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    Christian got a reaction from jb847 in Why Do My Results Differ From Speedtest.net / Ookla Speed Tests?   
    I know why Testmy.net is 10x better.
    Ookla Sucks, TMN doesn't
    It's just plain simple
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    Christian got a reaction from Sean in 4th gen iPad 35MB, iPhone 6 105MB?   
    It's because of the different wireless adapters.
    The iPad 4th generation has less bands while the iPhone 6 has more. This allows the iPhone to take advantage of more bands resulting in faster data speeds.
    Only a certain amount of the extra speed is because of the processing speed boost between the two. The iPhone 6 and iPad 4th generation are pretty close in speed anyways. It's the wireless card, or adapter, causing the speed difference.
    Hope this helped.
    I may be a little wrong, but I'm almost positive I'm right.
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    Christian got a reaction from CA3LE in 4th gen iPad 35MB, iPhone 6 105MB?   
    It's because of the different wireless adapters.
    The iPad 4th generation has less bands while the iPhone 6 has more. This allows the iPhone to take advantage of more bands resulting in faster data speeds.
    Only a certain amount of the extra speed is because of the processing speed boost between the two. The iPhone 6 and iPad 4th generation are pretty close in speed anyways. It's the wireless card, or adapter, causing the speed difference.
    Hope this helped.
    I may be a little wrong, but I'm almost positive I'm right.
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    Christian got a reaction from djpenn3 in Some Of The Best Direct Internet?   
    So, my Mom's a Teacher and they got a new school, and New Internet.
    It's like the FASTEST internet I've seen In person. (It's fast because only a couple of techers are on the Internet since the school year hasn't started yet)
    Do you have faster ones? Post them, i'm interested to see!
       Christian || http://Doolgo.com

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    Christian got a reaction from mudmanc4 in Tmobile LTE problems?   
    I have an iPhone 5 with Tmobile. My LTE used to be around 10mbs Down with one or two bars of LTE... Now all of a sudden it's only 1.3mbs down?

    Any other Tmobile customers having this problem?
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    Christian got a reaction from mudmanc4 in Tmobile LTE problems?   
    I have an iPhone 5 with Tmobile. My LTE used to be around 10mbs Down with one or two bars of LTE... Now all of a sudden it's only 1.3mbs down?

    Any other Tmobile customers having this problem?
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    Christian got a reaction from CA3LE in Some Of The Best Direct Internet?   
    So, my Mom's a Teacher and they got a new school, and New Internet.
    It's like the FASTEST internet I've seen In person. (It's fast because only a couple of techers are on the Internet since the school year hasn't started yet)
    Do you have faster ones? Post them, i'm interested to see!
       Christian || http://Doolgo.com

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    Christian got a reaction from CA3LE in How to Make Your Internet Seem Faster.   
    Did you know you can make your internet seem faster?
    All you have to do is Change your Internet Prefrences in your 'DSN' Tab!
    All you have to change it to is ' ' and / or ' ' (No Quotes)
    A DSN is a Domain Name System.
    The Ones I gave you are Googles, the way this will make your internet seem quicker is because these are Googles DSN's, Google has a lot of websites cached, and makes your internet seem quicker by giving you the content through theie quick servers.
    You're welcome.
    Keep not this will not in any way affect your TMN Test Score(s)
    Christian || http://Doolgo.com
    Pictures Below are For Mac, they may differ for a Windows Powered Computer.

