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  1. Prepare to hand over lots of cash to smartbro if your planning to switch and terminating your contract. Also, the 1.5 globe 9995 promo is available up to december only and in specific areas...
  2. yes, 512 is the maximum for globe wireless, better than smartbro but I suggest going for wired.. Its much stable..
  3. http://www.globelines.com.ph/NewsArticle.php?id=34
  4. Sweet.. But I think the pitch goes down again at the one-fourth bar then escalates. 000xx00000000000 Escalating - 0 Low pitch - x Well thats just my theory.. :
  5. Thanks!! But deleting cookies makes your computer load pages longer right?
  6. How often do you flush DNS? I run CCleaner around twice a week.. I think i got to try..
  7. Yup, actually I ran the TCP optimizer first and adjusted some settings by cablenut.. So Im running two tweaking programs right now... Well, that setup kinda works for me...
  8. Yeah it kinda sucks when all ISP's here are money suckers :haha:
  9. Many times I tried to tweak with TCP optimizer and waited a few days but havent got any luck with it.. You just set it to optimal settings right? But i noticed my upload speed went down and no change in the download speed.. I really tried to like TCP Optimizer but I think it hates me...
  10. Yes there is... a new contract means being locked for another 12 months....
  11. Man, Im sick of this frickin debate on the smartbro threads between members... :shock: The debate rages on!!! Is it really effective or not!? CAST YOUR VOTES NOW!!! : :
  12. yeah... I think this smartbro forum is getting a little bit out of hand, I cant understand any of that I dont even know what dialect is that.. Also trash talking here and there..
  13. @coolbuster All I can say is learn to accept criticisms, especially constructive ones. Instead of badmouthing others, remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and you should respect that. I for one never tried the 20 steps so I cant tell whether it works or not.. I computed my own cablenut settings and have my own computer maintenance. But you should always welcome comments, negative or positive. Peace!!
  14. Mine is still package SMBRO... Will they upgrade all subscribers to 512 or selected areas only?
  15. Googled something... I forgot the keyword
  16. It still doesn't work.. But thanks for helping me sir Dlewis, appreciated it.. Its not a problem as long as i can update it... Thanks again!!
  17. Try disabling the virtual memory at system properties then restart. see if it changes, try disk cleanup, then turn it on again (I use system managed size)
  18. I think i used spybot S&D and also adaware personal.. if that doesnt work. It definitely is Pagefile or system restore problem.. I also tweaked my pagefile that day so I dont know if the malware I deleted or the pagefile itself solved it... But one of them surely worked...
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