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  1. Maybe the basestation is still under repairs.. Try calling their hotline *1888 on a smart, tnt or addict mobile phone.. Ask them whats the problem so you will know what it is quickly... I tried calling them once when my connection keeps redirecting me to the smartbro portal and they quickly fixed it.. (luckily the one who answered was nice).
  2. Those are the ones you've sent me before and it did'nt work for me either... How can I know which DNS server address I'm using? I'm currently using the "obtain DNS server address automatically" Thanks!!!
  3. @jun101ph I tried your TCP optimizer settings but my speed went down... We'll I think i'm gonna stick to using Cablenut from now on..
  4. What's your settings for TCP Optimizer? Did you put the slider to 384 kBps and used optimal settings? Seems like your net connection does'nt go down below 400... Maybe I should try your settings after you post it... Thanks!! I'm pretty sure your hard drive is full of files from P2P anyway because of your previous speeds... :grin:
  5. :2funny: Stupid SmartBro reps!!! For those who is having speed issues, definitely, the basestation is the problem... Well, it happened to me already and it returned to normal after 2 days.. Just ask sir jun101ph and sir gourame for help if you're 100% sure the problem is in you computer.. They definitely can help you.. And remember, you can't do a darn thing if the problem is in the base station!!
  6. OMG!!! WTF!!! That's blazing fast!!! :cheesy: (But what if your bill comes out and it's asking you to pay 3 times the normal monthly fee?) Hehe, just kidding around!!!
  7. check this out!! http://sports.aol.com/fanhouse/2007/06/25/chris-benoit-1967-2007/
  8. The McMahon limo accident looks fake since it happened while shooting raw.. however benoit's death didn't happened on any of the shows so I think its really true.. :cry:
  9. Noooooooo!!!! OMG!! No more crippler crossface.... First Eddie Guerrero then his bestfriend Chris... WWE now really sucks without them.
  10. Congrats!! :icon_salut: Follow these and maybe you'll reach the 400 mark!! http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-4257
  11. Finally!! My net speed is back to normal!! :afro: :afro:
  12. Damn you Smart Bro!!! My speeds is still as fast as Dial-Up... Maybe I'm gonna take some serious actions.... tsk tsk :ar15fire: :biggun: :twogun: :uzi: :alien
  13. There's a back-up utility in the TCP optimizer in case someone screwed up... Click file, then click restore backed up settings.. Maybe you can try that... Hope this helps!!
  14. On the reply button below.... afterwards, click additional options. You can attach files there.
  15. Dude!! Look at this lame speeds! Maybe its not the TCP optimizer... Tagasipol and I are having the same problems since yesterday.
  16. Yup.. I tried lots of things too on my emule like testing ports and stuff but it wont work and still have low IDs.. Same for other torrent and P2P clients.. I hope P2P master drizz1911 logs on soon so he can solve our problems!!!
  17. Yeah.. I wanna know how to do it too.. By the way don't use eMule.. Its one of the slowest P2P clients out there.. Try using LimeWire.. Hope my connection gets better soon!!
  18. Yeah... As sir jun said, we might just have to wait for 6-12 hrs. for our connections to be normal again.. Maybe base stations here in our province are under maintenance.. That's why we're having very low speeds..
  19. 2 weeks1? OMG!!!! Di ko kaya ganitong speeds.. d ako makakatulog sa gabi.. hehehe.. @tagasipol Bulacan pre..
  20. @jun101ph Sir!, usually ba matagal maayos mga problems sa base station? Thanks!
  21. Look at how my speed dropped drastically at these page too. From 400+ kbps down to 60 kbps.
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