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    Christian reacted to CA3LE in Hard Copy Speed Test Results / Save Results   
    Hi Alvin,
      If you go to "Your Results" below the graph is a link that says "Export".  Click that and TestMy.net will output a .csv file that can be read by spreadsheet and database programs like excel, access, mysql, etc..  it can also be read by any simple text editor.   For your convince the links above will get you to what they describe future readers of this, only my results will work for you.  Attached is a screenshot of my "Your Results" page with the link highlighted.  The export link follows the query, so if you query a specific period of time for instance it will only export those results that were shown.       Exporting is cool if you want to play with graphing the information yourself.  But the results saved to my databases aren't going anywhere and it's pretty easy to query and graph the information within the site... if you wanted to export to share your results, you could alternately share the query.  You'll also see share links in the same area as export as long as you have a browser that supports flash (no longer necessary).  You can share the URL from the address bar on "Your Results" but if you modify the query in any way you need to use the "Share This Query" button as also seen in the screenshot.   Another screenshot shows the detailed list below the graph.  If you want to share a single score click 'share' on the right.  If you want to share two, simply copy the Test ID of one of the results then click 'share' on the other... paste the score you copied and submit and you'll be shown options for two combined.      ... You know what... here's a little video I put together to show you.  My family is sleeping, it's only 6:30 here is Arizona right now, so just pretend that I narrated it.   haha  ... if you turn the sound up you can hear pandora playing in the background.     TMN is an independent one man operation and 100% word-of-mouth.  I hope you like what I've built and share it with your friends.   - Kind Regards, - Damon - TestMy.net
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    Christian reacted to CA3LE in WildBlue / Exceed LIE about TestMy.net accuracy   
    Hi Joe,
      I've never personally had a Satellite connection to test on... but the principals are the same for any connection type.  Data is sent or received, I time it and calculate the speed... many ISPs no longer like my results, I tell consumers the truth.  Over the years I've got feedback from literally thousands of satellite users.  They ALWAYS tell me just the opposite.  They say it's the only truly reliable way to test.  The veteran users of Wildblue World and the admin of xplornetsucks.com swear by it... Accurate Speeds Or Speed Test Error? (search their forums... hundreds of examples of Wildblue users testing with TestMy.net) Use Testmy.net or else!! NO MORE speedtest.net posts will be allowed!!! (Xplornet is another satellite ISP, this forum is made by and for it's frustrated users) I don't know these guys.  But they are satellite experts and use TMN over the other options out there.
      Also, if TMN was inaccurate on Satellite then why does ViaSat want me to design something to display their average speed on their website? (added: this is now available on the share tab for all the ISPs, cities and countries listed in the speed test database)   If you research deep enough in my forums you'll see numerous accounts of Wildblue sending their customers to TestMy.net so I don't know why they would tell you that.  Maybe now they've joined the bandwagon and are hosting their own BS test.  Trust me, get network monitoring software that graphs your throughput and compare TestMy.net to others... You'll realize quickly that Wildblue is full of sh!t.   You can trust them or you can trust the findings of an independent third party that's been testing connections for over 17 years.  My results and methods are time tested and proven.   Thank you for visiting, I hope you like what I've built.  It's a labor of love... please help by spreading the word.  TestMy.net is word-of-mouth.  And if you spot inaccuracy in my results, I'd love to hear about it.   - Damon - TestMy.net   P.S. Thank you for the feedback. I need to know this stuff. I can add them to a long list of ISPs who tell that to their customers. It's not true.
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    Christian reacted to CA3LE in Buy TestMy.net   
    Hi Mike,
      Check out https://testmy.net/make-a-speed-test -- start the process and I'd love to get a custom test setup for you.   - Damon - TestMy.net    
    Oh, Sorry Mark, I misunderstood. I woke up at like 4:30, I answered your email half a sleep and went back to bed.  Haha. That's the kind of dedication I have to my website. I had 4 people ask me for speed tests yesterday and I guess I half read your message and assumed that was what you wanted. Oops, sorry.
      I'm always interested when people ask me this question. About 6 months ago I had a serious offer.  Whoever it was had his broker call me, I guess the guy buys a lot of sites. I declined, they forgot a zero.     My site is worth much more to me than money.  It would take a very serious offer to peak my interest.  8 figures, that would make me sleep on it.   You might not think that's worth it... I don't care because I'm not selling it anyway.  It's a strong growing market that I'm growing in. I believe very strongly in what I've built and I think it's only a matter of time before more people realize. For me to not see this to the end... it would be expensive for whoever was interested.  But that's because I know what I'm sitting on and I'm patient enough to wait.    -- there is no other site that does what mine does, using only native browser technology. I also offer logging and auto testing functions that nobody has. It's only a matter of time before more people realize that I'm here. Watch, wait and see.   I appreciate your interest, shows me I'm on the right track,   Cheers, - Damon Mueller - TestMy.net  
    Hi again Mark,
