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  1. A users account is a little piece of software on the system. All the account settings are in there. And a bigger piece of software can adjust some parameters in those settings as needed or ordered. Well it's always good to have a firewall running on your side of the modem. Even though ISP's will deny that they can see into your system. And never, ever allow a support person to remotely connect to your system to 'adjust' settings. As they can delete a bunch of things if they want. 'Remote desktop', is the applications name. Hughesnet national NOC video. http://www.hughes.com/HUGHES/Doc/0/N9QN4JU1L3N4H34S5JPS1K9D99/Walk_the_%20NOC_LR.wmv And then there are various ground stations to help spread out the system bandwidth over the country. Since a lower quality ISP has only one connection to the net and a better ISP has at least two connections in case of failure of one Internet connection. My ISP had an issue the other day and about 6 of their Internet connections were at issue. A bad main router of theirs probably. But many sites were still accessible, while some were not.
  2. You can have an issue if the Installer points you or authorizes you onto the wrong beam that is almost at the edge of your location. But your signal strength would probably show real low, if that were to happen. From what I've read, it is rare to happen. I don't know how perfect the beam map is for showing the spots. And does anyone have a list of the NOC's(or "gateway earth station") being used for the SpaceWay3? I am not sure if they are separate from the KU NOC's Copy and paste the whole link as hughesnet links are crap. http://www.hughes.com/HUGHES/Rooms/DisplayPages/LayoutInitial?Container=com.webridge.entity.Entity[OID[AE0AEEB47DA4A043A56932DA208C37E5]]
  3. There is a Hughesnet SpaceWay3 NOC in Winterpeg. It is being used for the Canadian side of the SpaceWay3 . But there is probably some overlap with the States. Since most of the Canadian beams are overlaps with the Northern States. click to enlarge.
  4. And the other side of Electronic books/classes, is that there are plenty of pockets in North America where people are blocking the schools from setting up wireless for the computers in the first place. In Washington State the ELF(earth liberation F), took out a couple of radio towers with an excavator, cause the rural area did not need to be bombarded by the contamination of wireless. In the Nova Scotia, half the town is blocking a wireless Internet tower, cause it may mutate the crops. they blocked pesticides many years ago and now they are blocking the next big threat. I guess they enjoy their dialup. But at least the garlic won't be mutated(yes, that was a reason). And wait for all those smart meters for Hydro to be installed. 900Mhz on the meter for transmit and 2.4Ghz on the hydro pole for back haul. Some areas though will go cellular frequencies.
  5. I'm getting Windozes 7 on about Oct. 22. I have no intension of using the bandaid of Vista. And my system winking out on me last night(big freeze), means I may be closer to having to get the new box early and put my Windows 7 RC on it temporarily. Sure Ubuntu is pirated. I posted a Odd News story awhile back about a Texas Teacher who said there is no such thing as free software/OS's.
  6. With the fluctuations showing up, there must be some issues at the NOC. Usually meaning not enough pipe out to the Internet. It's a pain when they wait to add more bandwidth capacity, until they need it. Or someone needs to 'adjust' the flow up at the satellite. And I actually thought there would be at least another year until the slowdowns started with the Spaceway3. WildBlue only took about 16 months before they had to install DAMA to get more users online. November 2006 for DAMA, according to the posts out there.
  7. Well he needs someone to test out his Firewall. Maybe one of the forum speed tweaks might help?
  8. Well lets just call it Big Brother in Australia. Netbooks to be given out to grade 9 students and used through grade 12, or if the student flunks out of school, the Netbook has to be given back to the school. Tracking capability's at the BIOS level and RFID tracking chips as well(30 foot range). Well it is the Digital age. Many a school/government would love to know how the kids movements are during and after school(as long as they have the Netbook with them). It would also be interesting to know how much the Administrator of the system can manipulate the NetBooks. Such as seeing all the content on the Hard Drive. Or capturing keystrokes and screen shots. And since they have made the claim of "unhackable" these things should be hacked within the week. You know.. For Privacy issues. Note that there have been some stories as of late in North America, about 70% of Notebooks having BIOS level tracking capabilities. And many users did not know that. Kind of like how the police can use the GPS in your phone to find you. Well if you are lost or dead that is. http://www.itnews.com.au/News/156528,nsw-seeks-to-build-unhackable-netbook-network.aspx
  9. I see by the guitarjim site , that he got the new KA band equipment on the September 24th. One lowish speed of 800Kbps at 8:46pm and the rest in the 1500Kbps range. And uploads fairly steady in the 230Kbps range. Free upgrade for him too.
  10. Since your speed test speeds are fluctuating, maybe see if you have a splitter on the line and by pass that(temporarily remove it). Theres also temporarily undoing the TV's cable box line as well and testing again.
  11. Well how about this...... Your IP ranges? I think your speed test here showed up as DirecWay. Does his show up the same too? I've seen the occasional example post of getting a IP range changed, to deal with weird speed issue. Or can you do a 'reset' of the HN9000 Modem, and of course it having to re-download it's firmware updates, since manufacture. I think one firmware update helps the HN9000 modems to run a little bit cooler.
  12. Some more fancy numbers of the Spaceway3. The microcells help to spread out land areas of high use. Most Spaceway maps show only the 112 uplink beams, rather than trying to show the 784 microcells used for downlinks. Microcells used in order to be able to push out more bandwidth to the needed areas in a spot beam.
  13. You've got to wonder if they forget to purge some peoples old KU speed parameters user file. So you can get stuck with what is close to KU throttles.
