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VHS to DVD dubbing


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won't go into a long story...

bought a combo DVD recorder/VHS player to convert my personal "store bought" VHS tapes to DVD.

soooo many of them will no allow copying,

not doing anything wrong, not like i'm setting up on the street corner selling bootlegs!

there has to be some way around this without buying a $100.00 "filter"???

any ideas???

thanks, in advance for help...


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AlmostHuman ;The problem is the Macrovision chip inside the unit.Unfortunatly there is not much you can do about it.But Google Macrovision to find some info on this.

Some say this can be done with the right video card & another card like a video card called a video capture card.I think with this you go from the VHS to your HD then to your DVD from the HD.Then if the dvd format is the same on your PC as you DVD it should work.There is probably more to it like using Nero.I haven't tried to do this but I read some on it a whle back in case I did.

I don't think there is any way to do it with your combo DVD recorder/VHS player .This would involve re-flashing the Macrovision chip.I have no idea how to do that.

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Yeah not surprising that is the only way that I know of doing dubbing..  VHS -> Hard drive -> DVD..  You would think that by now companies would allow consumers to make personal backups of their property.. I guess not..  However, I will post this in new in a few minutes if it isnt already there..  If you remember the DMCA the whole DVD MP3 business that the companies are hiding behind because they cant rip everyone off $19.99..

Well the cell phone providers took a pretty big hit..  It will not be illegal, in 3 years, for cell phone providers to lock their phone onto their networks.  So you could buy Cingular 'equipment' and take it with you and you number over to T-Mobile and use it.  I personally think this is the best thing that I have ever hear! 

Every three years exeptions are argued.. and like always media backup is one of the hot topics.  Also like always it is over turned.  So I guess to be able to do what you are looking to do you are either A) going to have to wait.  B) buy it on DVD C) use a computer as a middle man.  Or D) buy the converter to do what you wanted to do in the beginning. 

If you are interested here is the article:


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