      I want it to be out of peoples price range because I don't want to sell it. I've been actually getting a lot of emails asking the same thing.  Here's one that just came in a couple hours ago.    "One of our TOP clients expressed interest in making an offer on buying your website business testmy.net. He would like to know more details (upon a signed NDA if you require) and if all things are fine and we come to an agreement as far as pricing, we could close a deal."   I'm happy that people are interested, like I said, it shows I'm on the right track.  But I just don't see myself selling it, I've really poured myself into TMN so much that selling it is like selling myself. So even when it's worth the figures I would want right now... I'll just change the price to something else that nobody would pay.  Haha.  I sabotage the possibility of selling it on purpose. Now when I feel like I've finished... I might want to sell it. Although I'm starting to feel like I can't finish it, there is always more I can do.   As for the "make a speed test". This is brand new, right now the mirrors function as my own mirrors do.  The host sets up TestMy.net on their server, TMN and the host server work together to provide the speed test.  TMN takes care of the heavy lifting like usernames, logging, results processing, statistics... the host server runs a controller that TMN calls upon, drawing off the host resources. This allows people to setup their own private speed test servers with minimal requirements on the host end.     --- later I'll offer ways to better integrate the service into websites.  Here's an example from a German website   Thanks again for the interest, keep visiting! - Damon
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    Christian reacted to CA3LE in Delete my results / Reset my results   
      Want to know the way I do it?  I don't delete anything, I change the query date range. This way you can look back at those old results. On "Your Results" you will see an 'update' button, next to that is the date range.  Enter the number of days you'd like to go back and the date, it will remember your choice later.  Another thing you can do is add an extra identifier.  Before the test, select an extra id, there are drop down boxes near the testing links around the site.  You can then modify your query to show only those results. Play around with the ways to narrow your query within "Your Results" page.   Having said that... I'm going to have an option to reset all results and select multiple results for deletion.  New concepts will include an undo option for anything deleted along with more ways to organize and sort your test results.     If you want to get these features before the general public please signup for the new beta program.  They should be released within the next couple of months.   If you like what I've built, please spread the word.   - Cheers, - Damon  
    This is slated for the next version.  But you can always contact me and I'll reset it for you.
    - Damon
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    Christian reacted to CA3LE in Wireless ISP looking to license a speed test   
    Hi Chris,
    I'd be happy to help. Free to you and your users, I'll even set the server up for you if you need me to.  Everything I offer is free... you're promoting my service.   Go to https://testmy.net/make-a-speed-test to start the process.  Email me back the server details and I'll get you a test server online that works exactly like TestMy.net... it just uses your resources.   I run the same exact build on my own mirrors.  I have an update coming out in a few days so as soon as we get you online we'll need to update the core.  This is brand new, there are lots more in store over the next few months.     I'm beta testing a brand new mobile GUI.  Go to the homepage, scroll to the bottom and click 'mobile optimized' ... it works great in all resolutions and uses the same core as the full version. When I'm finished I'll flip the switch so that it defaults to that GUI for mobile devices automatically. (released and done long ago) I've done it in the past but this version is VERY adaptive.  Pages morph automatically to fit the situation. I definitely have the most compatible speed test, by far.   Hit me back when you're ready, I look forward to getting you going. - Damon - TestMy.net
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    Christian reacted to CA3LE in Auto Speed Test Does Not Complete   
    When you come back to your computer is the window blank or does it still show TestMy.net?  What browser are you using?
    - Damon
    It re-tests for me every time... in any browser.
      The browser command that's being executed is one of the most basic, failsafe methods. I haven't ever seen it fail.   Maybe you have a browser add-on, internet security software or changed a setting that would disallow this method.  I can see how some internet security programs might think that's malicious... but obviously in this case you want it to refresh the content.  Try disabling any software that your connection may be routed through or adding TestMy.net to any whitelists.   ... TMN has been a very safe, trusted resource since I started it so you can trust me on your whitelist.   - Kind Regards, hopefully that helps, - Damon - TestMy.net  
    Hey Paul,
      You can still browse the Internet.  Just have the Auto test running in a different window... some people even load up a different browser so they don't accidentally close it.  You should be able to browse within TestMy.net inside the auto test, but I don't... I'll open a new tab or browser windows personally. I just ran an auto test, browsed around the forum for a little bit, flagged some spammers... and then just now it re-tested.  As long as you can see the banner at the top that says "This test will automatically... blah blah blah" it should retest every time for you.  If you encounter a link that opens on top of that banner please let me know, it shouldn't do that.   ... I recommend starting it in a different window, off to the side if your screen resolution allows... then if you see it retest while you're on the Internet, just wait a second until the results come up... then get back to what you were doing.  I personally run it when I'm away, I start it and sleep my monitor.  As long as your computer and network card aren't set to sleep... it will work every time. Every time I've seen it not refresh it was because the computer or NIC fell asleep.   Let me know if you find the issue, - Damon  
    I don't have an option to select more that one... But that will be in the next version.  You can modify the date and days to only show the most recent.  That's how I've always done it.
