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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRC77brGYWs&feature=rec-fresh
  2. Sorry , I have to say ghost, I don't think you would be neutral. Just my opinion, and I am sticking to it. Like ya anyway bud.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc86_Weoye0&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuRZZgFxmZQ
  4. Its on Tv. Yes, I know its hard to believe something is amazing on tv. For 10 years I have wanted something fresh and new on tv. Fringe is it. Doesn't every1 want something new? Btw. I like Walter. He is ingenious and a little clumsy. Or maybe just strange? http://fringe-forum.com/forums/
  5. Smiles. Where does she live again? lol. My Hogg gets about 43 miles a gallon. (I added some pipes, might be lower). I will make it there by Saturday. lol. just ribbin'
  6. True, my friend. So true. Btw, I am watching "Fringe". Has anyone seen this phenomenon?
  7. Dude!!! Justin, that is a dna altering rig. What tha heck. It looks like a major project. Gheez. You go man! I now have a barebones sli rig. Plus 3 sticks of 1GB Memory. Let me build it up with a AMD Black or something more extreme, and i will battle you. Smiles. Some burn in program. Smiles
  8. I doubt any of you can make it but I have to show it. I will be riding. http://summervillespca.com/Events.aspx
  9. Tommie, ya'll get hit with tornadoes though. Its like when I lived in Ohio. You see one trailer picked up and slammed down, while your trailer is not affected. Scary.
  10. What was the topic about again? Smiles. Btw. Hi all, I am back. Had a little trouble with the cellular phone/modem. Dropped the doggone thing and bam! couldn't see the screen. All this new electronic stuff!!!! I guess you're not supposed to drop it. lol.
  11. @ranchman. There is an alternative, just not sure if you are interested. I, too, live in the country and the only internet service I have out here is dial up. I looked into satellite(Hughes and Wild Blue) before coming up with what I have now. I guess my first question to you would be "do you have a cellular phone", second would be "how strong is your signal where you live?". I am not sure if you know about it but I will explain just the same. I have my phone (Alltel Hue) tethered via usb cable (and sometimes bluetooth, but bluetooth is much, much slower) to my computer. I pay $25 per mont
  12. Have you ever had one of those "What tha hell?" moments? Perusing through some upcoming movies, I just did. Apparently Ridley Scott, whose long list of movie credits include Alien, Thelma & Louise, GI Jane, Hannibal, and American Gangster, among many, many others, will be directing Monopoly, the movie. A movie based on a board game? What tha hell? How entertaining could it be? Really!! Now don't get me wrong, I know they have had another movie based on a board game. Back in 1985 they came out with Clue, with actors Tim Curry, Martin Mull, and Christopher Lloyd, among other great actors, bu
  13. Well ladies and gentleman. I did it!!! I am now connected to the internet on UBUNTU via bluetooth modem. They said it couldn't be done. But I did it! Yay! The speeds really suck, I am sure I will find a way to resolve that though. Seeing as how in Ubuntu I have been getting speeds of 700-1000 via usb cable, compared to windows speeds of 250-400. And yes, it was just as I said, it was right in front of my face the whole time. And simpler really, than what I had been trying to do. Here is a rundown of how I did it - - - This is from a few different guides so I will condense int
  14. Damn straight it's getting juicy. This candidate is beginning to look like he has more ghosts in his closet than George W, Clinton, and Reagan combined eh? We already know he experimented with drugs, associated himself with a leftist radical as you mentioned Tommie, and with Chicago "slum lord", Tony Rezko, his membership in a supposed "black supremacist" church, his campaign contributions from Robert Wolf (who wasn't directly implicated in a tax evasion scandal, but all the same), and countless other hidden or unrevealed, well until lately, items from his past. It just goes to show if you
  15. Gawd, what have you done mudman4c!!! The friggin' things are all over tha place. I had it on my sig for a while. I didn't have no problem seeing the gnats on yours and coknuck's sig. When I put it on mine though it was like, grrrrr, get it off my sig!!! Anyways, I think this is a marvelous innovation. (the wireless power system that is, not the bug) I think I will get one to power up my cell phone then I won't need no stinkin' bluetooth. Lmao.
