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  1. Do you always have these speeds or only lately?
  2. Yeah.. Just dont say anything about tweaking your canopy when you call them.
  3. Yeah. This is true.. You cant tweak anything if the problem is in the basestation and not your pc.
  4. I have that same problem before, we called their hotline (*1888) coz we've been seeing that message for two days and we cant load any webpage besides that. Good thing the lady who answered was nice and she fixed the problem while we were talking to her on the phone.
  5. I only use DAP. You can download it here: You can also checkout speedbit video accelerator if you want.. It speeds up streaming videos from youtube, dailymotion, break, etc.
  6. Sorry but i have no idea on both those too. I use "download accelerator plus" as my download manager and also it speeds up your download. It only works on regular dloads and not on P2P and torrents.
  7. Were already too late. He applied for one and his average speed is around 50 kbps. I remember he's a macintosh user, so we cant really do a thing to help him back then. (Im a noob when it comes to macs )
  8. No it wont help you change your basestation, For me, its a very USELESS tool. Basically it just tells you if you have internet connection or not.. It doesnt fix anything.. I wonder why theyve even called it quickfix.
  9. Tried the safari browser? Im dloading it if you've got positive results
  10. If nothing seems to work, the problem is not in your PC but the Basestation and Smartbro itself.
  11. Your motherboard (PIII) is old so i guess the RAM is outdated too. If you're going to buy current MOBO's in the market, Im afraid your 320 ram isnt compatible. There are different formats of memory sticks. (RAM) I dont know but IMO, I think you should do a complete overhaul of the CPU. Php20,000 (w/o monitor) can give you a kick@$$ PC. I suggest that youll save more and try to build one yourself.. Its a good investment and youll be able to play current games until the next year.
  12. Nice.. But next time dont change the text color to yellow coz its hard to see.
  13. Have you tried Apple's Safari browser for Windows? I didnt download it because I dont like the interface. So I dont really know how it performs..
  14. Thats what im saying.. Your speed's going down because so many subscribers are using the basestation and its having a hard time allocating to many users. The reason you have high speeds in the morning and midnight is because its not "peak hours" or only a few of you are using the internet.. As for your color code, try experimenting different ones and choose the best among them.
  15. Your RSSI is fine. so your problem is really the jitter. The above post is a basestation problem.. No tweaks can increase it.. Better call for assistance In Configuration---> Link speeds, uncheck both the 10 base and check both 100 base.. this will change your lan card speed to 100 Mbps instead of ten.
  16. Thats a high jitter.. Maybe thats the reason for your low speeds. Check also if you have a good RSSI, 500 or more is good. 10 or 100 it will not affect your speed. About your IP address.. its normal so quit worrying..
  17. If you are near the Metro Manila area, i suggest you go to Gilmore and buy the parts then assemble your own pc.. Your'e going to save a lot of money like I did and you will have a decent machine.. Also if your into games, a high RAM (512 above) is a must, and also consider a very good video card.
  18. Hey, I also have those four browsers installed.. but I rarely use IE7 though.
  19. Check in your canopy how many users are using your current color code. My guess is that there are too many of you and the basestation's having problems allocating them. Cool speeds!!
  20. Yeah, this is true. and tweak when you are sure that you dont have basestation problems. and oh, Nighttime tweaking works best since this makes sure you dont have those nasty jitters. (I dont know if its just me but i find the title of the topic funny )
  21. Also check if your canopy's line of sight to the base tower is blocked by anything. Yeah this typhoons are really a pain in the @$$ to wireless internet connections. Strong rains causes bandwidth disturbance. Well good luck!!
  22. Basestation problem probably, If it has been weeks youve has that low speeds call for assistance. Maybe the winds realigned your canopy? :smile2:
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