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  1. Try Disk Checking first and Disk Defrag.. Also use spybot in safemode.... Reformatting is always the last option..
  2. For those who can still access their canopies, In the homepage, you can see it... Home-> General Status -> Its found in the Device type Subcategory.. Save it so if your canopy gets blocked.. You can use the MAC address method..
  3. Tried the canopy mac address method? It may work for new subscribers that has blocked canopies (Use your motorola canopy address NOT your computer MAC address..)
  4. Using this Canopy Override plug is just plain risky.. I'm against it. One mistake and you could lose your internet connection and also there is a risk of Smartbro charging and making you liable for any damages on the antenna.. IMO, its just not worth it...
  5. Download=low Upload=High Problem= basestation
  6. Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft, and Blizzard Rules!!
  7. Thanks!! Theyre busy from work i guess...
  8. No, I think theyve only change the ip's from dynamic to static.. Ill bet a thousand bucks your neighbors still cant portforward any p2p clients.
  9. Um, I think there's someone bullying your penguin.... and i think he lost the shades when he fell down..
  10. Yes I agree, just forget about it... It wont do you people any good if you keep worrying about the lan speed.. Having 100mbps/10mbps on your lan card wond affect your speed in any way.
  11. Opening up a port using smarbro plan 999 is impossible coz they dont give us our OWN unique ip addresses.
  12. Whoa!! another Bulakenyo!! Kababayan!!! Were already 3 bulakenyo users at testmy!! : :
  13. Welcome back!! you havent posted in a long time
  14. "grifter74" Grifter is one of my favorite comic book characters.. although not as popular as other heroes like batman, spiderman, hulk, etc. The dual guns is also cool I added "74" because I was born on the fourth of July!!
  15. Also, I think its gonna be hard to find someone who can actually host since most filipino home net users have only average speeds (like only 350Kbps-2Mbps) since internet is really expensive here.. (around $25/month for a 384Kbps connection).. Also most people in this forum are smarbro users (like me) and we dont have decent bandwidth :buck2: Should be ISNT as accurate as testmy
  16. When I built my PC last year, heres a guide I followed: Its complete, though its a little outdated... http://www.pcmech.com/byopc/ Hope this helps...
  17. I think there are but it isnt as reliable (or accurate) compared to other speed test sites.. Speedtest.net has one Philippine server but it is as accurate as testmy. From my experience, when my ISP installed my wireless internet, they're actually using testmy.net to see if they installed it right and to see if it is right about its advertised speeds.. Thats why I think most filipinos use testmy.net instead of local servers because of this sites reliability and accuracy.
  18. jun101ph, drizz1911 and gourame haven't posted in a long time... Man, this forum doesnt feel right w/o them..
  19. I have lots of game installer image files (DVD) in my hard drive. Do you guys know of a good file compressor program? I've already tried Winrar but it doesnt really make much difference.. The smaller the file output, the better.. I wish I could save hard drive space a bit more... Thanks!! Any suggestions/help would be deeply appreciated....
  20. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2007/07/24/vosot.dashcam.plane.on.road.cnn And also check out the state trooper..
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