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How often do you get a BSOD?


How often do you get a BSOD?  

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  1. 1. How often do you get a BSOD?

    • often
    • ocassionally
    • almost never
    • never
    • What's a BSOD?

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Since I got WinXP Pro about 4 years ago I have never had a BSOD.

I used to get them every once in awhile with Win98SE and I found out that they were mostly caused by certain hardware configurations on older PC's.

The worst OS's I have had problems with were Win95 and WinME, BSOD all the time. :(

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Hi, cholla, just been through this sh*t , you are going to :lol: at this , it started about about a month back , never had one b4, it hinted at a ram problem, so I went through all the procedures, reseated the memory, no change, so I did all the mem. tests , no fault,

looked at temperatures , all within limits, tried a automatic restore point , 3 month's back , lost a lot of info. in the process  :angry5:, no change, posted on testmy.net, this again pointed to memory problems , nah, did not believe that ( 1 GB of Crucial finest ) did a clean install , and within 5 Min's. BSOD, :angnry5:opened the  box , checked all connections, reseated the CPU , after running around finding some heatsink  paste,

no change  :whaa:, I was stumped , swapped the memory , no change ,

played with page file size , on 2nd H/D, then got error Page file ,

My page file is on my 2nd hard drive, which is mounted in a caddy, the slide lock was in the mid position , moved it to lock , problem gone  :shock:

P.S. the G/F. had given the puter a polish , the ex G/F maybe  :lol: :lol: :lol:

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I'm still going to reply to Mastertech in the topic I moved.I did some of the tests & my computer did good.Still I haven't got as much as I want to done.

Roco ;I get a problem simular to yours sometimes.I get a your case has been tampered with warning from the IBM Bios before Windows opens .When I know it hasn't .So it's a lock problem of some kind I think.

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I am running windows xp pro with sp2 :roll: some software is now requiring it..  But anyways.. the only blue screen is one on shutdown only when I forget to terminate my vpn.. It fails the wifi card and it blue screens.. I dont know why.. but it just does.. I guess it is one of those extra features included in windows XP

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no bsod. but very rarely, no more than 4 or 5 times an hour, no, i'm kidding, really very rarely like once in a blue moon i need to force the system to power down by turning off the box. probably due to too much system uptime and fiddling with it when it happens. otherwise xp pros sp2 has been good to me. it's the best OS ever imnsho.

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Never fools, Linux runs 100% (as does MAC OS X).

But those damn WIN2K workstations at work....you're guaranteed to see a BSOD about once every month or two on your machine.  I loathe Winblows.  Right now, i've only got XP installed for a very few apps (mostly games).  I spend most of my time booted into Linux.

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