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  1. Well my dad says I shouldnt leave it on 24/7 or the battery might be overcharged for too long and eventually break. This happened to my cell phone long ago, so is it safe to leave it plugged into the AC all the time?
  2. Well i came along a problem recently. When i first booted up my pc it said network found ect, but I never thought of it not being my network. I have a wireless modem, so i thought thats what it connected to. I noticed a change from my usual ip pattern, which was 68.xxx.xxx.xxx now 69.xxx.xxx.xxx Now today i was downloading counter strike, and halflife, and noticed speeds in the 500kbps range. I thought maybe it was an error, but apparently i did a speed test, and my ISP is mindspring. As you can see ive done a test using my own wireless, which is verizon. On my wireless connection the name of the one im using now is called "Freeman St Frieldlies". Freeman would be the street i live on, but there is no friendlies around here. So what now, should i keep it, or should not?
  3. no clue how to change that either. My head hurts already, ill let it be
  4. nope thats not it, im reading the manual to the bios now, hopefully that will help
  5. No it seems to be running at the correct speed, i mean the game i play cannot be run on anything below like 400mhz, and it appears to be good. Mcafee is good for me, I have had it since my ISP gave me a year trial back in august, but apparently it expired in march, dunno how, dunno why, but i still get updates on my other pc's and it doenst say it expired, but i cant download it from the site, so i download manually
  6. It shows different speeds at different times. Im pretty sure its working at 2.2GHz or whatever 3700 is, because its not as slow as 800MHz, but what is causing it to show such low speed?
  7. laptop: http://gameadvisor.futuremark.com/gameadvisor/service/my_system.jsp?sysInfoId=2590992
  8. I know, but the max number you can set it to is 100, unless you edit the XML file in the bitcomet directory. I mean, it took me 58 hours to get 90% of a torrent with 100 peers connected. When i increased the connection limit to 10000 or something like that, I downloaded the last 10% within about half an hour.
  9. Is there any reason why It can only connect to 100 peers per torrent? There is a way to trick the program into connecting to more, but why doesnt it allow right away?
  10. Setup a webserver, make the appropriate format page with the link to your mp3 or midi or wav file, open your web browser on phone and download
  11. Click open with and select notepad. It should come out nice and clear, if it doesnt, choose wordpad. Im guessing the torrent sites use this as some sort of protection against something, I dunno what though.
  12. Just ordered it costs $40 less for some reason now, even though same exact specifications...
  13. My old desktop has a 5400RPM one, atleast i think. Its a rather good pc, but running anything on it is a pain in the ass. BTW i dont care about noise, If i can live with a hamsters wheel squeakin all night, I can live with anything
  14. It dry another pc or reformat windows. I have a external hard drive and it works with same data on every pc i connect it to.
  15. whatever games work, and whatever settings they work at. Im able to play almost any game which doesnt require pixel shader right now.
  16. That graphics card costs over $100, or so it looks like when i looked at google. I think it will be a nice upgrade from my integrated 64MB intel card
  17. Case ( Battalion-101 S-Turbo[AMD] Series 15.4" 16:10 Wide Screen WXGA 1280x800 LCD TFT Notebook w/Li-Ion Battery, Universal AC Power Adapter, Deluxe Carrying Original Metallic Silver Color ) Processor ( Mobile AMD
  18. Mine: http://gameadvisor.futuremark.com/gameadvisor/service/my_system.jsp?sysInfoId=2592064 I use this machine as a server, both http and for this game, so I guess the performance was affected by that. Im getting a nice laptop soon, its going to cost me $1300+ but its well worth it. AMD 3700+ 1GB ram (512 x2 @400 mhz) 60GB hd at 7200 rpm. And I just noticed that this gameadvisor isnt showing correct information, my graphics card has 64MB, not 8. Im pretty sure of it, because this machine can run both Doom 3 and Quake 4 o.O
  19. They require atleast a 56k connection to play and 2mb to host a server
  20. Wow... i dont believe youre still here and that youre still moderator. j/k
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