  16. [move]Happy Birthday Dude!!!![/move] Just don't end up like this one.....................
  17. It's probably just a bill collector. Go to http://www.reversephonedirectory.com/. You might find it there.
  18. What tha hank? What will they think of next? <a href="http://www.photolava.com/view/isj3.html"><img src="http://img107.mytextgraphics.com/photolava/2008/08/22/intel-4blr3mtv1.jpeg" alt="Free Photo Hosting - Photolava.com" /></a><br /><br /> Intel cuts electric cords with wireless power system Thu Aug 21, 5:28 PM ET Intel on Thursday showed off a wireless electric power system that analysts say could revolutionize modern life by freeing devices from transformers and wall outlets. Intel chief technology officer Justin Rattner demonstrate
  19. Kewl Mudmanc4. Dang things are poppin up everywhere. How do you get the [email protected] sig?
  20. Nope, unfortunately. Sorry I haven't updated. I have been real busy with "Ubuntu and the case of the non-working Bluetooth". Turns out it was all a hoax. Man I'm PO'ed. These guys said they had a body and everything. Well, the "body" apparently came from a costume store. So, if you ever want to make National Headlines and look like a total arse in front of the whole world, go to a costume store, buy a bigfoot costume, put it in a freezer, take pic's of it, and tell the world you've found bigfoot, something countless people have been trying to do for centuries. Oh, and tell 'em you found the
  21. Well, you see, what it is, the smiley in the middle's back and belly itched. The smiley in the back is scratching his/her back, while the smiley in front is doing likewise with his/her belly. I think that FahMon is stating the core is unknown because it is such a big WU. The particular protein I am working on is 4107 p4107_ww_unf_Amber03_Extended 19430 atoms 39.00 preferred days 59.00 final deadline 215.00 credit when completed. GROSIMT code.
  22. Well gang, just to let everyone know, I have given up on trying to setup bluetooth on Ubuntu for now. I will give it a couple weeks and let my brain cool down. ('coz this past week it has been really FRIED trying to figure out Ubuntu, let alone setting up Bluetooth on it) I now have [email protected] set up as well as FahMon. It took some work but it is done. I might list how I did it later in the thread. 'Coz I am sure there are Noobs like me that would like to set up [email protected] on a Linux distribution but just don't know how. Or even worse, hate to deal with tar.gz and tar.bz2 files like me.
  23. Good Lord captain, we are moving at warp speed!!!!!!! Man, that is impressive! I wish I lived close to there to get in on some Wi-Fi. If they ever do invent beaming an body or object to another place, that will be the electronic superhiway they will use. Lol. I think I will go back to college just to see how fast my comp can really download.
  24. And I blame us, the American constituents, for letting the Government have so much control in the first da*n place. Hell, do you think 200 years ago the Government had so much power? So many agencies have been created as well that one agency doesn't know what the other is doing. It has just gotten out of hand. We let the government tell us we can't have prayer in schools, we can't spank our kids (I know I got more than a few whuppins when I was growing up and it didn't hurt me). We can't smoke in public places, well now, don't get me wrong here, I believe that me being a smoker, sitting ne
  25. Mudmanc4 thanks bud. Hey, it's just one of those things. I get something that I can't figure out, and by God I am going to work at it until I can. I have always been that way. Maybe a little crazy. And hopefully, if I get it figured out, I will be able to help someone else who is facing the same problem. I am getting great speeds with the usb cable connected, I just want to see what it will be with bluetooth. Plus I am tired of unplugging the usb from the phone and plugging it into the charger everytime it goes dead. Next phone I get will allow charging via usb cable. All that said, I
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