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  1. Seems to be an issue that does not have a instant fix. But some say use only 1 gig of ram and no problem. http://www.google.com/webhp#hl=en&source=hp&q=Compaq+nx6325+vertical+lines&aq=f&aql=&aqi=&oq=&fp=ba0a4630ce98f7da "if you remove the video driver and catalyst software, the problem will go away. Unfortunately this makes the VGA out inoperable."
  2. Interesting little bugger. Clumsy, but otherwise makes a node for the botnet, I guess. MyWebSearch is also a nasty little piece of shit as well. Mainly by changing preferences, like search engines.
  3. Might you know what bugs the scans turned up?
  4. You will be better to go after WildBlue itself, via a single lawsuit and then when you have won, post it for WildBlue users to read and do themselves. Don't sign a confidentiallity agreement to end the case before the court date. Then it's like the lawsuit never happened. It happens far too often. People are too lazy to wait one or two years for a judgment. Keep posting up every daily or weekly detail of your legal journey on a blog. All communications and offers. And ask your lawyer the grounds of why you have to put the case through in only one town, that WildBlue mandates to the users. WildBlue already lost on the 'Arbitration clause' that they used to have. Well, since the Arbitrator was also a WildBlue employee and thats illegal. Arbitration clauses hold no legal ground, as any company can not deny your right to participate in a lawsuit or class-action lawsuit. WildBlue is acting as a national company, and there should be grounds to file a lawsuit in any court. Much information online of various shady business practices. Including that 'fee' to have an installer to come out and fix a perfectly functioning system. The main one is overselling some beams, so that users do not get worthwhile speeds in the evening(Also known as timing out webpages and dialup being faster). Some users are subscribing to the 1.5Mbps package and getting slowed down to the less than the 512Kbps package in the evening. Does the person pay for the 512Kbps and lower package? No? Well then it's fraud to do that slowdown. Tiered pricing is to have the users speeds maintain in that tier's speed range. And a real good one, is where support automatically blames the user for system slowdowns and problems. The law says Innocence before guilt. And evidence of guilt needs to be obvious to by-pass automatic innocence. There are areas that have decent speeds, but that is due to a smaller user base in that beams area.
  5. Well being in Canada we have the distinction of being able to live in each others countries for 6 months at a time without immigration kicking us out for squatting. And Australia makes the trifecta. But our main cities get faster Internet and outside of them, things get real slow. Satellite Internet is not the solution at this time. Even wireless is doing a half assed job. The other half of the ass being in the corporate offices. Some wireless works fine though. Caring owners run them. But to get some peoples attention...... Did the "Voluntary Code of Practice: Broadband Speeds" ever get fully implemented? http://www.ofcom.org.uk/telecoms/ioi/copbb/copbb/ We have self regulation as well. Money gets paid to government and the Carrier gets to do whatever they want. So many places could have highspeed on wireline for only a small subsidy from government. And a contract that the money gets spent on wireline, within 6 months, in the rural areas and not in the cities. Our coverage is becoming a second world market. Meanwhile in Europe, countries are making real highspeed a basic right. Highspeed being at least 10Mbps constant in some cases.
  6. Been using Windows 7, since Beta and RC and then store version when it came out on for this new machine. Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. 8 gigs ram. 3 GHz cpu. Good graphics card. No crashes yet. And everything(programs, peripherals) that I use, works. And Dell will get you in the 'upgrades' from the basic offering. with this machine, I put a 'Microsoft' Windows 7 disc, so I do not have to deal with any of the crapware that PC makers put on their own discs and computers.
  7. I keep forgetting that Flash is one of those hidden in the browser files to uninstall. Flash uninstaller. http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html
  8. Whats the name of the CD rom game? Maybe it corrupted something with a virus. some searches say a possible codec problem, but why would you be able to sometimes see the video properly? Uninstall flash via the add/remove screen and then reinstall. http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Uncheck the McAfee add on of crap.
  9. It's been noted to contact SaskTel first, as it keeps them notified of system slow dows. Since SaskTel is supposedly guaranteeing a minimum speed. in writing that if you are on Sasktel's 1.5 Mbps package, you should begetting no less than 825 Kbps download speed even during peak hours. If you are not, contact SaskTel. Office of the President of SaskTel. http://sasktel.com/forms/email-the-president.html Sasktel customers--call the Sasktel #1-800-727-5835 and use their menu to get to Xplornet tech support. There are few more steps, but when I did this this morning I got straight to level 2 There is also, Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services http://www.ccts-cprst.ca/en/ Since SaskTel is responsible for using Xplornet as the official SaskTel Internet provider. Complaint goes against SaskTel, since Xplornet has still avoided being a member. SaskTel promised 100% province coverage, but the way they are doing it involves some shortcuts. but as far as I know, SaskTel is responsible for the whole coverage thing.
