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  1. Those little 'filters for the phone' can fail sometimes and cause issues. So your modem set itself to operate at the best stable speed it could, due to the bad filter for the phone. I have a POTS(plain old telephone service) splitter in my Demarc(gray box for service from pole) where the lines come into the house. So I don't need filters on every phone. And if there is any issues, I can plug in outside and it bypasses all the phone lines in the house to automatically rule out any house wiring issues.
  2. If you have the filters on the phone plugs, you could unplug them(so only DSL modem is plugged in). And see if any difference. What were your regular speeds? And have you rebooted the modem lately? Your speed tests show you have gotten reset to a particular lower speed for some reason. You could also install and quick scan with MalWareBytes. Free version. But if there was any junk, it should cause the speeds to fluctuate a bit. MalwareBytes. Anti-Malware. download and update and scan. http://www.download.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html?tag=mncol&cdlPid=10896905
  3. Some wireless(cellular) ISP's in the States will slow down your connection when you hit the limit(no overage charges on some). Instead of just letting the user run full speed and really racking up the overage charges. Telus gives users a free first month of technnically unlimited GB's to let the user understand how much data they can do via the wireless stick. And now a floating pay limit to the next GB pay scale(500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB), if the user goes over their bottom plan of 500MB's. There is a slow worldwide movement to actually warn users that they are about to hit their limit. And possibly shut it down when roaming in another country. To prevent massive charges of $10,000 for data use.
  4. Are you testing plugged into your modem or Wirelessly?
  5. Just bumping this up in case someone missed it to give a better answer....... A good router and then a switch to get your 5 ports that you need for your 5 systems. Cable modem ---> router ---> switch. I've got a ASUS router. It works pretty good for $40. And can be re-flashed to firmware other than the manufacturers. I had a TrendNet before and the wireless started to drop out. I think it was $20.
  6. Had a quick look , since I was wondering if there was 'third party' providers that rent the main ISP's line. The companies need to be checked out for quality of service mainly. And if there is a line problem, to see if it takes a week or a couple of hours to fix. In Canada, we have TekSavvy as a third party and for the most part people like them, except for a few that are having issues with Bell as the line provider. Transfer of lines over can be like pulling teeth. But if going to DSL from cable or the other way, you keep one live for a week after the expected transfer. Expected transfer may be delayed one to two eeks in some cases due to the mailine provider. Heck knows if this page is up to date. It's saying 2004 as last update. And a bunch are dead or re-directs to new pages of whatever content. http://www.scn.org/help/isp/
  7. Some consumer organizations are trying to stop all the 'bundling' crap. The companies sell someone a bundle on a two year contract and then who cares if the customer has a good experience, ya got two years of their money coming in. And then some 'special' deal at two years time to try and keep them from bundling with anyone else, that is 'if' there is anyone else. Edit: And everyone is a tiny little program on the server for all their line settings. It would be so easy to ahemmm 'adjust' a customers speed after dropping a bunch of add-ons. But only the people who know their consistent speeds would catch on to the ummmmm adjustment. And depending on the provider, the support worker gets a commission for 'up-selling' Shaw Cable in Vancouver BC was selling it's cable Internet at way below cost(and then some), since a fiber to the building/apartment company had started up. It's completely unfair and some would call it illegal to undercut that severely. But Shaw was only offering in buildings that the Fiber company was going in to. So Novus fiber 'suggested' that consumers outside of the areas also ask Shaw for the deal to their homes. Shaw wasn't having any of that. Shaw was promoting, 10 bucks a month for TV. 10 bucks a month for phone. 10 bucks a month for internet. Canadian censorship of U.S. channels for free. http://www.cbc.ca/consumer/story/2009/08/24/novus-shaw-television-predatory.html
  8. Does Comcrap have a loyalty and retention department? Ask for it from support. Or tell them you want to cancel and ask for loyalty and retention. Maybe they are still trying to help people's speed problems. I for some reason think that they turned down your speed and no one is good enough to check. Al they see is no errors on the line and have a nice day.
  9. If you have a router?, might it be causing the Lag problem. Good routers have a QOS(quality of service) setting to give the priority to online gaming(or whatever is the priority). I am guessing that you have WOW on one computer and then try to YouTube on another. Unless you are multitasking with dual monitors. So if your speed is, """Your connection is: 1754 Kbps or 1.8 Mbps""", then firing up YouTube will make YouTube want to take over the connections bandwidth to not buffer the video. Edit: Your speed quote of, """"and not the usual 700 KB/S from my old house"""", that would be calculated times 8 and would be 5.6Mbps speed. So your new place is 1.8Mbps . Are you on a cable modem or DSL?
  10. I have 7 "important" waiting for "Windows 7". From the "just quickly released before patch Tuesday bunch" to come. An interesting thing is they have some really varying release dates, And I just patched on july 21 before this "not patch Tuesday" bunch came out. And no new software installs that might want fixes. So if Mozilla can code a 'fix' in 3 days(I know it's only a browser and not a OS), why does Microfloppy take 3 years? And that is even for Internet Exploder. july 13 Aug 6 june 8 june 8 june 8 Jan 26 May 5 And I don't bother with the malicious software removal tool.
