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How many people here make their own ethernet cords?

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The 1000ft of wire was 150$

The extra clips were 15$ish

The covers at the end were like 7$

Yeah, I make 'em too, but you're gettin' ripped on the pricing.

A box of Cat5 shouldn't cost more than $75 at the highest.

Depending on the quantity of the connectors and boots [ 100? ], they should also be about half that price.

Check Monoprice.com

They also sell on eBay but their website prices are better.

I think you'll find their pre-made cable prices hard to beat too.

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It's definitely cheaper, if you are networking your home, to make your own cables.  There's really not much to it....doing your own coaxial cable is pretty straight-forward too.  Plus, it never hurts to have a length of cat-5 or cat-6 kickin around.  You never know, right?

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