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  1. Steal from the uploads to speed up the downloads.
  2. From some basic testing I have done on a wireline connection, is that 100Kbps upload maximum is all you need to request webpages. Unless of course those webpages have many links loading from various sites to render on the one page. It also helps to fully control any uploading by the end users as well. With downloading if you get below a certain speed like 200Kbps, then you have issues of slow page loads with missing parts that time out.
  3. Is anyone using OpenDNS and when they go to Google.com. Has the page rendered weird this past week, as in slow, or parts fading in to view, or a wait to get to it fully loaded? The Google page when using OpenDNS, is a clone page hosted through OpenDNS. Or at least when I went to Google.com, my ShowIP add/on , showed it was opendns's address instead of Googles. I've switched dns servers now so I'll have to see if the issue goes away fully. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenDNS
  4. I wonder if there are any computer sellers out there that would ship a Vista machine, as a Windows 7 , cause it comes with the upgrade disc? The Intel Core 2 Duo does get very good reviews over quad cores.
  5. Until Hughesnet gets their big bandwidth bill at the end of the month and has to then crack down on the kids connections.
  6. Ya know, A lot of people in your position, from the start, would of just taken the Hughesnet crap up the backside. And now the thing that people crap their pants about(and stops any intension of fighting for whats right) is happening to you. A feeble attempt at freaking up your credit history. So now you will have to wait a month or two before your next purchase of a Yacht. And that fabulous island off of the Arab Emirates. :evil6: :evil6: :evil6:
  7. Well judging by some new laws coming into effect(quite possibly) for the 2010 Olympics(for supposedly two months), Our new un-legal system will declare, that will be $10,000 and 6 months in jail for protesting the fact. http://bccla.org/pressreleases/09bill13.html
  8. So for you Canadians here. How would you like it if your Anti Spyware products were to be deemed Illegal? Maybe even your Anti-Virus as well. Maybe your FireWall will also be Illegal if it blocks DRM or Spyware communications. And the CopyRight Lobby would be able to install Spyware and Rootkits on your computer without your permission or knowledge. And maybe legally go into your system to harvest whatever they might be looking for????? http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/4464/125/
  9. There are many, many little laws that are enacted by 1% of the population. And with these laws, no one would Majority vote for without having proper checks and balances for exactly how innocent people will be treated under those little laws. And the main illegality of some of these little laws, is there is no vote by the open population on them. The BC government said once, "well if you believe we committed a crime, go to your local police detachment and have charges filed against the Government". Knowing full well the officers would tell you to pizz off. And the BC Liberal Government said, "Well you voted for us, so we must be doing what you want us to do. So piss off and quit complaining." And how do you spend a few million dollars every few weeks? Make a 'donation' to your favorite drunkard/pervert in high Government office.
  10. Kaspersky's online police state, calls for end to net anonymity. So lets hear the shouting. Not going to work. Passports being faked. Hackers taking your passport credentials and pretending to be you online. So much easier for the Government to jail you for being a prick, When you divulge the B.S. that the Government does to people. Enlarging on a comment on the articles site, on how it will help to keep oppressed women in the desert countries from using the Internet. Since woman are for making babies and washing their masters feet. And with Passports. How will Kaspersky make his money in crapware fighting? Or will he be the head MAN of the Internet control force. Since if you have a passport and get caught doing something that wasn't you doing it in the first place, You will be shot out of a cannon at a brick wall. While your neighbor Steve Has to now use another neighbors hackable WiFi. The simple Internet license test is, #1 What is Spyware? #2 What is a Trojan(and not the condom)? #3 What do each of those little lights on your modem and router mean? http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/10/16/kaspersky_rebukes_net_anonymity/
  11. Interesting poll on the site. Symantec and McAfee both got sued by New York for 'auto-renewing' peoples product purchases without permission. It's better for the product to warn that it is expiring. And lets not forget that a company has your credit card number on file for anyone to steal, even though all servers are impervious to hackers and disgruntled employee's.
  12. http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/173824/microsofts_free_av_got_15_million_downloads_in_first_week.html
  13. You may have to configure your router to allow 'ping packets' to be let back through from the outgoing request, instead of dropping them. If you use the ping command via the run command, your router may stop the ping from getting in and out. But depending on router, you can have it drop unsolicited pings from the Internet, while allowing the ping command to work.
