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brainman -- very cool


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I watched this show about this savant named Daniel Tammet.  He was simply amazing.  He can do complex math equations in his head in seconds, he recited pi to the 22,500th place over 5 hours with 6 people checking his answer... and he knows 9 languages (actually 10 now)... he says he can learn any language in only one week.  In the show, as a challenge they ask him to learn Icelandic and he not only learned the language he learned it well enough for the locals to say that he had very good grammar.  The guy is amazing.  His abilities were brought on by a seizure when he was a little boy and he's been able to solve incredible mathematical equations and memorize immense amounts of information in his head since he was only four.  The way he describes how he solves the problems is wierd, he visualizes numbers as objects and problems as a landscape... he says that he doesn't even have to think about the problems his mind just solves the problem instantly.  He surpassed the calculators answers on almost all of the math problems the researchers gave him... and when they did the equasions on a computer he also surpassed the answer the computer gave.

I truly believe that we all posses the ability to do these things but just don't know how to.  ... I hope in my lifetime we find out how to tap into this amazing resource.

There isn't much information on The Science Channel's website.. but there was two bonus clips (one of the clips shows how they tricked his mind into solving the problems wrong by messing with the way he imagines the answers)


a couple more results I found on the guy, if your interested you may also want to do a google search for "Daniel Tammet" -- Also keep your eye open for the show on the Science Channel called "Brainman" it may show in your listing as "Human Computer"

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