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Planets Found!


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Planets Found in Potentially Habitable Setup

By Ker Than ~ SPACE.com

"Three medium-sized planets of roughly the same mass as Neptune have been discovered around a nearby Sun-like star, scientists announced today."

"The planets were discovered around HD 69830, a star slightly less massive than the Sun located 41 light-years away in the constellation Puppis (the Stern), using the ultra-precise HARPS spectrograph on the European Southern Observatory's 3.6-meter La Silla telescope in Chile."

"The setup is similar to our own solar system in many ways: The outermost planets is located just within the star's habitable zone, where temperatures are moderate enough for liquid water to form, and the system also contains an asteroid belt."

"The newly discovered planets have masses of about 10, 12 and 18 times that of Earth and they zip around the star in rapid orbits of about 9, 32 and 197 days, respectively."

"Based on their distances from the star, two inner worlds nearest the star are rocky planets similar to Mercury, the scientists suspect. The outermost planet is thought to have a solid core of rock and ice and shrouded by a thick gas envelope."

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my theory is we are not alone. there is probably something like the federation from star trek out there with something like their prime directive. we are being watched but no contact will be made until we develop truly advanced space travel. the alien sightings are aliens that don't give a shit about the law and the crop circles are the equivalent of teenage graffiti tags.

other options are: we are truly alone in the universe (unlikely)

the other option is that there is a spacefaring civilization or more of them out there that is of a similar mindset as earthlings, in which case we are fucked if the decide to come by in force. a technologically advanced civilization whith the same values as humans would mean utter destruction for humanity. look what happened when the technologically advanced europeans landed in the americas and africa for example.

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is that like a vibrator?

. . .some of our females (you know them as Models) think that way.

[but we're really just gods in the making]

. . .don't worry, we have a great sense of humor ~ we made mankind in OUR image.

we're just waiting for you to en-lighten up!!

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Hahaha, this topic ownzorz.  :haha:... But back on topic.. my oppinion is that.. theres NO WAY we can be the only ones.. i mean even if its proven 10 times over.. i still wont believe were alone because its hard to imagine were the ONLY ONES OUT OF ALLLLL THE UNIVERSE.. WERE IT. Think about it.

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There is life on other planets......it seems a big waste of space if there isn't any

My point exactly theres got to be it would be very neive of us to think we were alone

has mother nature ever created something useless?

or does mother nature only exist in our planet?

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