread about what T1,T2,T3...errors/anomolies mean later.. So a quick recap of my tips I've given to get great speeds: My sticky ------>>>>>http://www.testmy.net/t-2097.msg209822#msg209822 1. Modem Levels must be in range 2. Modem type. Yup. Some just dont work as well. Even new. But imagine they're selling a choice Mercedes for the same price as a Geo Metro. 3. Then start tweakin the computer! Oh, and if you have Speedboost happinin', don't use a usb cable from the modem to your cpu. All modems I know only have a USB 1.1 connection and you'll be bottlenecking your bandwidth. WoOT!
  13. Intel has usually reigned as the pioneer for faster processors, but you're paying for that. The video card you chose was great. Not bad for the price. It's SLI capable. Your board and processor don't compliment the video card. So I'd say put biases aside and choose an AMD board... something like this one thats the same price http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813186059 Memory is still dual channel, expandable to 4GB, and the chipset compliments your video card. You're still spending the same amount. Oh, and btw, your intel mobo that you chose has no AGP slots and you won't be able to use your video card anyway. Its onboard. Expansion Slots AGP Slots None =( Onboard Video Chipset Intel GMA 950 The AMD processor is $2 more than your Intel Celery stick. $65.xx http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103046 So there's the hookup. Keep all the rest of the eq you planned to buy. NOw you've got a gaming machine that can at least step a foot in the ring! Woot!
  14. No. They did not increase the tier sizes. Powerboost has been around since mid May. This only affects customers with the tiers of Premier (12Mb/1Mb) or Preferred (7Mb/512Kb), with cable modems that can achieve DOCSIS 1.1 or higher (2.0). The additional bandwidth available to the node (your neighborhood 'server') is distributed among those who may be downloading a large attachment, website, etc... This only applies to downstream, not up. FAQ's: Q: "What if I have a router? Does this affect everyone on my personal network?" A: "No. This only affects the one cpu that is currently downloading a large file/attachment." Q: "How long does speedboost last?" A: "It can be sensed in action for roughly 10 seconds." Q: "How much more of a faster download will I experience?" A: "If you have the Premier Tier, you can expect roughly a 22% increase of speed. If you have the Preferred Tier, you can expect up to 25% more." I hope that answers some questions on that. Oh, and there is a lot more speed to come soon. =) And CA3LE, your modem probably had the uptime of 189 days or something of that nature. With it still operating off the ancient config file. =)
  15. This can be moved under another thread, but it's nearly related. I saw this article today. Cisco Killing Off the Linksys Brand http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/networking/cisco-killing-off-linksys-brand-all-your-router-are-belong-to-cisco-282921.php
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