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  1. have u tried testing with a bigger file or a mirror in europe ? might get closer to 2mb
  2. hi meep welcome to the forum those speed test us posting are not from a UK ip address so yeah they dont count hehe ur servers are in the USA
  3. you tube is so rubbish to me lately always lagging and buffering is this just with me ?
  4. powerspec88 welcome to the forum nice speed 5.9 out of 6 is good
  5. some nice bicycles thats good guys !!
  6. ur upload could be a bit better but ur just on the ball for ur download nice speed
  7. I would like to welcome all Sify members This board was created after zoheb6007 requested it hope you all can find this a useful place so share information from and about Sify enjoy ur stay
  8. Citroen 2cv is the shit indeed nice roco do u pay tax on it or is it old enough that u dont pay tax ? u talking bikes bikes or bicycles ?
  9. u can only cycle in the summer winter sucks getting wet while cycling i do both summer and winter although i prefer summer BTW if u want to ride with me in google maps just load this up in google maps and select it and hit play the google earth file is here http://uploadingit.com/files/27628/Bike%20Ride.kmz
  10. humm i think this thread is going down hill i am serious i do use my bike as my ride !
  11. OMG i did 19 Miles or 30 KM im so tiered my bum hurts look at the picture the red dots is my path today
  12. i made the king of jokes laugh i am happy now i got into my cycling big time since i finish my exam been doing a few miles every day with today being the biggest strech i think i did 15miles today going to check it out in google maps my legs hurt now hahaha
  13. My old ride http://uploadingit.com/files/27628/bike2.JPG http://uploadingit.com/files/27628/bike3.jpg [/html] [b]My NEW ride !![/b] http://uploadingit.com/files/27628/SP_A0318.jpg http://uploadingit.com/files/27628/SP_A0321.jpg http://uploadingit.com/files/27628/SP_A0322.jpg Http://uploadingit.com/files/27628/SP_A0325.jpg
  14. strange how no one commented on this well i want one two, it is a bit expensive but as i am moving into a crowded city area i am almost sure i will be able to pick more then a few signals and merging them all into on box and taking use of all the speedy speed that would be cool
  15. huh are u asking for a cd key for the game ? that is illegal here are you asking for a buddy key as in a name of people who play so u can add them as ur buddies ?
  16. Fiber i will be moving into a house with many rooms, so not feasible to get sky as i think i wont be able to install my dish there also i dont need tv or dont want a tv plus tv license so if i just want internet i think Be is a good options
  17. UPZ i will let u know about be stay in touch anyone else from the uk?? what are ur speeds and how much u pay only 3 of us from the uk
  18. example you are testing with very small file sizes like people have said here before try clicking on the links that people recommended bigger file sizes will allow for accurate readings
  19. 2.75 huh sounds good but yeah they going to ask for all of it in the end yeah i understand about the garden let me know how the Be experience goes i will let u know when i start the process and will make a thread about it
  20. just-

    BIOS Freezes up

    it is reading you RAM memory now when it boots up u know u can hit F2 or some special key to go into bios can you GO into bios ? if you can go into bios but it does not find WINDOWS it seems like it is a HD to be sure u can go into the bios and check to see if it has detected a hard disk (really depends on the bios for this) so can u get into the bios? Y or N
  21. just-

    BIOS Freezes up

    u says Bios freezes up can u go into the bios ?
  22. give it a go i dont think it is the problem but worth a try
  23. hummm no i dont think so but worth a try if she does not use the internet much could u try for one night or day to hoke up directly to the pc also it is a switch not a hug right ?
  24. sure looks like an okay pc humm high ping u seem to have a healthy connection at the moment do u share ur connection with the rest of the house ?
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