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  1. Thugster has a point here, and for the love of God, to all smartbro users please read this. 1. As much as possible, please avoid posting irrelevant topics in threads. Take the "How to tweak SmartBro wifi thread", it has over a thousand posts. If I was a newly Smartbro user and I read that thread only to find useless posts, I'd lose interest. Please consider other people before posting. The topics are scattered all over the place. If only testmy has a "post/topic defragmenter". 2. Remember that most issues are already solved here, for speed issues there is coolbuster's, elijahpaul's guides, there's even a smartbro utorrent guide. So please, READ IT and DONT TAKE THE LAZY WAY by posting another topic. 3. Lastly, If you are currently experiencing speed problems, YOU CANT ALWAYS TWEAK YOUR WAY OUT OF THE PROBLEM. I read posts saying this tweak dont work etc, etc,. And as i learned from my online buddy jun101ph, REMEMBER!! YOU CANT DO ANYTHING WHEN THE BASESTATION IS THE PROBLEM. Save yourself the trouble worrying and tweaking all day when the problem lies at Smartbro itself. Please be patient, if the problem persists after 2 days, then its time to call for Smartbro customer assistance. Peace!!
  2. New Canopy version? Thats already fine set to 3500... 3500 for both dload and upload. Mine is only 1000 max so 500-500 is my setting.
  3. From what I saw in the commercial, its not a "canopy". Its like a small antenna placed on the desktop table itself..
  4. Whoa! First time a saw a different ad aside from google ads
  5. When they installed my canopy they didnt installe the whitebox.. They said it will be used if i plan to change the location of my computer. they said it will be used as an "extension cord" if my computer is faraway from the cable wire. Hope this clears it up...
  6. :haha: Heres something related: ROFL and COTFL (convulsing on the floor laughing)
  7. :haha: Ur gonna have it replaced with the older version?
  8. can open the link already... Wow, such nice people..
  9. page not found... funny pic by the way...
  10. Also remember that it takes a day or 2 to see changes in TCP optimizer...
  11. Cool, finally someone who can answer our internet antenna woes..
  12. Would you mind sending me one for free?
  13. Dont know, but it could work I guess.. But Im afraid to mess with it coz it may ruin my net connections..
  14. Sorry... but what i posted is a male tit, with breast implants... :evil6:
  15. Just curious, large GIF. file pics doesnt move when posted? Thanks!!
  16. Ayt.. Good thing I've just graduated last march and Im just too lazy to work Lots of free time for gimmicks and games!!
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