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  1. I see that not many Internet posts come up with the email address. But it has been around officially for at least a few months(on the BBB pages only) and unofficially for a couple of years.
  2. Was just looking at the BBB.org page on WildBlue....... Is this part new? http://www.bbb.org/denver/business-reviews/internet-access-providers/wildblue-communications-in-greenwood-village-co-9036631 WildBlue Communications encourages consumers to contact WildBlue's designated Executive Escalations team at WildBlue's corporate office prior to filing a complaint through the Denver BBB. This Executive Escalations team may be reached via email at, executiveescalations @ wildbluecorp.com .WildBlue has committed to address these emails by providing consumers with a response within three business days. Please include the following in the email: First and Last Name on the Account Phone Number on the Account City, State and Zip on the Account Account Number (if possible) Detailed Description of the Issue ------------------------------------ Note that just communicating with WildBlue and not also the BBB will result in the issue being hidden from the public. So contact both to keep issues out there for others to learn.
  3. If you could so an upload test along with the download test... If you also have a slow upload number(like say 40Kbps), with the slow download number, then your dish may not be properly aligned any more. Tech Call support should be able to give you your alignment numbers and whether they are bad or good. Unless they pull the $95 fee, for having someone to come out and check your dish physically. And call support can tell you what beam you are on as well. So you know whether you are on WildBlue 1 or Anik F2. There is also the push/pull test. Have someone push the dish 'slightly' up,down or to one side or the other and do a speed test and see what result is in each instance. And keep out of the way of the TRIA(electronics cone on the end), to avoid blocking the signal.
  4. Try a speed test at 8am. If it is near your purchased package speed, then you are on a crowded beam. And WildBlue will B.S. you up and down that speeds are not guaranteed. But then again, you are paying for the 513Kbps to 1Mbps tier range. Some people upgrade and find the higher package only gives a higher FAP limit and not much better speed performance in primetime. Might you know what beam you are on for others to say if your beam is over-subscribed? Click to enlarge.
  5. You have entered the dreaded black hole of doom that many posts have acknowledged. Hopefully it can get fixed. Or maybe if you had accepted the $95 fee, it might of been fixed already. Thats another quirk that has been posted about. Hughesnet or WildBlue, same thing.
  6. I got that too. I think I was doing a search. Then I searched again and no error.
  7. There was an article the other week about independent artists having to pay dues, from sales of their music, to a union(mafia representative) for them. But the Independent artists are not part of any union. But for the Artist to get their withheld money, they have to join the union, and pay dues. The artists never paid the money direct, but the money was taken during sales of the music. If you want a real good example of the higher up's getting blood money out of people. And with government support, just like the copyright mafia is doing. To sum it up. So a independent daycare gets grant checks from the government for support of poor kids at the daycare. Union says that daycare is now a government employee, due to getting checks from the government, and is now a union member. Union starts to pull union dues from those government checks because they have friends in government. http://www.wxyz.com/news/local/story/Day-Care-Workers-Fight-Union/OGaO-7PikUiJNTPHQ1GawA.cspx
  8. England may force 40,000 Internet users offline. No crime by these users will have been committed. It's just the possible extra $40 a month added to their bill, because of the copyright mafia, to enforce their version of stopping piracy. No ISP in their proper business sense will take loss's that big without passing on costs to the consumers. Or the proper way, would be to have the copyright mafia pay the bill. Maybe a billion dollars to start? So who really controls our Internet anyways? The copyright mafia or the people? http://torrentfreak.com/piracy-surcharge-set-to-force-40000-households-offline-091228/
  9. When I posted some news items last week, about a dozen words throughout the article paired up when the one next to it. And I am not sure if one article tried to pull some info from the source code of the page. But might of been the invisible ad section. Well they are invisible to me anyways. Using FireFox 3.5.6 I didn't like Google Chrome cause of that damn updater nonsense. And all those ad's on webpages. Or can you shut off the updater manually yet? And whatever else it does. I have a copy of Opera, but only as a spare.
  10. http://www.flowgo.com/funny/13125_twinkle-twinkle-chocolate-bar.html
  11. I got chocolate and a losing lottery ticket from Santa in my stocking. The 2 chocolate I promptly ate. Then I ate the wifes chocolate next. I did ask and she said yes, so I ate the whole thing. I think she meant part of it. Oh, well. Theres one more to eat of hers. Oh, I forgot about the turtles chocolate as well. And the early x-mas present was the new computer system. Turkeys done for already, after tonights dinner. 3 days in a row. Gotten past the need to buy each other gifts that might not get used much. The Wifes dead dad, a few years before he died, we started to give him edible gift baskets. Wooly socks and such can only sit for so long before they get dusty.