  10. I thought it was strange for ViaSat to buy WildBlue. I suppose they also bought the 20% that was owned by Telesat in Canada. Even though i find no mention of it in news articles, but Canada and it's B.S. government does not like full foreign ownership of a product that it's suppressed people uses. And thats why Xplornet is the official reseller. Can't have us dealing with a U.S. based sales support. http://www.xconomy.com/san-diego/2009/10/01/viasat-pays-568m-to-buy-wildblue-and-connect-its-satellite-with-high-speed-internet-customers/ Even with the new satellites launched and in service, there still will be a couple of years of backlog of transfer of the users on the older satellites congested beams. And they will be forced into new contracts if they don't play the smart game like a bunch of Hughesnet KU band users did. Which is free install and no contracts. But then again, with Hughesnet is the satellites they use are leased, so it's costs money to keep them loaded. http://www.satellitetoday.com/via/satellitegetspersonal/Why-ViaSat-Acquired-WildBlue-and-Why-WildBlue-Needed-It_32911.html
  11. Since the download test is text based it should show as your maximum speed. But once you start to do webpages with graphics, you will notice a slowdown in speed as the system with a small amount of ram keeps having to use the swap file. Which will be noticeable. I had an old Pentium 4 with 640MB of ram. Text loaded quick, but graphics choked on the Motherboard and graphics card.
  12. Spot beams are in a certain area only(one beam for users area). Only other choice is to go to one of the other WildBlue satellites. Two choices only. And in some high use areas now 3 satellites for use. third satellite, EchoStar?s AMC-15. The new satellite, will servecustomers in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee,Kentucky, Georgia and Arkansas. http://wildblue.com/company/doPressReleaseDetailsAction.do?pressReleaseID=62 Spot beams can be closed to new installs due to being full. And that makes the installers hungry. So work then comes from repairs, which sometimes are not worth the installers time due to low payment. Or WildBlue makes the installer drive a hundred miles, or so, to another installers area. But good installers make sure to not have to do that, by contacting the user and making better arrangements, with a local installer. And don't forget about the 'monthly rolling FAP'. Hit the FAP and go to really slow speeds for maybe two weeks, till FAP limit reduces(by reducing Internet use) to 70%, or pay to 'upgrade' to a higher package. New users on the basic bottom package have that happen quite a bit. WildBlue FAP policy in PDF format. http://wildblue.com/legal/fair.jsp
  13. Many people can not see repeating patterns for whatever reason. I've noticed by reading the speedtests, is that uploads for satellite Internet are generally the same 24/7. While at the same time downloads float up and down. Thats a good post. Do an upload test and if it is too slow, then your dish may be out of alignment as an initial thing that support could see with their stats page. The next step would be the TRIA or modem after a dish adjustment, if it does not solve the problem automatically. I've noticed a few posts that have to do with modems that get stuck in a random reboot cycle. But what happens is a cable connector is not installed properly and a short happens between the wires. But it causes a random effect, so not easily trouble shooted. Another one is where the TRIA has mostly failed and when it heats up by direct sun, the TRIA will just shutdown, until the sun is no longer on the dish. Spraying the TRIA with a hose will cool it down and it should start working. But it comes down too. Does the customer believe 100% what support tells them? Since support must be telling the truth, Right? But for $95 with an installer visit, your problems will magically go away.
  14. The extension name is is the important part. So for the Atheists here, you can call it DarwinMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} There was a warning about it and Windows Vista "64 bit" and causing blue screens of death. But should work fine in Windows 7 and Windows Vista 32 bit. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10423985-56.html? And another trick... Go to Google.com and click 'I'm feeling lucky' without any thing in the search box. Happy new year will explode all over your screen..
  15. Thats good. I've seen the occasional post where people have upgraded and still not gotten better speed. Note this thread: http://www.testmy.net/forum/wildblue-communications-inc/seems-the-problems-have-hit-me-too/ But how many people think they are paying for a certain package or speed and are not getting it. Not knowing about speed testing. There is the occasional one where the user called to upgrade and along the way, something did not get finalized(any ISP). And 3 months later the user(via checking the bill) or a friend using the connection, notices that things are slow.
  16. It's something like, you lose 1 inch for every 35 pounds you put on. 20 bucks of pizza(2 mediums) is 3 bucks tip. Keeps them happy. Then again I used to eat and actually can still eat a whole medium by myself(minus the handles around the edge). Just occasionally. I forget who had that awful cheese in the edge crust pizza years ago.
