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I was worried for a minute...now I'm just confused


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i got a warning from my computer that I had less than 15% memory on my hard-drive. I had just wiped my system about a month ago, so I was in disbelief. I ran a defragment and this is what I saw 0_o


then it said that there were these files that couldn't be defragmented:

Fragments      File Size      Files that cannot be defragmented

5              4 MB            System Volume Information_restore{248AB062-B090-4316-B5F1-714D2A1D3D84}RP40A0004716.exe

7              4 MB            System Volume Information_restore{248AB062-B090-4316-B5F1-714D2A1D3D84}RP41A0004744.exe

8              4 MB            System Volume Information_restore{248AB062-B090-4316-B5F1-714D2A1D3D84}RP42A0004754.exe

8              4 MB            System Volume Information_restore{248AB062-B090-4316-B5F1-714D2A1D3D84}RP43A0004763.exe

7              4 MB            System Volume Information_restore{248AB062-B090-4316-B5F1-714D2A1D3D84}RP44A0004771.exe

8              4 MB            System Volume Information_restore{248AB062-B090-4316-B5F1-714D2A1D3D84}RP45A0004780.exe

2,033          40.26 GB        Documents and Settingsthis is my userLocal SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE5KL0ZOLUTswflash[1].cab

I dont know what happened... I think it was part of the flash update I just installed. The file size was like 1 MB, and it fragmented to 40.26 GB. Has anything like this ever happened to any of you before?

grrr...*kicks stupid old desktop computer* I'm going back to my pretty not stupid laptop so I dont have to put up with this slow piece of junk. 

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the stuff under _restore{248AB062-B090-4316-B5F1-714D2A1D3D84}

they are just restore points, you can turn off system restore which will mean windows wont create a restore point every x amount of days, and u can delete some old restore points also

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