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New Windows Media Player 11


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A new version of Windows Media Player, Windows Media Player 11, is set to be made public on Wednesday, however, it has found its way into the hands of internet users before its public release. Flexbeta has some early screenshots of the next Media Player for Windows users.

OK, here's the download link, too.

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my 'new' Secretary of State ~ tommie gorman has advised me of a previous 'thread' on this matter. I told him what I thought about it and well, . . .I'm Semi-Pro Choice on this matter ~ to quote an  unknown insider, w the initials GWB ~ "the internets are a very dangerous place. . ."

this is Windows Media Player 11.0.5358.4826

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Cool, but I think I would prefer National Security Advisor.

Who Has the Power?

The role of the Secretary of State is often eclipsed by other key advisors to the President. The main rival is the National Security Advisor--a job currently held by President Clinton's close friend Sandy Berger. The office of National Security Advisor has existed since 1953, and it has been held by larger-than-life figures like Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, McGeorge Bundy, and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

If you would not mind Boss.  :thumbsup::biggun:

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imo that's better than getting an "early" version from a third party. god knows what surprises they patched into that.

the one that i got was compleatly clean, and i have and not 1 problem with it. Its actually the same exact one that is included with the latest windows vista beta.

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