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  1. Shnikies!! I didn't know it , the Dolphins take on the Bucs tonite in Dolphins Stadium. Preseason football is heeeeeere!!!! The stadium is sold out!! Anyone know where to get a webcast of the game?
  2. Yea, I was talking to my sister and her friend the other day. We were talking how my sister's father is my stepfather, but we have the same mother. Obviously she didn't get her looks from our mother 'cause I ain't no looker. So she must have got them from dad (my stepfather). But the problem is, he is hella ugly. I hate to say it, but its the truth. All of us cracked up laughing. Here's a pic of my sis. She is 8 years younger than me.
  3. Lmao. I represent that comment Richard. lol. I figured it had to do with the posts. Gheesh, looking at it I'm a posting son of a gun. Think I'm going to take a break for a while..............nah, maybe not.
  4. Just a quick question. I never really looked into it. I notice that I went from new, to Jr., to full member. I think it's awesome that I am now a Full member, I love you guys. lol. well, I won't go that far. Like ya a lot? yea, thats better. lmao. Question is, how do you go through the steps of new -> junior -> full? Is it based on the amount of posts? Or just how good looking I am. jk. Just wondering.
  5. Hi antoine. I know that different speed test sites use different methods. Some sites have Java based applets used for speed tests, while others use Flash. Different sites have different upload speeds to query your information. Distance is also a factor as well. Depending how far you are from the speed test sites server, you get varying results. The path that the data has to take to communicate between you and the server, i.e. the route taken. A lot of them that I have been to test in only a few seconds. You can't get an accurate reading that way. I think that Testmy.net's test is the most acc
  6. I am totally confused at this moment. By the way I am going to change to the console version after the current WU that I am on is complete. I am at 31% and moving gradually along. There is but one problem however. I am not seeing any scores. Everytime I check, this is what it says - - - Scdreamin3 Last updated: Sat Aug 9 14:00:01 PDT 2008 Sat Aug 9 21:00:01 UTC 2008 Date of last work unit None Total score 0 Overall rank (if points are combined) 1047121 of 1047121 Active processors (within 50 days) 0 Active processors (within 7 days) 0 Here is my setup - - -
  7. 10-4 mama T. No problemo. I thought that if I kept attaching photos it would use up testmy.net's server storage. I figured I would let a photo hosting sites servers(say that ten times fast) handle the storage. I see what you mean about being able to see a larger picture, some of the pic's I've posted are hard to see, especially for old dude's like me that REALLY needs glasses but refuse to wear them because I don't want to realize that I AM getting to be an old dude. Thanks for the tip mama T. By the way, how was the Steve Miller concert? I bet you had a BLAST. Thanks again, Chris
  8. And I guess I should add this as an afterthought, because it happened to me a couple of months ago. If, by chance you edited something wrong in the registry and your computer logs on, but with no toolbar, desktop icons, exe. Just hold down at the same time the ctrl alt and delete keys. When Windows task Manager comes up, left click on file-->new task(Run) and type in regedit.exe. This should bring you up to the last entry that you were editing. If not then file-->newtask(Run)-->HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion Winlogon. Double click on Shell an
  9. I have changed the text in my start button several times. I get tired of seeing the same old boring "start" day in and day out. I have included below how to change it. Its a neat little trick, enjoy. <a href="http://www.photolava.com/view/igf5.html"><img src="http://img901.mytextgraphics.com/photolava/2008/08/09/strtmen2-4bgqgyxht.jpeg" alt="Free Photo Hosting - Photolava.com" /></a><br /><br /> <a href="http://www.photolava.com/view/igf7.html"><img src="http://img801.mytextgraphics.com/photolava/2008/08/09/tskbr2-4bgqiq2c3.jpeg" alt="Free Imag
  10. Kick arse!! I wish I could operate one of them bad boys! Unfortunately I chose the Navy and all I got to do was see the inside of a hospital all day. (Hospital Corpsman) Thanks and keep it up. Go Army!
