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Cable has a high bandwidth yield by far, which means more information at one time, but DSL is faster by means of it gets to you quicker.. Example Two cars same speed,, Dsl/MiniCoupe CABLE/Van,, the Van can hold more information just like more people, so more data at one time. Now say, two cars Van/CABLE FERRARI/DSL the dsl can move faster than the van, but that van is holding alot more information than making constant trips like DSL... Get it?

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Both of which connections are shared(cable and dsl) however cable is shared with ur neighbors and dsl is shared at the telco.  U may notice a more drastic speed decrease with cable during peak hours because of the fact that u r sharing the connection with ur neighbors.  Dont even consider sattelite unless it is ur only option other than Dial Up(in some ways Dial up is better than SAT).  I have never had SAT but I heard so many horror stories about SAT.

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i have cable and satellite (multiple satellites due to business needs).  cable is considerably faster than satellite and costs less.  dsl is great where available. fios is pretty cool if you can get it.  microwave wifi is also pretty good. 

it is really a matter of availability/needs/costs. 

where I live/work many of our options are either dialup or satellite.  or no dialup at all in many of our industrial sites...

at home, i use cable due to multiple user requierments and i do dev work on satellite for customers needs.

if your budget is not a problem, get the system that best suits your bandwidth/speed needs, of course all of this based on availability.

there are other considerations...

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