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modem got attacked by ANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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hello friends

                  yesterday morning(early) i browsd n everything went off nice it seemed to me but at about 10am when i returned home n was just switching on the comp i saw an ANT moving over my mouse(logitech optical mouse) slider button

                  i just wiped it off n was surprised to c so much ants (about a dozen in no inside the mouse itself) i just want to know their roots n so went to the back of my comp a very big shock in my whole life awaited me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    the terminal(of my modem) to which the tel line is connected was just full of ants trying to get inside the modem!!!!!!!!!!

                      i just unplugged everything took it out n  saw already my modem(Smart AX 841-Sterlite) is full of ants flowing in n out a the greatest horror in recent times !!!!!!!!!!!

                      i just pulled out my vacuum cleaner n used it to absorb all these dangerous (their bites r painfull) creatures n in a minute all the ants were inside the cleaner

                          then i cald up my ISP engineer who told there is nothing to worry if i get connected to the net n i got connected after plugging in all the devices

                          my question is what attraction does these ants 've inside my modem that too  a new one (i got it only some weeks b4)?????????   

                              and wat and all should i do to clean it????????


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thanks xylem n ewo 4 useful n yet informative res

        one of my q remains unanswered still!!! wat job does these ants ve inside my modem ?????????????????

        being an electric engineer i cant understand this ????????

          do the capacitors (made of silica) a potential attraction????????

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those ants are bugs. being bugs, they want to join other bugs. what better place for bugs than on the internet? all those bugs around the web attract them to no end.

but seriously. the south american fire ant (from your description of a painful bite) is an evil motherfucking piece of work. if they are already invading your home you need to contact an exterminator and have him do your whole place and yard. especially if you have pets and/pr children. if in a suburban neighborhood best to get together with the neighbors to ensure that a bigger swath of land is cleared of these bastards.

the funny thing about em is that besides being highly dangerous to people that are allergic and nasty fast spreading pests otherwise they love electrical fields. they will go into breaker boxes, electrical conduits, anything that has electrical power and is accessible (like your modem). they will actually try to nest there. this can turn into a fire hazard since eventually they will short something out and their bodies and other crap they drag in can then cause a fire.

your local exterminators should know how to deal with them if your area is adffected. if your area has not previously had a problem with them be sure to also inform the authorities so a larger scale extermination campaign can be started.

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yeah they love electrical apliances fdor some reason They can become really denures like it says up there they can create fires i heard of a few fres blame on ants around here

Luckily i am imune to them now (and just about every insect out there) I been stung to many times i dont even get a bump anymore just a lil red dot with no bump  but it no longers hurts

Rember i am a lawn maintance guy

i get stung so many times a day and i really dont have time to stop and take them of i just keep going untuil i got imune to them this year but hey i been doing yard work for a while now

ants are really amazing creatures

i love them

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yesterday i tried a chemical cald gamaxene which is available locally here!!!!!1

        but today again those hard biting beasts came again to my modem but with reducd nos>>>

          i should b glad 4 that purpose alone!!!!!

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yesterday i tried a chemical cald gamaxene which is available locally here!!!!!1

      but today again those hard biting beasts came again to my modem but with reducd nos>>>

        i should b glad 4 that purpose alone!!!!!

I have had problems with fire ants for years but, never in the house.

You must have a lot of them in your yard.  They do love elec.,

especially where you have contacts opening and closing a lot.

Check your yard looking for mounds, when you find one rake it

slightly with a stick and if they come boiling out then you have

found your fire ants.  DO NOT let them get on you and bite you

as their bite is painful and will cause a blister and will leave a

pock mark where you are bitten, use Sea Breeze liquid astringent

on the bite and it will counteract the toxin and you will not even get

a blister and it will stop the pain.  Sea Breeze is the stuff that

your wife uses to clean her face.

Go to Wal-Mart and purchase Ortho Orthene fire ant killer and dust

a little on the mound and in a few hours you will have killed that

mound as well as the queen.  DO NOT get any of this on you and

don't breathe in any as it is fairly dangerous stuff but, it will get

rid of your fire ants until more migrate to your yard from surround-

ing property.  If you ever see any with wings be sure to stomp hell

out of them as that is a queen hunting a place to start a new colony.

Good Luck.

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