  14. Heres a couple of vague news articles on infected routers serving up infected files to the computers connected. The third article has more information on how a router can be infected. http://blogs.chron.com/techblog/archives/2009/01/are_wifi_routers_potential_malware_infection_1.html http://www.h-online.com/security/news/item/When-the-neighbour-s-wireless-router-sounds-the-attack-735759.html http://apcmag.com/Content.aspx?id=3687
  15. Infected router? It can happen, but for it too serve instant infected files back to the computer, I've never read about. Does the computer have a software FireWall?
  16. Well there is the roughly end of 30 days speed drop(happens somewhat randomly). Even Hughesnet(in the States) has been caught pulling it as well. http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=26554.msg307263;topicseen#msg307263 Just keep a note on your speeds for a couple of months and when you might start to get throttled. Since some users on more popular towers do have speed throttles. But it all depends on the bandwidth capacity of the tower. So if new users get signed up more slowly, you stand a better chance of a tower upgrade before the bandwidth gets over maximum(user bandwidth purchased plans, compared to tower bandwidth available).
  17. I am not sure if it was Comodo, that actually stated on their site that they make the product for corporations and then the lowly home user gets the benefits of the free product. Or at least thats what it used to be. Zone Alarms home version is usually a few minor releases behind the paid version.
  18. Is that wireless? You must be on a new tower with a good bandwidth backbone. Or are you on a Hughesnet business plan? And watch out for the Daily FAP. But FAP free period from 2am to 7am eastern time.
  19. Are you fiber to the home or fiber to the node(down the street)? I suppose if water got into a fiber optics connection point it could distort(slow) the signal. If when it stops raining and two days later the speed comes back to full 24/7, then there is a water leak issue somewhere.
  20. Those numbers mean that people get jealous of your really fast connection.
  21. Uploads in the general 800Kbps range compared to download ranges of 2Mbps to 30Mbps speeds. I think fiber has a higher upload speeds. And the occasional cable system with really fast speeds can be in the 3Mbps range. But unless you are uploading large torrents all day long, no need for high upload speeds, says the ISP's. But then theres Comcrap and them not wanting anyone to do Torrents on their network.
  22. http://www.google.com/webhp#hl=en&q=echolife+BM625+router+password+%22globe+wimax%22&aq=f&aqi=&aq=&aqi=&aq=&aqi=&aq=&aqi=&aq=&aqi=&aq=f&aqi=&oq=&fp=c807e9ccc08a197a Google Link provided for accessing a router for properly setting up your home network. http://portforward.com/
  23. :haha: :haha: But to be serious. Maybe it won't properly install on an infected system? A review I read gave it the #4 spot out of 10 programs. There is also the different way of getting a screen shot.... Digital Camera. And turn off the flash.
  24. If you modify the default settings on some programs....... Less chance of being infected. Shoot, if my mums computer can run clean for years, I must have set things up right. Even with the grandkids of hers surfing as well. Other than the time the little basssstard download Kazaa for 2 hours and 30 songs. Then deleted it and I had to remove 7 bits of spywares. Theres nothing more fun than doing maintenance one day and coming back two days later to finish and wondering where all the crap came from. But the file folders were still there I've hit a couple of infected(hacked) sites as of late and they were just an annoyance. Interesting hacks. a webpage with only one page, had a page redirect about every 7 page views that went to a webpage with the standard fake scanner scanning you (via JavaScript). And the other one was a tiny bit of hackers code for an I-Frame injection attack(I think it was) that only showed up loading on the first page view, but not if you refreshed the page. But if you went to another site and came back(via address bar), it showed up again.
  25. Batteries are easy to replace. As long as you have one of those larger battery only stores. They sometimes sell solar power units as well. I open my UPS's and put a piece of black tape on the speaker, to quiet it about half way for them middle of the night blackouts. Or I could just de-solder it. But that would mean not waking up to shut everything down if I don't have the auto shutdown software installed. But then again, when the power goes out, it gets so dead quiet, I automatically wake up.
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