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How Do You Get Your Stars Up??


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hey S7R1D3R wazup

you just need to post here

the more posts you have the more stars you will get and the name above the stars will change

let me warn you that if you post SPAM and just a one word answer you will be sanctioned, we value constructive and consistent messages

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OK thanks for the heads up man.

How long have you been with TMN?

you have a lot of post over 2000! geesh i dont think ill ever get that much but it sucks being titled a newbie. =..(

i just hope i become like a veteran or something .

thanks again for the help man.  :D

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Not every mod/admin is a spammer, just look at me :P

Thet key in high post count is consistency, just keep on going. Absences of over a month kill your average posts per day... not that it matters.

Good luck on becoming a TMN friend :)

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Oh I didnt even notice i had become a Jr. Member that is so cool.

Well thanks for all the advice everyone and Just- i hope i can stay for a couple of years like u too.

Im not a noob anymore.lol

thanks for all the help and advice!

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If you have boobies they let you get away with more :P

not like I would know...

I don't have any...

nor any postcount...

I better quit my job...

I'm slacking :(


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Guest thecableguy

I was wondering what it takes to get your stars up and become a TMN friend or higher because i want to do that.

Can anyone pls help?


I had to read this twice before I understood exactly what you meant.....my inital response was gonna be "the easiest way to see your stars to go up around my house is to argue with the wife....she has a knack for making me see all sorts of stars..."

Oh....you wanted a real answer.....POST POST POST.....that's the ticket!

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that must be a new style php :) and S7R1D3R damn she has a FAT @$$

Are you talking about my wife there?

I got a better picture of her.

I'll post it upnext to this one.

thanx for all the help folks and lmao cableguy u see stars when ur wife kicks ur ass lmao.

thanx again

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