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  1. It's supposed to be your name, contact, and location that should be in your canopy.. And it should'nt change.. I think that the smartbro rep that installed ur canopy is really stupid.. You really should call them and ask them to come by your house to check on it.. It was installed 5 days ago right? and you didnt experience speeds above 150+? You should really bug them about your situation (smart) coz youre not getting your money's worth. I too experience bad speeds for about 2 days now (30-150 Kbps) Inconsistent SMART BRO-KEN!!
  2. I dont know, just got them off the internet
  3. Heres other images of the Motorola wireless canopy..
  4. here's another image of the Motorola wireless canopy.
  5. try unchecking both 10 half and full duplex.. save settings, then reboot canopy.. only both 100 must be checked.
  6. Click Configuration---General tab --- click 100 base t half duplex and base t full duplex
  7. Hey guys I have a question? Can Smartbro reach optimum speeds with just one DNS server functioning well? I've just dloaded Quickfix 2.0 and it seems the DNS servers have problems: DNS A STATUS: 0% loss DNS B STATUS: Unreachable DNS C STATUS: 100% loss Lately I'm having sluggish speeds.. never exceeding 250+. I understand if its raining hard, but now even if its clear skies, im still having net speed problems. Now with the rainy season starting, I'm starting to hate wireless broadband...
  8. You reached 300+ speeds before, right? If so, your low speeds may be because of basestation problems.. Only solution is to wait a day or 2 or ultimately, call for tech support (kulitin mo CSR)
  9. This Test will make you all feel better when you see the results!!! :laugh: :laugh: http://www.testmy.net/o-mirror-dlewis23 Click the smallest file size (1 MB / 1075 kB)
  10. Thank You StingRayZ!!! It works.. Yup, it was much faster running disk cleanup than before.. I also found a more detailed tutorial in the Microsoft site about solving this problem. Here's the link: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;812248 Thanks to all those who helped me!! :icon_salut: :icon_salut:
  11. Okay thanks!! I'll try that for now.. But I hope someone will post on how to fix the disk cleanup tool itself.
  12. :2funny: LOL I'll try it on DOS!!!
  13. But its fast and light.. I also have ares and I use it for dloading music only since it has a built in player.. But I mostly use utorrent especially for software dloads.. :laugh: (actually I have Emule, limewire, ares, utorrent installed and each one has its own uses)
  14. But from previous experiences, it only takes about 1-2 min.. Besides I already left it for about an hour but the progress bar still doesnt move an inch.. Do you think there's something wrong with the hard drive itself?
  15. Dont say that!! I like using Utorrent :cheesy: hehe
  16. When I am using disk cleanup on Drive C:, a small window pops up and says "Scanning: Compress old files" but the problem is it just stays there for a long time. The progress bar does'nt move.. On my other drive (drive D: partitioned), it works.. I think it works perfectly the other day so I don't know whats wrong.. I've already tried checkdisk, antivirus, spyware scans, system restore and even defragmenting the entire drive but still nothing works.. Thanks!!
  17. I think your speed is fine already... But if you are not yet using any tweaks (Cablenut, TCP optimizer etc.), read this forum.. You may be able to make your connection faster.
  18. Cablenut works for me too!!! Helpful little program
  19. I think that my speed is getting consistent now... Dload does'nt go below 200. I don't know if its the tuneup utilities 2007 program I installed a few weeks ago or the base station itself just got better.. http://www.testmy.net/tools/database/db_search.php?type=user&q=grift3r74
  20. Yup!! I play Dota All-Stars (GGclient) and Freestyle Basketball.
  21. @aakash, I think you're original post was moved to off-topic and as ma'am tdawnaz said, the link above was about a gambling site.....
  22. I can't even reach 451+!!! My highest has been 450 dload and 369 upload... But I'm happy with it...
  23. @bangkay For me, the cablenut settings took immediate effect after i restarted my computer.. It increased by around 50-80 kB/s. Maybe when gourame logs in he can answer your questions better than me.. He knows a lot about the program. Or you can try his cablenut settings on page 27.
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