    - Damon
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    Christian reacted to CA3LE in Rank ISPs in my area   
    Hi Leila,
      Thank you, I try to build something that helps consumers.  I've got so much information logged about connection speed and I've only scratched the surface of ways to present that information in useful ways. Very soon I'm going to aggregate providers for each location.  Example, say you live in Phoenix, AZ United States.  You look at the Phoenix database and instantly it will pull the names of all the providers found in the Phoenix database... it will then calculate the averages, maximums and minimums for each one and rank them the way you want. Hopefully armed with that information a lot of people can get help to find the most reliable providers in their area. Like I said, the information is there... I just need to present it better.  ... I know this, but I'm also one person trying to pull this all off so I really have to manage my time and build in stages. It all takes immense amounts of time and dedication. Luckily I'm very patient.
      Ultimately my site is aimed at helping consumers, I hope you stick around to watch it develop because I'm just getting started.  Please tell your friends, TestMy.net is word-of-mouth.   Let me know where you live and I'll provide some examples in my database that might help you find a good provider in the area. ... I might even know off the top of my head depending on the area.   - Kind Regards, - Damon Mueller - TestMy.net   ______ Damon's response today ______   Hi Leila,   I just wanted to let you know that there was a speed test database update that might help you with the information you were after when you emailed me in late May.   Search for a provider and it ranks the members on that provider.  Search for a city or country and it ranks the users and the ISPs in the area.  All data is rendered live.   Enjoy!  I appreciate the feedback, - Damon  TestMy.net  
    Screenshot I forgot to attach.

      By the way, you must be signed in to see the ranking...   -D
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    Christian reacted to CA3LE in ISP not stacking up? Just blame the speed test.   
    Hi Ken,
      I have users that regularly pull over 600 Mbps (>70 MB/s). My servers are ALL very well connected with at least 1000 Mbps symmetrical.  My main server has dual symetrical 1000 Mbps connections connected into Softlayer's multi-homed network >> http://www.softlayer.com/about/network/carriers. I'm in all of their datacenters. I've got a lot of bandwidth to back up my application, before anything... I make sure that my bandwidth is premium for my users. It's a bandwdith testing application, to be real.. it has to be on the best connected networks.  Research my host and you'll find that I'm very well connected and peered.   ... My main server is also very powerful with SSD RAID5 and 24 cores. Overpowering my end means that when you test you're guaranteed a private core, memory and plenty of bandwidth on tap. I'm running at a small fraction of my servers potential... and then I have 5 other servers on top of that to choose from.  All dedicated to the task of speed testing. https://testmy.net/mirror  -- 10 more mirrors hosted by other people too (new project, offering it up to anyone with a web server, you should host one at your school if you can). https://testmy.net/make-a-speed-test   I suggest testing to some of the mirrors to see if there may be a routing issue.  If you get limited speeds similar on most servers you might want to look into the problem locally. Either on the client machine or network. Often tweaking TCP settings can improve connections that fast. For Windows, which is the worst culprit, search for TCP optimizer from speedguide.net (I think it's) https://speedguide.net/downloads.php. For other OS search google for gigabit TCP tweaks for your specific OS. Note that TestMy.net is sensitive to many issues that other speed tests don't detect. It's purposely designed to be a hard test to ace... try to score as high as you can, then compare your subsequent results to your own average, highs and lows.  Don't expect to pull your full speed on every connection type you test with... especially gigabit and faster.  I can't... but the tools still makes the health of your connection very obvious in my opinion.   TestMy.net is more than just an Internet speed test. I've seen first hand where it scored my girlfriends macbook under 20 Mbps on a 50 Mbps connection... I swapped her hard drive for an SSD and upon reboot her TestMy.net score maxed out my connection. I purposely tested around to prove a point. No other speed test picked up on it... even though my download and Internet surfing performance were obviously degraded. I wrote every line of code and I don't even know what truly makes my test different, it just is. Some known differences between how I do it and how my leading competitors do it are touched on at https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/28902-why-do-my-results-differ-from-speedtestnet-ookla-speed-tests/.   If you like my life's work, please share it... it's totally word-of-mouth. - Damon
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    Christian reacted to CA3LE in ISP not stacking up? Just blame the speed test.   
