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intel's smart speed managment crap


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i have it in my Pentium D, what it does is (in order to save power  :roll: ) is it bumps the core cpu speed down to 2.79 GHz, and when it is under any sort of heavy(er) load, it will bump it back up to 3.0 GHz...lol...which i want it to always be at, duh....

just found the setting to switch the speed managment feature off in bios a few minutes ago, and lemme tell you, i can see and feel the difference of having this baby always run @ 3.0GHz even when i don't need it!! lol....

anyway, if anyone else has this feature in their computer, turn it off...

you'll be glad ;-)

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That's SpeedStep for Intel, Cool'n'Quiet for AMD. Usually the first setting to turn off when overclocking, although some keep it on for the power saving features. Good if you don't have the money to run at full speed all the time, aka made for students.

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there is a reason for it.. most cases, ones bought from manufactures, dont really care about proper cooling.. SFM are the worst!!  So what Intel did is create a system that would reduce the heat inside the case so that you dont toast your computer..  But yeah.. you can see the performance difference.  HInce why you can get a Prescott P4 from dell in the SMF..

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