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Screen shaking


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Okay guys, i remember my screen used to shake like crazy and for a while up until today it hasnt.. it just started doing it but now its even worse.. its just shaking left to right as if my house is ratteling *but its not lol*

any ideas what i can do.. ive been told it may be the power supply inside the crt monitor or it could be something with the electricity flow to my screen.

Any ideas?

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Wait a minute, does this include comp speakers?? Just thought of that.I have mine sitting directly beside my monitor on either side. And I get a little of the shakes also. Thought maybe it was having DT's once in a while.  :laughing7:

But seriously they are beside mine.

Oh and what about the ones that are installed on the sides by the manufacturers? Just curious.  :)

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i too got the same problem when my new monitor came

            just check for the power supply to the crt!!!!

      or as told by swimmer just dont place any unshielded electronic devices beside monitor(i used to have my screen shaking coz of me placing a mobile phone beside my monitor) and the moment i take it from there the screen becomes normal.

        nowadays highend mobile phones pose no problems like these but those old lower end mobile phones usually cause these problems

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make sure your refresh rate is set at 75 hertz...i believe thats what the electricity in a standard household runs at, so they should match.  and also, everything else everyone has said above is awesome advice too.


if he sets it to 75Hz thats when the problem happens. i think he just has a bad power supply in the monitor.

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