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A certin program needed


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Alright i was wondering about a program, and dont get me wrong i really would like this program on my computer. but are there program's on the Net, downloadable, that auto-start your computer. Something user-friendly, i just want it to like auto-start at like 2:00pm so its up and running when i get home, because i dont wanna idle when sisters home, she likes to mess with stuff, but yeah. can anyone help me  :icon_pale:

- jake.philly.

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yeah you could do that.. you need a WOL complient motherboard and NIC.. but that is a possibillity.. you are also going to need another computer to send the packets.. Which would be easy to do with this program,  http://magicpacket.free.fr/ , and maybe windows scheduler?


The other thing that you could try is hibernate with a password on the computer.  That way the system is saved just as you left it and then shuts down http://www.helpwithwindows.com/WindowsXP/tune-11.html

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Some BIOS's (mine included) have a auto turn on feature... you would have to look around in your BIOS.  A program wouldn't be able to do it though, except maybe from another computer.  But I haven't had good luck with WOL (in other words... I've never been able to get it to work on any of my computers)

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Yep, my dell has a feature within the bios that just auto starts it at a certain time (this also drove me nuts because we shut down our computer and in the morning its back on, confused until finally found that setting)

Yea there should just be a auto start option within the bios. Odd windows doesnt have somethin to allow it to, all the macs we have at school you can set to auto start and auto shut down whenever you want.

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