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  1. FAP warning for WildBlue. It is monthly rolling limit and if you go over the small limit(on the basic package) , you will be throttled way back for about two weeks. Until your FAP level reduces, to 70%. New sign ups have that happen a lot. http://wildblue.com/legal/fair.jsp The 1000ms pings(both systems) are due to software on the system(DAMA), otherwise you could get about 600ms at the best(but thats ancient history). Hughesnet has a daily FAP and an overnight FAP free period. http://consumer.hughesnet.com/faq/fair-access-policy.cfm
  2. Cables are a pain. The other day I flashed my modems firmware up to a new version. I had the DSL light on, but no Internet. So I flash back down. Nothing. I flash again. Nothing. So I replace the phone line to the DSL modem and BAM, I'm back online. Well at least I didn't brick the modem.
  3. It happens all over. People use a open wireless signal to download stuff. Now whether that stuff is legal or will get the owner of the IP address jailed for a few years, is up to debate. Proof is in the 'actual person' doing the downloading and not just an IP address. This is a dangerous ruling. But Who is actually running the legal system? The government or a Private company that only has dollar signs in it's eyes. And why did the Judge rule this way? A compromise would of been having the 'open hotspot' go to user password connections, to log into the network. So a name and time with the connection internal IP. But then that means DPI and logging data and a higher cost to run the network. Some have just called it quits. There was a U.S. town the other week, that shut down it's wireless open access, due to a copyright infringing notice. And the Mafia relented and allowed them to open back up. Threat of file infringement retracted that is. The police in Australia cruise for open wireless connections and then lecture the home owner on how to lock down their network. http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2009/nov/27/pub-file-sharing-cloud-fine?
  4. I like that one for my Windows 7 64 bit. It shows that my Intel 3MHz core 2 duo cpu idles at 2MHz and then speeds up when needed(launching program windows). And about 35 Celsius idling, to about 40 Celsius with just surfing and launching things. 95 Fahrenheit idling.
  5. Hopefully someone with it will come by who has it, but heres a Google link to search various places for ping times. Ping times can be subject to distance from tower. http://www.google.com/webhp#hl=en&q=verizon+mifi+ping&aq=f&aqi=g10&oq=&fp=a92da727ef84a59f
  6. Some online games will work with WildBlue, otherwise the 1000ms latency is what kills most everything. The speed is not really the issue. Along with DAMA putting the final nail in the coffin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demand_Assigned_Multiple_Access Any terrestrial based(wireless or wireline) Internet is better than satellite.
  7. And our Rights get that much more stomped on. And this does apply to Canada as well. A Right to a fair trial and the court system, that is. A Right to Privacy to keep the powers that be from snooping into your data stream to make sure you are not copyright infringing. But thats what DPI(deep packet inspection) does anyways. http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20091123/1541197061.shtml
  8. Well depending on who your ISP is(roadkill runner?), and how your movies are being downloaded, as in Torrents or a pay for movie download site.
  9. It's amazing how many people out there have no idea to whether their connection is working at full speed capabilities. And some ISP's like that.
  10. I like my free OpenOffice. http://www.openoffice.org/
  11. Various things to check. Closeness to tower. If you have a USB stick modem, try plugging it into a USB extension cable to get it up from the obstructions on the floor. Siding or low 'e' windows on house restricting signal strength.
  12. Thats is awesome. I wonder if people who get Hughesnet and WildBlue could use it? Saves those extra setup charges, that seem to be added without warning. And then generate a new number each month for the regular bill.
  13. Have you ever made an online purchase and when you click 'purchase' and then before the confirmation, have you ever gotten an offer to "save $10 now". And if you click "Sure. Why not". You may of just gotten enrolled in an online club for 'supposedly' saving money on other online purchases. There may be lots of 'bold' words saying about saving. But somewhere near the bottom in regular print, it says you have just signed up for an online club, with a monthly payment, that can be hard to get out of. But most people never notice $10 a month being charged to their credit card. And the ones that do, wonder how the company got their credit card information, without having to fill in a form. The less scummy companies make you enter the last 4 digits of your card number used for a transaction that day. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/17/ecommerce-scams-hundreds_n_361140.html click to enlarge and enrage.