  11. Kewl Philly, I haven't seen one of those in years. I remember buying a used comp from a buddy of mine in 2001 and it had a K6 in it. The comp died though. I think I oc'ed it too much. lol. Here's another old one. Found the motherboard with attached Pentium Socket 7 and fan in my attic. Specs on the chip: Core Frequency: 133 MHz Board Frequency: 66 MHz Clock Multiplier: 2.0 Data bus (ext.): 64 Bit Address bus: 32 Bit Transistors: 3,300,000 Circuit Size: 0.35
  12. Favre will no longer be a cheesehead, nor will he have to wear that terrible color theme of the Packers uniform. Its the end of an era, I am stunned. Read the story in its entirety here: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ap-brettfavre&prov=ap&type=lgns Frankly though, I don't see why he doesn't just retire. It has to be the love of the game. I feel bad for Chad Pennington though.
  13. Oh, definately. To be truthful, I don't think I could be discouraged. I like challenges, especially when it comes to computers. I am going to read up on this, I think I kind of jumped in. Other than Stanford's [email protected] site, can you give me any other websites that would go into it in more detail?
  14. So what do I do, uninstall 6.20 and install the console version? That will delete all the work completed though, correct? Guess I better read up more. lol. I wonder if my comp can take it though, you know I've only got a Pentium 3. An old Dell Optiplex GX110.
  15. I am running version 6.20. It has completed 24/500. Projected completion date October 9th. Wow that's a long time.
  16. Here are a few of my baby. She stays with her mom so I don't have many recent ones just these two.
  17. lol. You wouldn't come visit me then Ian, I have a cayman. Much bigger than a lizard, lol.
  18. Here is something that I bet you did not know. Or maybe you did. I get behind sometimes on the hidden secrets on the web. Turn on your speakers of your computer. Got 'em on? Good. Now go to www.yahoo.com. Yep, just type it in the address bar if you'd like, this is not made up. Now left click with your mouse on the exclamation point (!) of the yahoo logo at top. It yodels. hmm. I never knew that. Funny eh? Have any more interesting little tricks?
  19. You wouldn't happen to have Alltel's President of Operations' for South Carolina's phone number laying around anywhere would you? lol.
  20. Obama dishes out millions for GA, NC Posted: Aug 5, 2008 11:49 PM Updated: Aug 5, 2008 11:52 PM Millions spent to appeal to neighboring states Live 5 News Headlines Obama dishes out millions for GA, NC Residents going the distance to fight crime Gas prices prompt golf cart sightings on Charleston streets Fuel Prices Slightly Dropping Actor Morgan Freeman resting after surgery Fire Fighter Survival Training Hanahan police officer accused of rape Getting kids to school on the first day of school West Ashley robbery suspect arrested Sametta Heyward scheduled to
  21. Methinks this James David Manning is quite the Controversialist. I don't really know what to think to be honest. Here's from another end of the controversy. ????
  22. Gheesh!! Everything OK with you? Man, what a bonehead. I bet he didn't even have insurance did he? Worse yet, probably didn't even have a license. Sorry about the truck man. That's a pretty Ranger.Well, at least it was before the hit. Its repairable though right, didn't bend the frame or did it? Man, good luck to ya.I haven't been a victim of hit and run in a vehicle. I have had a lady hit me on a bicycle though. Yea, real pain. In Ohio a bicyclist has as much rights as any vehicle. I was at a 4 way stop and it was my turn to go. I started turning and this lady came barreling out of her drivew
  23. This ----->http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/09/us/politics/09obama.html was posted in the ny times. Now I know they say you can't believe everything you read, but if the facts are true....? I mean, I know Clinton says he didn't inhale....http://politicalhumor.about.com/cs/quotethis/a/clintonquotes.htm , and W has had his fling with drunk driving and cocaine....http://www.realchange.org/bushjr.htm#cocaine. And now Obama, if elected, I guess America will once again forgive and forget.Hmm, what a crazy world we live in. One more bit of trivia.....George Washington and Thomas Jefferson among oth
  24. [glow=red,2,300]And speaking of Obama being an alien...[/glow] <a href="http://www.photolava.com/view/ibm6.html"><img src="http://img702.mytextgraphics.com/photolava/2008/08/04/affasf-4bemsajnj.jpeg" alt="Free Image Hosting - Photolava.com" /></a><br /><br /> <a href="http://www.photolava.com/view/ibmb.html"><img src="http://img701.mytextgraphics.com/photolava/2008/08/04/obadumbo-4bemubdwa.jpeg" alt="Free Image Hosting - Photolava.com" /></a><br /><br /> Sources say Obama is an alien overlord from outer space By: A
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