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  1. Who's your ISP?(link). And is it DSL or Cable.
  2. I tend to run a crapware scanner on a computer of someones else's that I am helping with. Just because. But then again, after the crap is gone, they will get infected within a week anyways. It's an endless circle.
  3. How about this link for calculations? http://www.kusat.com/install/calculator.php There is also a piece of software than can give you your skew angles. I found on another site. Hopefully it has specs for Mexico. http://www.arachnoid.com/satfinder/ And online version. http://www.arachnoid.com/satfinderonline/ Heres a google style map with various aiming angles. http://www.dishpointer.com/ There is a marker on the map that you click and drag.
  4. There should be a section where you enter your latitude and longitude (since you can not do zip code in Mexico). I Googled and find something about a DSSa Tool(no link though) that you can use to enter the lat and long, if the modem does not have an interface for it. Hopefully it has to do with the system not having proper coordinates that is giving the errors.
  5. Other causes of slowness? And I suppose this is a new connection after moving. Wrong speed profile from Comcrap. Splitter on cable internet line off of one or two other splitters. Cable Internet should be on the first connection off of the cable box.
  6. Adding that the rural connections funding program of the government, says that minimum speeds are to be 1.5Mbps, which Xplornet(as a fund user) is not adhering to according to various user posts. 'Burst' or 'up to' speeds should not be applicable. The sustained speed of Xplornet wireless is the problem. 600Kbps sustained speed for the 1.5 Mbps package. And 700Kbps sustained speed for the 3Mbps package. http://www.xplornet.com/legal/xplornet-traffic-management-policy.aspx http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/ic1.nsf/eng/04943.html http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/719.nsf/eng/home To contact Industry Canada for the program. http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/ic1.nsf/eng/h_00014.html
  7. Xplornet makes more than enough money to be a member of the http://www.ccts-cprst.ca/en/ , But for whatever reason, no one has forced them to join yet. And for whatever other reason, is documents for some Government funded wireless roll outs have been sealed from the public and that should be a crime. All government money documents, must be open to the public. And the public has to keep suing the government to obtain those documents over the years, due to government corruption. A 100 million dollars for 2008, was the expected revenue for Xplornet. And their private equity firm in NewYork probably loves it. From 2004 and Xplornet went live with Telesat Satellite(reseller) in May 2005. http://www.sandlercap.com/news_dec2104a.asp
  8. Would that be Gmail? Some ISP's are taking the easy way out of in house email and shunting it all off to Gmail(sometimes still with the ISP's email @domain name). Xplornet in Canada did that(Google App as they call it). And users had to change from a .com , to a .ca domain, but still with the ISP's name before it. Xplornet had TuCows(OpenSRS) for a while(after their own server), until Tucows had a server issue(cluster A) a few times, that was finally traced to a hardware issue, instead of the suspected software issue. People don't like to have their email interrupted for any amount of time.
  9. If StarBand, with whatever name on the end, is all the same satellite and equipment, they upgraded to better satellites late last year and are now doing a push into parts of Canada. http://www.bigskysat.com/ .KU band and they are actually putting to print expected speeds for primetime in their Faq's section.
  10. You'll like DSL. IT keeps the same speed 24/7 , unless the ISP is a bit cheap in it's backbone.
  11. I keep forgetting that FireFox renamed 'extensions' to 'add-ons'. A few days ago there should of been a little window that popped up, saying that the "Java deployment toolkit plugin" needed to be disabled, due to issues and just check it to do that. To find the 'plugin' in firefox, go to 'tools', then 'add-ons', then click 'plug-ins' on the one of 4 tabs at the top, and the first one should say "Java deployment toolkit" is disabled and you can enable if you want. and then it may warn again about it having issues. Chrome extensions page.. https://chrome.google.com/extensions
  12. Google Extensions are just like FireFox extensions. And FireFox has put a temporary block on a Java deployment toolkit plugin, as it is unsecure. Just click OK and go on with the day.
  13. Does anyone have a copy of the survey that Hughesnet sent out? Would be interesting to see the questions and if they dealt with bandwidth limitations and such. And would be interesting to know what type of package(commercial?) the library got that would allow for large amounts of bandwidth to be used. And the cost per month. Since the Hughesnet donation of it must expire at some point. Dialup is painful now a days. But on the current satellites, you have to be careful on bandwidth use and don't think that you can just go to every video site and stream TV shows for hours on end. Unless it's the 2am to 7am eastern time FAP free time. Thats got WildBlue beat by a mile. I've read a few WildBlue posts that say they had good speeds for two weeks and then ran out of bandwidth so it was either be slow for two weeks or upgrade to the next package. At least with Hughesnet, your bucket refills every 24 hours at a designated time. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/satellite-internet-access-helps-build-community-keeps-rural-americans-connected-to-the-world-92310234.html
  14. Adding that the Xplornet throttling of RapidShare on Telesat satellite, is now also for Xplornet wireless users as well. So don't believe the B.S. that it's RapidShares fault. If Xplornet does not have the bandwidth for the existing users? Then Xplornet should stop selling new connections. Meanwhile Canada falls further behind the world in Internet speeds and connection reliability.