  14. When I was on a wireless ISP, they had a system 'glitch'. Well they called it an email problem. So at the same time, i was testing out using a Dlink Ethernet card, instead of the port on the motherboard. The card went off of the set speeds and exceeded the system maximum user speeds, by a bunch. Meanwhile the motherboard port was at the same speed limit of the package. The 'glitch' disappeared in a couple of days.
  15. But it's so environmentally friendly to go green with paperless billing. And various Government Attorney General's don't care for it either. But if the company dropped the 'green' bullshiat and companies could send out a abbreviated bill. With all the debit card fraud out there, why give a company easy access to your bank account. Hey maybe the next try at a class action could be for the massive charge for paper based billing? http://www.informationweek.com/news/telecom/business/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=220000676
  16. Well thats what happens when you sign your bank account over to Hughesnet. Oh, wait. I mean, pay electronically without the choice of getting a paper bill in the snail mail. Better you caught it now instead of 3 months later like a lot of people.
  17. And the spin doctor makes the the part about " provides a user experience similar to most DSL services." disappear. Some people actually got WildBlue, when they had DSL at the door. And that's because WildBlue said it was similar to DSL and the quoted WildBlue speeds were faster than the user could get with DSL at their location. And other posters(various forums) comments were, "What did you do that for?" "You have DSL at the door and now you find out that WildBlue is a lot slower than the DSL". Advertising kills. Also from Wildblues facts.... "you are ready to surf the Internet at lightning fast speeds". I guess lightning has slowed down a bit over the years. A 1000ms ping is not lightning fast. Best that can be done on satellite is 600ms, but thats without the DAMA software and other variables. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demand_Assigned_Multiple_Access
  18. Well luckily I am on a good ISP that just sells you a connection and none of that DNS redirections or hacking of your Internet stream to post ad's in other peoples webpages. Rogers was experimenting on overwriting other peoples webpages ad's with it's own customers ad's. And for some strange reason, our Government see's nothing wrong with that. $$$$$$$$ Except that RBC has forecast that Telus(good) will merge with Bell(bad) in about two years. They both are working together at the moment to thwart the evil Cable Industry up here. A new 4G wireless network and expansion of Bells satellite TV in the West with Telus's name on the dish/firmware only(so the dumb consumer goes"Me like Telus, But not Bell". "So me get service from Telus"). Then theres our Government and various inward turning tendencies. 'Purify' the 'Heritage' of Canada. Meanwhile Our TV networks can't make watchable shows for the masses and keep buying U.S. programming.
  19. What I don't like about Google apps, is the 'Updater'. I like to be the one in charge of updating and not the software. And I thought the first version of chrome was Blahhh. And all them ad's showed up on webpages too. There are other software's that when they get updated, like Java and QuickTime, that re-check the auto updater. I think it was QuickTime that tried to force install other software(symantec?) via an auto-update. But I've found with Windows Update occasionally, that an update will change one system setting that the update shouldn't of changed. So it's fun trying to find the glitch, that shows up.
  20. I quit reading the WildBlue forums because of exactly how this thread has degraded. Someone posts an honest opinion and some other guys jump on their back, calling them fibbers. I will say though, that the past year or so of people posting reviews are getting to be rather pizzed off in nature, but since the companies will not deal with over-subscription issues, people have a right to be pizzed off. If a users speeds are going to degrade more than 20%, stop selling new subscriptions. If the satellite Internet company can not make a profit on those users? Raise the monthly price. And The Satellite Internet companies advertising sure makes the product look great. WildBlue even says in it's facts, that it is just like DSL. And thats Fraud. Burt how many people add 'sucks' are 'ripoff' or 'slow' to their search of the product after reading all that wonderful advertising. How many people have only dialup as a choice for Internet. The speeds quoted for satellite sure make satellite the right choice. And then the suits in charge manipulate the system, to get the over maximum subscribers online.
  21. So Google is doing their usual messing with things and have come up with an experimental Chrome browser plugin for Internet Explorer, to make it web complaint. You have to wonder if this fixes/bypasses any older security holes in Internet Explorer? http://www.pcworld.com/article/172417/google_gets_inside_ie_with_chrome_frame.html Download page for the experimental ChromeFrame IE plugin. http://code.google.com/chrome/chromeframe/
  22. Don't forget about the Hughesnet 2am to 7am eastern, FAP free time. Great for Windoze updates and software downloads.
  23. Is this a unlocked phone with new firmware? Or is it a second hand phone? I don't know, but I am guessing a corrupt flash memory or firmware needs to be re-flashed. Power it down and make sure the battery gets fully charged, before re-flashing, by someone who knows how to flash without killing the unit, If a tech determines that outcome from the symptoms.
  24. Aren't laptops disposable like Barbies first computer? So is the motherboard cracked by the ram? Or broken solder. Or is the tabs out of place like in this video? You can also buy a bigger ram stick for the good slot. And thens theres the jam something in to the back of the laptop to make the ram work(pressure causes a restored connection to a broken bit)....
  25. Wildblue now has three satellites for user service. The ownership of the three is. AnikF2. Owned by Telesat. WildBlue1. Owned by Wildblue(as advertised at some point), but Telesat does own 20%of WildBlue. Echostar. Providing some spot beams for WildBlue in full areas. 08/10/2009 Newest Satellite Allows WildBlue to Serve More Customers in Rural Areas of the U.S. Denver, CO
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