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  1. That speed is cool enough Remember it's 512 and CIR is still 100 kbits/s. MIR is 512kbits/s. Be thankful you get that speed
  2. That's actually a glitch in their system. What are you trying to do with the portal? Were you able to browse the web before going to the portal? Or it redirects you when you try to access any website? If it redirects you, open a command prompt window and type ping -t google.com. If you get Request Timed Out then it means your session isn't authenticated with Smart Bro yet but you get otherwise then the Error in Getting SID is just fine.
  3. Actually, one of my cousin works for the BPO (ePLDT Ventus) who handles Smart Bro but she's part of another client. So fortunate she knows people from the Smart Bro team. hehehe
  4. Definitely Yes. Even in one machine, (I don't know if this happens to others) try to download 2 files from 2 different sites. The bandwidth will be divided into 2. Like I said, I don't know if this is true to all. Sharing your connection to 2 machines will definitely affect the speed.
  5. You need to buy a reflector or use an old satellite dish. The ideal one is an old direcTV dish. I don't know if there's DirecTV here in the PI but any satellite dish will do You can search Canopy in wikipedia and it will return a result with a picture of a backhaul attached to a reflector.
  6. Smart Bro PlugIt uses HSDPA. It will act like GPRS modem if there's no 3G/HSDPA signal on your area Actually using a cellphone (Any 3G Phone) to connect to the internet is much faster than smart bro hehehehe...
  7. At some point, it may affect the speed. To increase the signal, you may want to put a parabolic reflector to your SM
  8. Have you searched the forum on how to access your Canopy webpage? Go to Control Panel Click Network Connections Right Click on your Ethernet Adapter Click Properties Double Click TCP/IP Use: as your IP Subnet: Then OK Try to access If you are on Class A IP (10.xxx.xxx.xxx) then follow same procedure but use as IP and as Subnet Mask. Then access your Canopy by its IP (10.xxx.xxx.xxx). If you don't know the IP, go to Command Prompt and type arp -a. You should see your canopy IP. If not, your antenna must have been configured to use DHCP. You need to reset it using a default plug. ***TIP: to prevent Smart from accessing your antenna in the future, change SNMP Read/Write permission to Read Only and make sure you create a password for users root and admin.***
  9. Go to Configuration - GENERAL Uncheck: 100 Base T Half Duplex 100 Base T Full Duplex Check: 10 Base T
  10. I guess it's with the access point. Call smart and ask what's going on. I suggest you look for their Operations Manager "Bing Silverio" - he's a guy, ok? hehe If the OM is not around look for any of the following supervisors: Olive DeLos Santos - 7am - 4pm PHT Iaw Mendez Sarah Sarahani Nanette Garlando - 9pm - 6am
  11. Have you tried about 10 consecutive speed tests? Just check for consistency once in a while.
  12. Of course WiMan uses the same technology in the US
  13. Cool I guess none...updating the software won't make your connection fast At least you were able to update
  14. That's because you're pulling information from a proxy. That's already cached data. It will really show a bit of improvement.. that's that's unreal Proxies are deceiving LOL
  15. There are APs that are already upgraded to 512Kbps. Maybe you're lucky enough to have Smart upgrade your AP. Cheers!
  16. You can use putty telnet client. http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/puttytel.exe Download that and no need for windows command prompt
  17. When you add a network element there's a dropdown menu where you can choose the type of element you are adding You have to choose Subscriber Module(SM) instead of AP
  18. Well I won't bother figuring out how to make this thing work anymore. I am leaving the country on the 5th of March and I don't think will be back in a couple of years or so. It's great experiencing Smart Bro here in the Philippines hehehehe
  19. It's with the Licensing @CB. It doesn't matter if the server is connected to an SM or AP. I finally figured out why I am getting "SERVER IS DOWN". The licensing server (FlexNET) isn't working
  20. Your speed is pretty fine. You're one of the lucky ones who get the advertised speed
  21. Yeah, it's kinda resource hog. But I guess you can try
  22. There are existing posts here regarding that. Please search the forum. Looks like your connection parameters are fine. (except for Jitter, a bit high but still tolerable). Changing color code doesn't always work. If your profile is not roaming, when you change color code your account will be temporarily deactivated. (But will work on the old color code). You have to call Smart Bro and request for rehoming if needed. How's your speed by the way? Can you post a speedtest result here? BTW, to TMN!
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