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  1. humm i cant find it in picasa ill look into it the one from canon i used to use it cause it came with my camera but i dont know where the cd is or i lost the cd key something like that was it called panoramio or something but i was wondering for free ones out there give me some names
  2. huh what u trying to reset like the ink values ?
  3. Hi guys what is the best free program out there to stitch pictures together i want a program with some real AI that can stitch this things well and blur the middle bits attached are the pics i need stitched so this is 5301 with 5302 another one is 5303 and 5304 and another one is 5400 and 5401
  4. i am using a mini pc a shuttle i have not much of a heater lol
  5. check out http://www.selfcast.com/ it is like youtube but they dont save the videos it is like you set up your own TV channel
  6. something wrong with ur home package i think u no where near the 6mb package
  7. but that speed for your house is really slow try it again and lets see if u still get really slow speeds u are not doing anything else online while u resting right ?
  8. go to http://www.cox.com/highspeedinternet/default.asp and there is a drop down on the middle of the page in the right hand side middle top right hand side choose ur location that is kind of slow for cox anyway are u connected to the modem or using wireless or what ?
  9. hi nemonline i think u will notice one of two things either you are on Orange 3G like HSDPA or the speed test is between an orange gateway and the server edge is not capable of those speeds what is it like the mobile internet systems in romania ?
  10. i am glad you guys like the new section Roco it wasnt my idea per say it was the members and staff as a collective i was there just to facilitate make good use of the section get informed and inform other people and if u got any question just post them u never know how many geeks are out there and might know a few things to help you out
  11. the aol stream would not show in the uk they probably didnt have the right for here
  12. some one has it with their sling box at home ?
  13. huh where can i watch it post a link
  14. Hi Guys A new board to discuss about pc security from viruses to scams and things to protect from them like anti virus and firwalls has been created for you here http://www.testmy.net/b-138 tell us what you think about this section? good or bad idea? should have been here for a long time? will you post more ? will you come more to this site? will it help you pick the new anti virus? does it help with protecting you network with a firewall information?
  15. hey at least you are with the fashion trend isn't that cool hehe just messing with u
  16. back to dsl u better download the ALL internet now before u move lol
  17. whatever van i have moved all over the place in the uk and still only on 11Mb download far from ur 100Mbps connection darn you !!
  18. seriously dont understand why they didnt deploy 3G - EVDO or HSDPA on those phones download is not bad but anyone sending an email which is not text will struggle with that upload
  19. Welcome to the site you can also look for a mirror site near to you http://www.testmy.net/tools/mirrors.php
  20. hi kaiten01 have u had a look in this section ?? http://www.testmy.net/forum/index.php?board=135.0
  21. HAHAHAHA is that why they say girls can't multi task because they dont have dicks to smash with bricks ?
  22. Tommie must be some javascript bug or error with ur browser and testmy.net have u tried http://www.testmymobile.net/
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