  17. I meant WildBlue spot beam. Maps of spot beams in this post. Support or your installer would be able to tell you what you are on. http://www.testmy.net/forum/wildblue-communications-inc/i-need-help-27537/msg318720/#msg318720 Hughesnet KU satellites have a really wide footprint. But that makes good for aiming yourself or good for portable units. I've read posts that the KA units don't want to move to another spot beam, without having to be re-authorized. The Spaceway3 by Hughesnet has more downlink beams in the satellite to better distribute downlink bandwidth. The new ViaSat1's will use similar technology, but with a lot more bandwidth. And if proper on board switching is done, instead of you having to stick to one gateway, you would get shifted to a gateway nearest your Internet destination, to try and slightly reduce ping times. And I do mean slightly. And with clouds, it's nice to have a bookmark to the weather radar for your location and your NOC(gateway).
  18. Might you know what beam you are on? You may of lucked out with a beam that does not have as many users on it, due to it's area coverage. The Hughesnet timed slowdown is to give their paying corporate customers full bandwidth. It's well posted, even though some deny it still. It's one thing to see speeds slow down over a few hours, it's another thing when the National NOC cuts your speed at a designated time and then restores it when the business customers have closed for the day. And people have documented slowdowns and the times of those slowdowns and support still illegally convicts the user of having a faulty computer or faulty satellite Internet hardware. Some people spend many dollars at the computer shop, when the satellite Internet system is too blame. Namely the software on the system that controls the throttles. Oh and selling the system to a capacity that is guaranteed to see major slowdowns every evening. But got to keep those installers employed somehow so they don't starve with no work. Hughesnet does load balancing from time to time, so if a user had a good connection, that may change the one day as more users get shifted onto one transponder, due to another's failure or Hughesnet giving up the lease on it.
  19. Hughesnet SpaceWay3 was up for about 8 months or so being Beta tested before full release to the public. But the first ViaSat1 satellite is going to be launched this year(mid 2010) for TooWay http://www.tooway.com/ in Europe, so North America testing should be shorter with that advantage. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tooway TooWay continues to sign up countries to give them 100% broadband coverage. http://www.tooway.com/tooway-news.html But all it takes is one part to have a power failure in the satellite or a tiny meteor strike and it's on it's way to being space junk, with no comparable spare in orbit to replace it.. Hughesnet KU band users know very well about satellites with power failures.
  20. First. Whats wrong with the rendering of this thread? Opera and FireFox. Second. Make it so the damn cable companies can't block towns and cities from putting in their own Internet cables. It's total B.S. to block areas that can't get highspeed Internet from putting in their own service. In Canada, many areas are forced to use wireless providers(last mile) and some of them don't care if you are anywhere near the speed that is advertised. Cellular towers are taking up the slack, but quickly get overwhelmed by people who move away from crap last mile wireless. And government back door deals are happening with our money(a tax, that was not a tax, that turned into a tax) that is being used to subsidize this crap. Besides. It's the Copyright Mafia that is soon to control our Internet via ACTA. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Counterfeiting_Trade_Agreement
  21. Send the guy up to Canada. Then he'll know what working out in the cold feels like. If you don't have ice hanging from your beard, it's a warm day in August.
  22. Call back to support and have them confirm you are still on the new package.. Not if the port is ok, but if your speed setting is still at the 'new' 2Mbps package. Maybe have them reissue the command to upgrade your account to 2Mbps. And see what happens. That is a rare occurrence, but does happen where the new speed falls back to the old speed. I don't know what type of ports they have(mixture of ones that can't do 2Mbps?), but if they have slower ones, someone might of accidentally switched you to a slower port? which would be determined by a tech visit to the port itself.
  23. This thread has an answer, but it may get lost in the wording. http://www.testmy.net/forum/wildblue-communications-inc/wild-blue-satellite-internet-wireless-router-psp-issues/ My router on DSL, will take a new IP if needed. Like when I'm playing with stuff in the router or DSL modem and lose the IP that I had. I don't know how often WildBlue rotates a users IP address. Maybe at 48 hours or such? There is LAN(local area network / local computers in house) lease and then there is WAN(wide area network / modem to Internet). WAN IP * Obtain IP Automatically So lease time is for your computers IP's behind the router. If I disconnect my computer from my router and plug into my DSL modem, it takes about 10 to 20 seconds to get the Internet IP for my computer as my computer loses it's 192.168.***.*** IP..
  24. Thats the upload speed for when the service is slow. I'd say that your dish alignment is probably ok. But for being slow with the download even in the am is odd. I wonder if they did not upgrade your profile to do with speed. And just charge you more for the same speed that is. Is your new $peed the same as your old package?
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