  12. How many people have wireless security cameras watching the inside of their home and do not use encryption? Makes for a good show for the neighbors without you using encryption. Just because you think no one would tap into those wireless signals does not mean that no one is. But you'd think the Military would encrypt all wireless communications. And maybe they should also purchase generic computer parts to make upgrades easier. Article does wander into how much encryption is on our legally purchased media, just so we can't do anything else than watch or listen to it, until it breaks or gets stolen, with no backup copy. http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2009/12/predator-drones-use-less-encryption-than-your-tv.ars
  13. In your Yahoo mail main page. On the bottom right. Close out the members that are showing. (Get Updates From..) Might work? Or it could be something different. I see no answer on the web. But there sure are a lot of people sharing their email account files. http://overview.mail.yahoo.com/connectmore/updates http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/homepage/homepage/updates/;_ylt=AtJpHxSlmoOm_AXQYOEX5u4uUCl4 http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/homepage/homepage/updates/upcom-32.html;_ylt=ApCGCgdIWKdlVPJ3YkngSTK6k3dG
  14. Nice title huh? Simple censorship. Once a site gets put on a BlackList, it stays forever. Whether that site is nasty or if the filter King decides that site should be blocked, due to a lame reason. Sites that are critical of Government find themselves blocked as well. I wonder how many Proxy server sites will be blocked too? The first rule of censorship is that you cannot talk about censorship. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/12/15/2772467.htm http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Australia_secretly_censors_Wikileaks_press_release_and_Danish_Internet_censorship_list,_16_Mar_2009
  15. Guerrilla Handbell Strikeforce For details. http://improveverywhere.com/2009/12/14/guerrilla-handbell-strikeforce/
  16. Lithuania. http://www.cgates.lt/lt/pages/view?id=35 ALFA 320 Kbps MINI 512 Kbps NAMAI N 1,2 Mbps NAMAI S 4 Mbps
  17. With the SM(subscriber modual), if it is not pointed correctly, you can have a poor signal. And if you are far enough away from the tower, more interference can happen resulting in a poor connection. If the SM is swaying in the breeze, you can have a signal that is good then bad then good then bad, etc. I've done tests in the past with a wireless antenna that was in a strong wind area and I could easily see the performance loss(speed drop or higher lag) during regular webpage surfing, when the wind would gust. One webpage loads fast, the next loads slow, then speeds up to finish. The other problem can be the base station(main tower) . Such as needing more server or bandwidth capacity. But that can show up as very slow speeds. Occasionally a tower can have it's own interference issues, due to a competitors tower, and ignoring interference possibilities in configuration.
  18. Never have used a starter page. Back when I was on dialup, I didn't want to waste my time loading some page first, that was not the one that I wanted to go to first. Was on dialup the other week. It was so slow. And that was for Google loading as well(graphics). Haven't put the dialup card into this new machine yet. But my DSL is very reliable.
  19. So I see Google has tweaked this "Feature" again. Now the "Google Search and the I'm feeling lucky" button is there all the time, but all the extra buttons take about a second to appear.
  20. Remember NeBuAd? Most don't. It was a company that sold itself to ISP's, so the ISP could make millions and billions in new ad revenues by mining the users Internet data stream. ISP's also hack the users DNS, to redirect non-existent web address queries to an ad laden Internet search portal, to be able to serve the user ad's based on the browsing habits. Many ISP's still do DNS redirects which tend to break the Internet. Sometimes you get redirected to an ad laden page every 50th webpage clicks. The users webpages were hacked to put in the ISP's ad's in place of the websites actual ad's. Censorship? Why yes it is. How does the user even know that the webpage they are looking at is the actual webpage they wanted? And injected ad's have been found to sometimes contain malicious links. Rogers Cable Internet in Canada still does this practice with whatever third party ad provider that still exists after the worlds Governments have become involved in killing the deceptive, illegal practices. Why illegal? Well the users were not informed that all their Internet data was being mined(privacy and wiretapping laws). In real legal terms, you must 'Opt In" to have your data mined and not that oh so whissy washy "Opt Out" B.S. that sometimes does nothing to stop the crime. If someone monitors your phone call, thats a crime. If someone monitors your Internet data, thats big business. http://www.courthousenews.com/2009/12/11/Class_Alleges_Giant_Spyware_Scheme.htm
  21. RoadRunner WiMax. http://www.wirelessweek.com/News/2009/12/Time-Warner-Mobile-WiMAX/
  22. So the Mafia collected and published songs using the simple method of , "Publish now. Ask for rights to publish in the particular compilation later". "Oh and payment eventually as well". But it's so hard to find unknown artists like Bruce Springsteen, Sarah McLachlan, Bruce Cockburn, Sloan, Watchmen and others. A more simple story. http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20091207/1201017234.shtml The full story....... http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/4595/159/
  23. Lithuanian to English translation Welcome, manepasisiuntimo at the speed of 400KB but when sent to more than 2 things lacking kompas.gal can somehow speed up the
  24. Unplug the power and then Pop the BIOS battery out to reset? you may have to push the power button to discharge the board, before putting battery back in. I know on one of my new machines when I was installing Windows 7, something went wrong and that worked. The power came on but nothing ran.
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