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  1. I had that problem before.. Its like every second youre losing 2 mb until you get to zero right? I remember it was a spyware, malware problem.. Maybe you should try scanning your pc for these.. Also it could be a page file problem.. Hope this helps!!
  2. I'm from the Philippines, actually this was vice admin -just idea before... But now since there are many Filipino members here at testmy, maybe someone will volunteer..
  3. It now works but after it syncs songs, etc with itunes, it will disconnect.. so basically I have to remove and reconnect the Ipod for me to update.. It will also show as a removable disk while syncing but after that, it will disappear. I cannot update the Ipod using the file menu in Itunes.. But it still charges the battery..
  4. Ok thanks I'll try it..
  5. Yes sir, its the same.. I think its the autorun.inf file in the ipod they messed up since they mentioned it has a virus or something. If thats the case, how do i restore it?
  6. I have to correct myself... I'm not going to choose Globe.. It sucks big time. Lots of server timeouts and speed fluctuations. Its what my cousins use. Very bad for online gaming. Definitely PLDT in March 2008.
  7. Looks like most people in the Philippines is having inconsistent speed testings here at TMN. Maybe it has something to do with the distance and the heavy rains lately. I hope someone with a kicka$$ machine and high speed internet will volunteer for a server..
  8. Coknuck.. Hands down.. Best mod too.. Coolbuster also for contributor of the year.
  9. Whoa!! I think i missed a lot of stuff because of my month long absence. Nice to see old members helping other new peeps out Close but not really that accurate, maybe it has to do with the distance of the testmy server to the Philippines.
  10. Greetings!! I was away from home for a month vacation and was charging my ipod video on my relative's home pc for that period of time. All was working well.. (His pc doesnt have Itunes so I use it only for charging purposes) When i returned home, I plugged the ipod to my own pc to update and charge it. The ipod would charge but not show up in MyComputer as a removable device and it wouldnt update.. Now, I can't add music, videos, etc anymore.. Is there a setting at Itunes for that? Any ideas? Thanks!!
  11. I downloaded a software called "display resolution manager" Here's the site
  12. forget about it.. problem solved already.
  13. Hey guys, my brother and I use the same computer, we have both different user accounts. He prefers 800x600 res. I prefer 1024x768. When I change my resolution in my user account to 1024x768, his resolution also changes.. I tried everything I can but all didn't work. Is there a way to make any changes without affecting the other user? Thanks!! Any help would be greatly appreciated..
  14. So its already 1.4? Im late in hearing the news.. thats cool!! Im think ill be getting one..
  15. just downloaded one in the internet.. try this site . You may find lots of gif files in the net and if its too large, resize here.
  16. when my lock in period expires in march 2008, Im dumping smartbro. I think ill go with PLDT DSL or globe. 1 MBPS for 1200php. Im gonna choose my ISP carefully next time...
  17. Its just too frickin expensive.. Im happy with my Ipod video and my oldskool nokia phone. And besides, it will be hot in the eyes of thieves.
  18. Thanks.. My highest so far is 549.. cant seem to do it again. but Im happy with it as long as it doesnt go 250 and below..
  19. Yeah veoh is really good. Best quality vids. Also you may want to check this site for more great animes. Enjoy!
  20. Here's mine this evening: And check it out testmy has a smartbro host already!!
  21. Just be patient man, maybe they're doing repairs to the basestation or something. I too experience loss of speeds for at least twice a month but in only lasts 3 days maximum. If the problem is still there, bug them until they fix it.
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