  11. I'll be more annoyed if they try to do a 'Windows 8" next year. Since the Vista shit fest and now getting something that is much, much better than Vista, and just as good as XP, There is nothing extra to add for a few years. But MicroFloppy better not try to go to a cloud computing OS and abandon stand alone OS's. World Governments are already drooling over the thought of putting their little black box's in the data centers to make sure that no one is breaking the terrorist act of 2001 to 2150. Even RIM may allow various governments to tap into the Crackberry users encrypted data streams.
  12. Happy bir.......................... Aw missed it. You'll have to wait another 364 days now.
  13. Just do, tracert (Copy and paste it in). That is testmy.net IP address. Then we can see if RoadRunner have any bottlenecks in their system. The crap modems that some ISP's give to users to connect is shameful. One thing is to find out if RR has a better modem that is not advertised. My ISP advertises the Gigaset(combo DSL modem and router). It's kinda junky with the ISP's own firmware on it. I, like others, asked and got the Thomson Speedtouch. Since I had issues with the Gigaset. And I now also have a generic world firmware on the SpeedTouch, so I can see my line stats.
  14. Like they say, "DNS hijacking is breaking the Internet". When I do the tracert without the '.' in testmy.net I get an error. I am using OpenDns, but my ISP Telus also does not hack DNS lookups.
  15. Redo your tracert. You forgot the '.' in the testmy.net address. That IP is to twcdns.fastsearch.net DNS hijacking sucks!!!!!!! The other flash based sites do not account for 'turbo boost' or 'speed boost'. they will show the final speed, including the boost. So you pick a larger file(50MB) here to test with and you get an accurate speed test. The 'sustained speed' is the number that you want to find out from RR. So you know the difference between the boost speed and what is the sustained speed. And for how many MB's the boost lasts, before you get throttled back. But your upload shows OK for .5Mbps up(512Kbps) and your download on two of your tests is showing the power boost. Edit: Heres a free bandwidth monitor. You can watch on the graph as the boost ends during your larger speed test here. And you will be able to see the boost speed and then the sustained speed. http://download.cnet.com/Bandwidth-Monitor/3000-2085_4-10521410.html?tag=mncol
  16. Hemorrhoids? Lovely little things. But I don't get any of that burning sensation, that all the commercials want you to buy medicated wipes for. It's the ones just inside that hurt when you get a log the size of a .............. And with the bark still on. Soft toilet paper rules. None of that sandpaper stuff, that will take off a layer of skin per sitting.
  17. Giggle with glee? It's means that you are running twice as fast as others who have tested here from your ISP. Whats your rated package speed?
  18. Well you need to try harder to earn back your old title of Edit: Ah heck. Click it to be readable. Oh my freaking crap. Maybe the other one will be better. Eh. Click them both to be better. And the banana can also be an animated avatar.
  19. Just built a new system for me mum with triple core AMD Phenom 1.9Ghz. And Windoze 7. Still adding in the programs and killing the extra Windows crap. And a nice LCD monitor to get rid of her old CRT monitor. Hers is on the way out with leaking capacitors. 9 years old or so, XP machine. My Vista Basic machine I got annoyed with it being slow(1.8Ghz) with Vista and I put Ubuntu 10.4 on it. Much faster now.
  20. But there is. 3 or 4 people have voted. Vote is like post.
  21. Disconnect the splitter(as you stated you have in your connection in a previous post) and connect your cable modem direct to the cable that comes in from the wall.
  22. Well the FCC has made the new official number of 4Mbps for high speed. You could consider 1.5Mbps to be the basement of new age high speed(Canadas high speed description. And Europe is looking at 2Mbps as the bottom), and video's should 'hopefully' run without buffering. But if you are transferring files back and forth, part of the high speed would be your upload speeds. Many wireline ISP's have about 800Kbps as the top upload speed. But some ISP's keep uploads around 300Kbps. The other thing to note is if the data transfer is 'encrypted', meaning the need to use a secure connection to transfer the data(this may not be the case for you). VPN(virtual private network) is the secure method and you need to make sure your ISP supports it, as it can slow down your connection a bit. And some ISP's will majorly slow down encrypted transfers, thinking they are filesharing. Satellite Internet users find VPN to be really slow(if it works at all). I have read that people on Satellite doing transcription and getting upset when the something with the ISP fails and they lose their connection for a few days. And uploads on satellite are abouts 200Kbps and downloads are about's 1.2Mbps(on a good satellite). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_private_network http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_transcription So the main thing is how many times does the ISP connection go down and for how long. And are there certain times that data transfer would be really slow, due to users on line. And making sure that the amount of data you are transferring is not over the CAP(gigabyte's allowed per month) of the system. Reliability is probably more what some of the companies are looking for.
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