  14. Those who control the World, control the destruction of our rights and freedoms everywhere. http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1562195/anti-internet-censorship-conference-censored
  15. You send Hughesnet a monthly check(no equipment needed), which entitles you to call support for a total duration of at least 15 hours per month. Or at least until they block your number from calling again for a couple of months.
  16. A note about those cellular based home wireless Internet cards, is if you have a modern house with low 'E' windows, as it can partly block the signal. Same goes for metal siding. If at all possible request a outdoor unit. Or if it is just a stick, get a good USB cable and then you can manipulate it. Or even the tin can booster antenna. Some people have become quite creative with them. Making all sorts of remote towers to get a good signal on a larger property with hills in the way of the signal. But if the cell tower is too far away, you is screwed. A post I read on another forum , the user now has Millenicom and a mesh dish for the antenna.
  17. I noticed when a bunch of video streamers went for the 600Kbps stream speed, some eventually dropped it back to 300Kbps. And thats just the standard streams. High def will buffer away on a slow connection.
  18. I'm on Telus DSL and if they don't have room at the node, well no more signups and then an upgrade has to happen for more card(user) space and bandwidth. I'm running new firmware in my modem that has removed a teeny, tiny glitch in my line signal. Resulting in better streaming. Maybe next time I'm bored, I'll try the latest firmware. But accidentally bricking a modem is always a thought. But a new one costs 60 bucks. Cable unfortunately likes to just keep piling people on to the node and eventually upgrade the bandwidth. But have you heard??? 100Mbps speed packages for the cost of an arm and half a leg. Download your torrents at 500Kbps, instead of 75Kbps, with all that speed. Satellite........... Well surf in the midnight hours and avoid primetime on more populated beams. Wireless? Well as long as you have a clean signal without interference, then it's the bandwidth the tower system has. This ISP is a bit crappy. http://www.google.com/tisp/ And tech support is all wet. The there are those people who rarely surf in the times outside of primetime and don't notice how fast the system can be, when everyone else is working. I remember dialup and having a fast connection of 32Kbps, until the kids got to their homes from school and started using the landline phones and then a guaranteed disconnect to a slower 23Kbps. Thanksgiving and mothers day, the speed was about 15Kbps. Not even worth trying to surf.
  19. http://www.propel.com/technology/index.html With some of these bloated picture webpages, you could actually kill the graphics with the program. JPegs can't be compressed, unless the image is modified before it gets sent to the user and is more pixilated. I was on dialup for a few minutes the other day when I needed a setting for my just flashed DSL modem, and even the 'Google image' loaded real slow. 26Kbps is so blazingly slow now a days. But many webpages have such bloated code. It's like some of these programmers just keep adding to the code instead of making fresh copies every so often. I see FireFox has an Add-On, for text only webpages. I don't know if it downloads as text only though. A future fix maybe, if enough people ask for it.. http://techshali.com/get-text-only-version-of-a-web-page-with-textise-0-1/ https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search?q=Textise+0.1&cat=all
  20. I've seen that glitch before with the satellite Internet providers(across some various speed test sites). Have not looked into why it happens. Maybe the proxy server of the satellite Internet provider causes it? Thu Nov 12 2009 @ 12:46:08 am DN 3072 kB 1062 Kbps (130 kB/s) Thu Nov 12 2009 @ 12:43:10 am DN 25600 kB 16520 Kbps (2017 kB/s) micwa1 Thu Nov 12 2009 @ 12:40:55 am DN 25600 kB 17530 Kbps (2140 kB/s)
  21. [move]So you mean that the room backlight that is behind my monitor is not the monitor being on? Too many damn buttons and cables.[/move] [move] Edit:. But now everything is scrolling.[/move]
  22. Tried the test. I didn't see anything. Computers fans are blowing and music is coming out the speakers, but my monitor is all black. Anyone got a monitor test?
  23. Possible virus? There are a couple that will put a block on those sites together. Download, install, update and scan. Free MalwareBytes. Anti-Malware http://www.download.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html?tag=mncol&cdlPid=10896905
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