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  1. Hey I been trying to login for a while now I can log on through my droid but can't seem to get on here through my work computer
  2. i found out today the new xmen movie has been leaked news story is here in this leak i kn ill be getting a copy lol http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/1608275/story.jhtml i saw the quality is very good but some of the cgi is unfinished
  3. true but its not my work computer im worried bout its my home pc that matters and i guess a day off would be nice also lol
  4. i need to know what would be the bset thing to do to clear out my system b4 the deadline of April 1st which is tomorrow what would be the best anti virus program to get and what should i remove completely from my computer responses asap would be appreciated
  5. the only way i kn of accessing a canopy from a mac address is on the ap side and it would have to have a certain version of firmware on it
  6. http://stopvirgin.movielol.org/ using stumble upon i came across this website. read it and watched the video and it really got me thinking what if it did come down to company's tryin to limit what ppl have worked so hard to build i kn i wouldnt stand for that and all you really have to do to help is just to pass the word along i kn time warner is tryin to do what virgin is tryin to do and ill be damed if im gonna have ppl limiting what i do so they can make a few extra bucks screw dat all these rich fucks want is more money screw dat they dont have a right of turning our means of communication into there next pay check. all you have to do is pass the word along and help a worthy cause.
  7. try to goggle sony vegas 6 pdf the top 2 searches should provide you with what you need
  8. i would say get a wii its better than both
  9. has anyone had success with the /mac.html
  10. here an idea if you are getting into the ap why not try to tweek the ap and then set you sm accordingly
  11. there you go you guys got it you have to get to the ap once you do that its easy
  12. i log into my account and try to find the settings and preferences option but i can not find it can any1 help i keep getting the same spam message every 20 to 30 mins
  13. if you can send me the other threads ill check them out and try to help
  14. i keep getting spam it just started today
  15. you have to connect right to the canopy in order to get the mac
  16. http://iesb.net/index.php?option=com_xevidmegafx&Itemid=139&func=detail&id=1200
  17. are you connected to the canopy or are you connected to a router?
  18. you have to be on the canopy network in order to access the ap iv have been doin some research and if i find a way you will be the first to know have you tried the /mac.html after the ip address?
  19. so how it going have you guys had any luck
  20. yea you can change your config from there if you run a cmd and telnet the ip and then type in clearwebfile you can gain access to your sidebar
  21. if you guys know your ip all you have to do is type in the ip in your address bar followed by /mac.html it will show your mac add and some other settings
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