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Okay im about to get a cell phone soon and i found a good looking LG one (LG 1400) and i really liked it but i have heard that LG is a bad phone company because their phones have many problems. Anyone had any experiences with LG cellies?

but even if LG isnt bad...i most likely will get the Motorola V551 which looks really nice :-D

but i just wanted to get some opinions on LG phones

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:) L G is a manufacturer of cell phones as is Motorola, I have had L G phones in the past and they worked fine, I just got a newer Motorola and it has all the bells, whistles, and gongs. I personally dont think that there is much difference in most of these phones, one thing I look for is talk time, and stand by time on battery before needing recharge........after that its all about what if any features you want.What really makes a difference with a cell phone is that your provider has a service area that works 4u, and that there is a strong enough signal when its time to make a call.The one I just got on Saturday has G.P.S. on it as do all new cell phones which may or may not be a feature I will ever want , need , or use unless I have some kind of emergancy..........anyway good luck and beware of all the features that seem cheap until you use them and then get the bill. BTW my new cell pictures are not very good but luckily I still have a Kodiak instamatic camera that I know how to use if I feel the urge to take a picture.....I don't want to play games or take pictures or get email or browse the web....I just want to make a phone call and hear and not get cut off while talking.....lol :):) At least they are smaller, the first one I had weighed about 6or7 pounds and was bigger than a kids lunch box.........

8) Microwave

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Oh that risk, which exists even when you're just living and not doing anything at all. It's a genetic thing, which we all seem to have. Shortens our lives, and reduces overpopulation. It's not all bad, that ever-present cancer risk.

No idea on the cell phone company part, I've never heard of the company before. :?

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I have an LG, as well as my mom. horrible phones they are. Bought it brand new, was getting no signal. took it back to my provider, they upgraded the software. Came back, said it still didnt help. They sent it to the factory, then they sent it back claiming " user damage to the number pad and corrupted software. Well thats impossible, since i JUST bought the phone......fuck 'um. Their all basicaly unsterdy plastic crap . But yea, i wouldnt reccomend a LG, id go with sumthin else if possible.

heres my pos-lg




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Ok i was interested in knowing if you guys know any websites that yo ucan go to and just download a game for free (and just pay for watever it costs for wap from ur service provider)

i found a couple of ringtone sites, but no game sites yet :(



i want something like that where u just go to website from phone, type in the ID, and it downloads and says do u want to store this and u just click store and ur done

i found out internet fees for cingular is only 1cent/kb...i got Heaven by DJ Sammy and Yanou for a mere 8 cents + about 3-4 cents forthe stuff it downloaded to load the site.  so if anyone knows any game sites like those (free games, just pay for wap on phone), then plzzzzz put them all in here

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