  15. Are you on the old KU satellites?(hn7000 units). Maybe they switched transponders on you and you got a stuck with one that is overcrowded. Sometimes called load balancing. You could complain to 'executive customer care' to get a upgrade to the HN9000 units on the spaceway3 satellite(KA band). Some people get free install upgrades with contract. Or no contract and pay the install. And others that have a lot of problems on the old KU's have gotten away with no contract and free install. The spaceway3 may be seeing higher demand now in some areas. And if you have DSL at the door? Why bother with Satellite. DSL speeds may be Dependant on distance from the node. Even 500Kbps DSL will be faster than 500Kbps satellite, due to LAG time. click to enlarge
  16. I've got two screens. A 16" and a 22". But I have a maximum screen resolution that I can go to on the 16" lcd, or it will not be in the proper range for it to show. And will just show the error that it is outside of screen resolution parameters. You could right click the desktop to get screen resolution area. Maybe the way you extend the desktop is the issue? Edit: My graphics card is doing HDMI to the main monitor(22") and then VGA to the second monitor(16").
  17. Well how about the one I made for my kid. windows 7 64 bit. 8Gigs ram. Core Duo Intel 3Ghz. Two Sata 500gig hard drives and I just added a 1terabye hard drive for his video creations. And whatever the good graphics card was. Mines the same, but without the 1terabye drive. Windows 7 has not crashed on me yet over this past 6 months or so, and before that was the Beta and RC. All software that I use has no problems either. I added the 1terabye drive today and took me a few moments to find it. The disc 'manage' window from right clicking 'computer' did not open it, so I had to dig slightly.
  18. You have quite the fluctuation with your speeds..... DSL right? Have you scanned for a virus that may be taking up various bandwidth? MalwareBytes. Anti-Malware Free version. update after install. http://www.download.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html?tag=mncol&cdlPid=10896905 No torrents?(running on automatic). Possibly a bad phone line in the house? Can you plug you modem into the demarc(grey box where phone lines come in). Modern ones have a bypass plug to rule out any in home wiring issues. Or unplug all other phone equipment(including DSL filters) to see if one is causing line noise. If you are in an apartment, do you have an enter phone that may be cross wired into the DSL line?
  19. With some tests, they may not account for when the throttle kicks in. So if the test is only during the burst, you get a skewed result. Thats what is great about being able to choose a larger test size. Bandwidth Monitor. Free version. To be able to see when a throttle kicks in, as the graph line will drop to a much lower rate at a noted amount of MB transfer. http://download.cnet.com/Bandwidth-Monitor/3000-2085_4-10521410.html?tag=mncol
  20. SpyBot is good. And honest according to some news I've read about it, compared to a couple of anti-spywares. He even puts down that if a program(or a tag along program downloaded with it) does something that the user does not want it to do, SpyBot will detect it and give the user a choice to delete it. And that holds up in any court against some of the scum bags that try to deny being spyware or adware. Ever since I switched to FireFox(version .6 Phoenix) and then use FireFox exclusively, I have not needed Spybot anymore. I don't get bug or virus or such anyways. The other quick scanners I use, don't turn up anything other than the occasional false positive. But When I used Internet Explorer, I kept getting little nuisance bugs. Stuff that tried to download or attach to the machine via the browser. And Spybot would constantly show cookies and other tidbits. I suppose Internet Explorer 8 'actually' deletes history and browsing/Ad files. Even though with the older version, I had set IE to delete history on browser close. But it still liked to keep crap. The other day, my Avast popped up a little red window in the right bottom corner of the screen to tell me it blocked a malicious live link on a webpage. And does block the occasional site from a Google search for some information. But does give me the option to go to the site anyways and take my chances. But a small TV news site did have an injection bug that Avast did not see due to definitions, but I have a fully patched and firewalled machine anyways(router hardware. OS software), so no issues there. Belt and suspenders, but the software portion keeps Microsofts junk from trying to get out to contact the mothership. Same goes for some other programs too.
  21. India just loves to block all those nasty sites with colors and games. Or maybe it's just the message boards they don't care for. It's a pain when filters block harmless things and it takes months to get the site back in the open. Unless someones an addict and their parents try to shut down all access. But quite a few news articles about with some kids getting psychotic when their connection gets cut off. Don't even dare to cutoff 'my little pony story board', or watch the bludgeoning begin.
  22. Do any of the other domain names work? As in http://www.travian.com Or try the IP number (paste into address bar) to see if the site is even accessible to you. It will bring up a place card page about the site being available to 'your language' soon. http://www.google.com/webhp#hl=en&source=hp&q=travian&aq=f&aqi=g10&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&fp=b5e7b30361da4917 You can also open FireFox in 'safe mode', that will make sure no extensions are causing a block(if the site is trying to ban scripts,etc.). Go to programs and click Mozilla firefox and then click FireFox safe mode.
  23. Oh and some more have apparently settled lawsuits about hacking users data streams with 'end packets'. http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/RCN-Settles-Over-P2P-Throttling-107972
  24. I know with Telus(DSL) here in BC, they changed the 1.5Mbps and 3Mbps and 6Mbps packages to one package. So the users get whatever their line can handle for the distance from the node. Some people have gotten automatic speed upgrades(I think via hardware upgrades at the node), but some are still sitting on a slower speed. So some people think it's unfair to only get 1.5Mbps and pay the same price as 6Mbps. But it make corporates paper work so much simpler(I suppose). When our node(central office building) was upgraded to 6Mbps(from 3Mbps), we did not get a call, but I heard about it from the local computer shop within about a month of the upgrade, so I called in and got it and even a slight discount on the monthly rate. And hopefully we get an upgrade to VDSL2 later this year or next.
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