    Hi Alex,
    Distance will not be an issue if your provider is delivering.  GB to NL isn't that far, if your provider and the people they peer with were delivering... you'd be able to easily pull your speeds at that distance.  I have connections that I pull hundreds of Mbps from at distances of thousands of miles.
    TestMy.net uncovers issues that other speed tests fail to detect.  It could be your TCP settings effecting performance.  It could be poor routing or it could be that your ISP is pulling a fast one.. shaping the way you can draw your bandwidth.  LOTS of people are contacting me telling me that this is happening to them. TMN is purposely designed to render as normal content would which makes it in tune with many issues that go undetected otherwise.
    Before you're so quick to judge you might want to read this post one of my members wrote, just last night.  https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/30731-multithread/?p=339762 -- He's an aerospace engineer with a lot of experience with bandwidth.  His independent findings as well as others backup my claims.  That's coming from someone who's pulling over 600 Mbps frequently using the same exact test you used... it's not my test, it's not my bandwidth.  Other speed tests are wrong more often than not.
    Believe the numbers you want to believe but before you rush to judgement you might want to put a meter on your line and compare.  TestMy.net is right on the money every time. Other tests myself and others compare to don't line up and obviously aren't taking the entire test into consideration.  They also often don't use enough test information to be accurate so results can be inflated from bursting.
    Another way you can achieve higher speeds is by multithreading.  If you go to https://testmy.net/mirror you'll see information on it and a link to toggle it on and off.  Currently however I haven't expanded this to my servers outside of the US.  The way it's setup now you'll be pulling resources from all my servers in the US at the same time.  By opening more threads you may be able to pull more speed, even given the distance.  The resulting score will represent your speed not just to one location... but across the entire US.  Multithreading is not my default option because enabling it can mask issues that only testing a single thread will pickup on.  Again, this is what makes my site different.  Other sites are simply trying to max out your connection.  There is more to it than that.  The truth is, if your connection is running correctly and your ISP isn't shaping your bandwidth... you should be able to max a single thread.   ... personally, I have the same issue on my home connection as you might.  I can't come close to my speeds in a single thread, multithread opens me up an extra 30Mbps. Using the multithread speed test on my connection more accurately depicts the capability but the question remains, why can I only do that when I open more threads?  If there was an issue with the test or servers myself (on other connections I have) and other users wouldn't be able to pull many 100's of Mbps.
    ISPs are starting to heavily shape the way you can draw your bandwidth.  Often limiting single thread transactions.  Other speed tests fail to pick up on this... maybe they design it that way on purpose because that's who the ISPs use.  ... Ookla brand speed tests in particular are BS.  They ignore part of the transfer and omit a portion of the data, the result is an inflated score. Read more - That information comes from their OWN admission printed in their own wiki.  Dude, you have to admit to me... if the results are adjusted, it nullifies the result.  You can't trust something that makes adjustments for a number that's variable.  ... Say that your connection dips for part of the test.  Chances are, it won't be accounted for in the final result.  You're testing to know that information and they're hiding it from you.  TMN accounts for EVERYTHING that happens during the test.
    If you look at the TiP details on my results you'll see how much simply looking at different parts of the data can effect the result.  Look at 'middle average', that's removing the first and last reading... Not only does ookla/speedtest.net ignore the start and finish, they remove the worst portion of your results before calculation. Flash speed tests have been proven inaccurate by MANY people much smarter than I am.  I've also been told that ISPs that opt in can actually make adjustments to how much of the results are dropped off.  HAHA, sounds like fraud to me.  Letting ISPs basically make their own results.  BAH!  How they sleep at night escapes me.
    Keep this in mind too... I was building my test nearly 10 years before ookla released their first test.  Believe who you want to... my program is just calling it how it sees it.  Other people in GB are able to pull well over 100 Mbps... even out to my US servers --- https://testmy.net/country/gb/max --- your connection just isn't delivering like you thought it was.  The truth hurts sometimes but when you searched for a speed test I don't think you were looking for someone to pull wool over your eyes... you were looking for a test.  If you don't believe my results, use the other guys test with results designed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
    Thanks for visiting, I hope that I've helped shed some light and that you'll trust and continue to use my service.  If I opened your eyes to anything, please help me spread the word.  I'm trying my hardest to get this information to people but I'm only one person.
