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Those prices are insane!

My cable started here


:::.. Download Stats ..:::

Connection is:: 3250 Kbps about 3.3 Mbps (tested with 2992 KB)

Download Speed is:: 397 KB/s

And in 1.5, years ended up here


:::.. Download Stats ..:::

Download Connection is:: 19698 Kbps about 19.7 Mbps (tested with 12160 kB)

Download Speed is:: 2405 kB/s

I didn't save many upload tests, but it went from ~380 to ~740.

All without a change in price!

(Well the good speed is powerboost, which varies usually between 16-19Mbps for me, and really only lasts for about the first 20mb, then throttles back to my rated 8mb.)  Rarely dl anything that large anyways.

Good luck, hope a better provider moves into your area...

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You think that's bad, satellite is way worse...

:thumbsup: That ain't no crap. So your "1M/256K  $59.95 / month" compares how to 500/50 for $59.95 for Dway?

There is an alternative!   Do you need the number or link?  :haha: And the equipment is not free, etc...

I'd bet ol php and I could get you to love  :3some: your ISP.  ;)

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how would you like some pings like this for $69.99 for 1Mb/200k

Pinging yahoo.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=931ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=957ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=874ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=1204ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1024ms TTL=53

Reply from bytes=32 time=1127ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1225ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1023ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=1046ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1308ms TTL=53

Reply from bytes=32 time=1228ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=1023ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1022ms TTL=53

Reply from bytes=32 time=1024ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=922ms TTL=53

Reply from bytes=32 time=1763ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=921ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=1047ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1125ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1535ms TTL=53

Reply from bytes=32 time=1842ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1946ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=2046ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1637ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=1859ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1723ms TTL=53

Reply from bytes=32 time=1740ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1330ms TTL=53

Reply from bytes=32 time=1023ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1022ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=1023ms TTL=53

Request timed out.

Reply from bytes=32 time=1685ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=1945ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1638ms TTL=51

Reply from bytes=32 time=1739ms TTL=52

Reply from bytes=32 time=1946ms TTL=53

Ping statistics for

    Packets: Sent = 37, Received = 36, Lost = 1 (2% loss),

Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

    Minimum = 874ms, Maximum = 2046ms, Average = 1346ms  or better yet how about the my local cable provider at:

Speeds of service available are:

*64K w/1-email    $25.00/month

128K w/2-emails  $45.00/month

256K w/3-emails  $65.00/month

512K w/4-emails  $95.00/month

Faster speeds available and will be priced according to usage, etc.

*Not much faster than dial-up

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actually no KY....however when the connection goes down for days at a time or don't work correctly, the owner blames it on your PC. The owner of this company (SC-TV) does own hundreds of acres of real estate and lives in a 6000 sq ft mansion.  :!:

Sounds like Optonline here...When my cable(which thankfully I don't have anymore) would get all screwy at 7pm everyday, they would tell me it was my pc  :haha: .  Funny part was, we had 2 modems(on 2 seperate accounts) on 2 computers in the house, and both would slow to a crawl at the same time...

I asked the last tech I spoke with there what the odds of 2 computers slowing down at the same exact time everyday, which are not connected in anyway, and then these same 2 computers, by some miracle, speed up around 3am(and again they both speed up at the exact same time).  Then factor in the fact that both of these computers did this every single day, and never had just 1 slow down....

Bascially I told him they were all full of s@$t, and then switched to Fios the day it was available.  Amazingly, I have not had a problem with either computer since...It must a miracle...All my computer problems suddenly cured themselves, and not only this computer, but the other one as well...

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Guest kamil234

thanks kamil for making all (the guys without fiber) feek riped off


those prices are a rip off

are u in a 3rd world country for those prices ?

i wish it was fiber :-P

its cable.

and i "only" get 12 mbps down max :(

bout 1.8mbps up

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