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  1. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: Finally my connection returned after 6 hours! Damn Smart Bro.... tsk tsk Look at these speeds... I'm really pissed off!!
  2. Try the cablenut settings posted by gourame on page 6 of this forum.. the 2nd one (ar0nic).. It worked for me.. BTW, I'm both running TCP optimizer (ran in optimal settings) and cablenut. I first tweaked TCP, restarted, then tweaked Cablenut, restarted. My latest: Seems i cant get past the 450+ mark..
  3. OMG! Will somebody welcome me to the 400+ kbps club! MARAMING SALAMAT SA MGA TUMULONG SA AKIN!! WOOOOOH!
  4. ] Thanks sa inyong lahat!! Meron ka pa bang alam na tweaks? Pwede ba pagsabayin TCP optimizer and Cablenut? Gusto ko rin mkasali sa 400 kbps club!!
  5. My new speeds after trying cablenut settings of gourame: download = 391 kbps upload = 285 kbps my upload doubled!!
  6. Huh? Its below 400 RSSI yet you have higher speeds than me? I'm already using cablenut BTW and using the satellite 2k setting..
  7. My current RSSI is about 500-600 Jitter is 1-3 But I feel jealous when I see that you and the others connection speeds are above 400 kbps hahahaha Its true that some are more blessed than the others. hehe
  8. hehe. wala sya stinger pero nung pinakabit namin nung march pinataasan nmin ung pole nung canopy. ngbayad pa nga kmi 450 pesos additional sa nagkabit for just a pole . kya wala ako tiwala sa mga smart reps na yan! mukhang pera. hehe
  9. 514.. Not bad na rin.. But I want the 700+ one hehe
  10. Your're right.. But I won't tell them because I don't trust these Smart reps. hehe. I'll just stick to my current settings since it is close to the advertised 384 kbps. I guess I mus'nt be greedy all the time. Thanks!!
  11. I tried you settings but my internet would'nt work.. So i've reverted back to "obtain DNS server address automatically".. Thanks anyway.. Maybe your DNS server works on a different location? I'm from Bulacan.
  12. The RSSI of the color code that frequently disconnects is 600-700 Jitter is usually 1-3 I feel very bad that I can't use this color code because of this problem. It can be very good for online games and P2P especially..
  13. Ok.. Thank you. I can actually make my net speed faster if I change to a certain color code (247, I'm using 248 right now) but the problem is it disconnects my internet for 30 seconds in about every 10 minutes. I can increase my speed for about 70-100 kbps if im using this other color code... Is there a remedy like programs or canopy tweaks that can solve this frequent disconnection problem? Thanks!!!
  14. Is it normal that my upload speed is less than half my download speed? Download = 382 kbps Upload = 127 kbps It was always way below the download speeds.. Thank you very much!! Any help would be appreciated!
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