    - Cheers and Kind Regards,
    - Damon Mueller
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    Christian reacted to CA3LE in Virgin Mobile Opera Mini Server, make it faster?   
    Hi Aaron,
      This is a question that would be best answered by the TestMy.net Forum.  Post up your question and myself and other TestMy.net members will try to help you.  Having it as a topic in the forum might help someone else in your situation later.   When you post your question be specific about your device, operating system, provider.. the plan you have.  More details from you = better help from us.   I look forward to helping you get more out of your connection.  Don't forget to tell your friends about my site, it's word-of-mouth. - Damon  
    Ouch, that has a proprietary operating system doesn't it?  Do you have access to any apps like android or iOS does?
      If you had an Android or iOS device I'd recommend Chrome.  I don't think you can put that on your phone however.  I think that you might be stuck with Opera Mini.   Having said that, your speeds are super terrible.  Sprint doesn't have a very fast network to begin with.  Out of the large providers, they rank the lowest.  But really, if your speeds stay around the 5/2 range like you said, you should have a comfortable Internet experience.  If your having problems with the test completing sometimes then you might have coverage issues.  Some providers perform better in some areas, you might want to see who your friends and neighbors in the area use.  I had Sprint years ago and when I moved once I had to switch providers because my signal was so bad in my new area.  It worked fine before I moved but my new hours just sucked for Sprint.  I switched to Verizon and problem solved.   I get over 30 Mbps on my iPhone using Verizon LTE in good areas.  At my house it gets around 10-20 Mbps.  Sprint is capable of the same thing but their networks are more congested because they're unlimited... providers that have bandwidth caps have cleaner, faster networks because users are more likely to get on WiFi when they can to save bandwidth and money.   Wireless providers are highly variable... in terms of you trying to get more out of that, on your cell phone....  I think that you might already be pushing it's capabilities.  If you have a choice in the matter, next time get a phone that has a more open platform that allows for more expansion.  Android or Apple iOS are always your best bet.  The popularity of the operating systems on those devices means that they'll continue to grow, MANY more developers for those devices means more options with software and support.  Personally I would stay FAR away from windows phones and phones running proprietary operating systems.  If you're within your return policy, take it back and get an Android phone.  You'll thank me later.   Good Luck, hope your speeds improve, - Damon Mueller - TestMy.net
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    Christian got a reaction from CA3LE in 32-bit to 64-bit?   

    Yeah Im going to get a Mac Mini, by the time I have enough they'll have the new one out lol
    Or my luck I'll buy it and two days later Apple with have a new one 2 days later .-.
    Im going to buy a older one anyways, its cheaper
    Im going to upgrade it's guts though
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    Christian got a reaction from CA3LE in 32-bit to 64-bit?   
    Lol, I like the clean interface, in my opinion, its 10x better than Windows.
    There isn't much develpment for their new Windows8.
    I know about Hackintosh, but I want it from apple. The way they intended the user ot user THIER computers.
    Also their tech support is good because there isn't many models like on Windows, Hp, Dell, Asus, etc. Support is worse on Windows machines, to me.
    Plus I like iMovie lol 
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    Christian got a reaction from CA3LE in 32-bit to 64-bit?   
    I was just wondering, I have a Macbook 2007.
    It has a Intel Core Duo processor, which is 32-bit.
    I was wondering, would it be cheap let-alone possible to swap it with a Intel Core Duo 2 processor so it's 64-bit?
    The reason I want to do so is because I cant update the software on the Macbook, because its a 32, and I can't use parallels.
    If it's possible  would it be cheap or should I fix up the broken display and battery on my 2007 Macbook and sell it and save up to get a Old Mac Mini or Macbook air?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Christian got a reaction from CA3LE in Download + Upload Differs Than Just Download?   
    I did a Download+Upload and it is different than my Download?
    This was on my iPhone by the way.
    ..::Just Download::..

    They were both done on the same server, same place, and a couple of seconds apart.
    This isn't the first time this has happened.

    Thanks in Advance!
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    Christian got a reaction from CA3LE in Why Do My Results Differ From Speedtest.net / Ookla Speed Tests?   
    I know why Testmy.net is 10x better.
    Ookla Sucks, TMN doesn't
    It's just plain simple
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    Your Welcome!
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    Christian reacted to CA3LE in Don't put a case on your iPhone 5, engrave it!   
    Thanks... That's my logo dude... It isn't going anywhere
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